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abstract = "More than ever, our time is characterized by rapid changes in the organization and the production of knowledge. This movement is deeply rooted in.
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    University Science And Mathematics Education In Transition

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    The many letters of ZnO contribute done by the University Science and Mathematics Education of translating and depth everyone. This movement is deeply rooted in the evolution of the scientific endeavor, as well as in the transformation of the political, economic and cultural organization of society It is also clear that the transformation of knowledge outside universities has implied a change in the routes that research in mathematics, science and technology has taken in the last decades.

    In this context, it is difficult to avoid considering seriously the challenges that such a complex and uncertain social configuration poses to scientific knowledge, to universities and especially to education in mathematics and science.

    Traditionally, educational studies in mathematics and science education have looked at change in education from within the scientific disciplines and in the closed context of the classroom. Although educational change is ultimately implemented in everyday teaching and learning situations, other parallel dimensions influencing these situations cannot be forgotten. An understanding of the actual potentialities and limitations of educational transformations are highly dependent on the network of educational, cultural, administrative and ideological views and practices that permeate and constitute science and mathematics education in universities today.