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Interstellar Incident: An Alicia Jones Novel 02 - Kindle edition by D. L. Harrison. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.
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Consequently GPS satellites orbiting the Earth need to be adjusted to take into account that they are moving through time slightly more quickly — 40 microseconds a day - than a person with a Sat Nav on earth.

Compared with other bodies in the universe, Earth is quite small and so the time shift is minimal. However bodies with more mass have a bigger impact on time. A neutron star for example is so dense that it slows time by a few hours.

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At the surface of a black hole time is slowed to a halt. The black hole is estimated to have a mass of million Suns, and spinning at near to its maximum speed. To avoid being sucked into the black hole, the spaceship had to be travelling at high speed to escape the huge gravitational and centrifugal forces. In fact the Rosetta mission skipped around Earth and Mars to pick up enough speed to chase comet 67P Churyumov-Gerasimenko.

However the speed needed to escape something is massive as Gargantua is huge. The Endurance would need to be travelling at close to the speed of light to escape the huge pull of the black hole, and then quickly slow down so it could land on the planet. The sudden change in momentum would almost certainly tear the ship apart. In Interstellar, the crew uses the slow spin of Neutron star to slow down, but it is unlikely to work.

Interstellar Incident (Alicia Jones, #2) by D.L. Harrison

Only another black hole, around the size of the Earth would have been able to slow the craft down. The film depicts the huge black hole of Gargantua as a black circle surrounded by a swirling mass of stars and galaxies, almost like a human eye. In fact, the computer simulations were so accurate that Thorne and the team discovered that black holes are slightly concave on one side and have a bulge on the other.

It is the first time the phenomenon has ever been seen, and Thorne has now produced a scientific paper detailing the discovery.

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The black hole depicted in Interstellar is probably the only known accurate example of what it would look like to a human if you could ever get close enough to view it. Brand goes on to explain that life never evolved on the planet because comets and asteroids would have been prevented from landing by the huge pull of nearby Gargantua. It is true that comets are believed to have seeded life on Earth — and possibly other planets — by carrying amino acids and water.

However almost all bodies — planets, comets are asteroids — have a strong angular momentum and produce their own centrifugal force which will keep them safe from harm. So Miller's planet would have been bombarded with comets and asteroids like all other planets. It is true that most people today do not grow their own food and rely on a global system of production and distribution. And lethal blights usually only attack one group of plants and do not cross species. Blights which affect more species are generally not that harmful.

Biologist Elliot Meyerowitz of the California Institute of Technology said it might be possible for a pathogen to evolve which attacks chloroplasts — cells which are crucial for photosynthesis. I see nothing to prevent it. It is unlikely to even happen. In Interstellar, the crew overcame the vast distances between galaxies by jumping through a wormhole. T he term wormhole was coined by the astrophysicist John Wheeler who based it on wormholes in apples.

If an ant is crawling around an apple, he could reach the other side far quicker by travelling through a hole in the centre. If you imagine the universe is a flat sheet of paper you could travel between two points by moving in a straight line. However if you bend the paper so that the points touch through it, and then make a hole, you can reach that point much quicker. E ssentially, a wormhole is where space and time are being bent so that points are now closer together.

They can exist theoretically but nobody knows how they could be held open so that someone could travel through it. To ask other readers questions about Interstellar Incident , please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about Interstellar Incident.

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I really enjoyed this book. Easy to read and kept my interest. A series I can't wait to read more of. Breathless with anticipation of what's going to happen next. Jun 02, Iori rated it it was amazing. Easy SF I read the two books quite speedily. I like the series, but I would appreciate if it was longer and explain a bit more some of the technology that are glossed over So far I wasn't disappointed by the author, please continue to entertain me. Apr 01, defenbaker rated it it was amazing.

Fun series This is quick to read, but I enjoyed the expanding universe of this author. I hope the next in the series comes out soon. Apr 22, Travis rated it liked it. Interesting technology systems and upgrades. Not Battle focused to a huge degree. Aug 10, Heather Henkel rated it really liked it. Great series I really enjoy this series and highly recommend it.

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It is well worth the download. I like all the characters and the way they interact. Jul 23, David rated it really liked it.

Interstellar Incident

May 17, Ruth M. Williams rated it it was amazing. Interstellar Incident I highly enjoyed reading this book by D. I can't wait unti! Edward rated it liked it Feb 04, Zach rated it liked it Apr 08, Alice rated it really liked it Mar 26, Aaron L Hanks rated it it was amazing Oct 22, Conan Kelley rated it liked it Oct 26, Piotr rated it really liked it Aug 02, Brett rated it really liked it Dec 30, Christian rated it liked it Jun 11, Juniper rated it liked it Sep 22, Tim rated it really liked it Apr 18,