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While History's Muse by Thomas Moore - While History's Muse the memorial was keeping Of all that the dark hand of Destiny weaves, Beside her the Genius of.
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There was an element of no choice about it becoming a writer and bookseller: I love words, this is what I was going to do.

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Mews's muse encompasses varying subject matter, not just historical arcana. His previous book, Maritime , was a modern murder mystery, and he would like to write a novel about contemporary suburbia set in Perth. Mews was born in that isolated city, descendant of settlers who landed in Western Australia in In the early years of his life he moved frequently due to his father's work with an international company.

The first lesson I learned was how to go to a new school and get ahead and make friends and be socially competent. The second thing I gained was experiencing different cultures, so I was acutely aware of how nice life in Perth was in comparison to Asia or even America. Perth was a very privileged suburban childhood. Reading Bright Planet is akin to listening to a cassette player with faltering batteries. At first there is a mere suspicion of discordancy, the pitch mysteriously wavering, but before long the tape is wowing and the resultant tune is quite unearthly.

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Some of the early clues that all is not strictly by-the-rules come from the dramatis personae. Certainly there are recognisable figures like the hard-edged publican John Pascoe Fawkner, and John Batman with his face destroyed by syphilis - but other characters include Herbert Adams, Jerker Jenkin and Murray Whelan, names better known in other contexts for pies, football and fictional crime, respectively. While writing the book, Mews walked city streets suffering historic double vision. For example, he would look down the length of Collins Street and find himself seeing the stumps of trees waiting to be grubbed out.

Within 50 years of settlement, Melbourne was one of the great cities of the world.

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Equally remarkable is the breadth of bawdiness on board Bright Planet , with the shipmates displaying fearsome sexual inventiveness. I had a book of Victorian erotica, which is very amusing, and that was an inspiration.

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My grandmother read it Mews's novel and I was expecting some rebuke, but no. People invariably look for the writer in the work, but the beauty of this book is that no one can think it's autobiographical. The Brunswick Street Bookshop is, to a small degree, autobiographical. Mews's policy is to order any book he could imagine himself being interested in. While monolithic chains dominate the retail book trade, his establishment and similar cultural oases survive because they are different.

Even if we fast-forward to twentieth-century artists, the likes of Marguerite Zorach, Lee Krasner, Frida Kahlo, and Anni Albers are not perceived as lone geniuses but rather as shaped by the men with whom they were associated.

Their respective lovers—William Zorach, Jackson Pollock, Diego Rivera, and Josef Albers—are all better-known and all presumed to have influenced these women far more than the other way around. The dynamic of artistic pairs is no doubt valuable, but male artists have often used these partnerships either from a position of superiority or for destruction—the sculptor Camille Claudel accused Auguste Rodin of stealing her ideas; Picasso emotionally abused his mistresses. She prided herself on her fearlessness and boldness of style. A face becomes a hasty series of geometrical shapes, almost clownish.

Her female figures defy convention as well: Her father died when she was nine and her mother when she was twenty. In , at age twenty-five, she fell in love with Kandinsky, who was a decade older and already married. They had met in Munich, where he was teaching an evening nude drawing course at the experimental Phalanx School, where she was a student. In the second, from , he portrays her deep in thought—a woman of independent ideas. In turn, she helped launch his interest in color and abstraction.

Suddenly I feel the harmony of colors and forms that come from this world of joy.

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Although they each gave themselves to the other, they also hurt each other. She would paint for another three decades. She and Eichner lived a secluded life.