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My Journey Through Doubt Into Faith. Isobel Miller gave up God for worldly pursuits. But as graduation approached and her engagement was.
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Jun 02, Robin rated it it was amazing Shelves: I find myself coming back to this book time and again as I reach a different level of maturity -- this, and Kuhn's In the Arena. Apr 28, Lydia rated it it was amazing. Kuhn's simple and friendly style carries some massive truths. Her journey from a Christian home to university agnosticism to faith in Christ to the mission field is very encouraging. Feb 13, Noai Leidenfrost rated it it was amazing. Isobel Kuhn is an astounding woman of faith. Feb 05, Lisa Jacobson rated it really liked it Shelves: I'm going to recommend this one to my daughters Inspiring for all, but maybe particularly for young women?

Jan 07, Peyton rated it it was amazing Shelves: What a wonderful book!!!! I could not put it down!

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Mar 24, Denise Ballentine rated it really liked it Shelves: A fine little book that I first read as a teen. This was a blast from the past. The time frame is Isobel's years as a young adult during the 's before she arrived in China as a missionary. I enjoyed the folksy honest style of this volume.

A choice blessing to read this again A fine little book that I first read as a teen. A choice blessing to read this again after so many years. I cannot begin to tell you how this book has influenced my life. Isobel Kuhn's honest and real testimony of God's faithfulness in her journey toward Him set my heart aflame for Him anew. I strongly recommend this book! Feb 11, Elizabeth Edgren rated it liked it.

In spite of what I see as a particular "flavor" of Christian lifestyle with which I don't wholly agree, I enjoyed this woman's story and her way of telling it was very readable and engaging. May 12, Susanna Grant rated it it was amazing. A short but compelling narration of a young woman's personal search for God. Simply and powerfully written, and feels relevant despite its age. Aug 13, Abigail rated it it was amazing. Excellent book for any chrisian.

Feb 08, Ashley rated it liked it. Although I enjoyed this book, being a young person of today I could barely relate to Kuhn when she talked about returning to her faith. What I could relate to were her distractions from God a previous boyfriend, her love of romance fiction. However, I wished for a little more exploration of her doubts, particularly being a university student, but this section of the book was read and gone in a few short chapters.

Perhaps because of the time period, returning to faith was easier for her then, t Although I enjoyed this book, being a young person of today I could barely relate to Kuhn when she talked about returning to her faith.

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Perhaps because of the time period, returning to faith was easier for her then, than if she had been like myself today. I did not see much doubt or personal change so the title is misleading but I enjoyed her writing style. I would recommend this only to people who are already faith-assured or who grew up in a Christian household but don't today call themselves Christians. Those who haven't yet found God and are looking for ways to know Him would be better served elsewhere.

Sep 16, Paul rated it it was amazing Shelves: It starts out with her questioning the faith with which she had grown up, but never really accepted for herself, when a university professor started describing the myths of Genesis. She decided she was an agnostic, and went all the way through the university that way, This is a great autobiography of a young woman through her university years at the University of British Columbia to Moody Bible Institute to candidate with China Inland Mission to her departure for China as a missionary with CIM.

She decided she was an agnostic, and went all the way through the university that way, unaware of the Godly people who were praying for her soul. But she didn't have peace, and couldn't live with herself, and couldn't sleep, until one night when she was tempted to commit suicide, but couldn't do it, and instead, prayed to God for peace, and God gave her peace. For some time after that she struggled with worldliness and God's direction in her life, but step by step, God showed her the way He had for her, and she trusted Him, and He directed her paths.

Jan 07, Stephanie Ou rated it really liked it. A book clearly written in the s, but nonetheless still relevant to the present.

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This book follows Isobel Kuhn's walk, search, and struggle with God. At distinct instances of her life, she relies on God's grace to get by, live, and grow. What particularly touched me was the end of the book about a woman she grew to know who underwent living in an asylum. This part of the book also alludes to the idea that those in the mental health system are demon-possessed. This thought troubles me, and mak A book clearly written in the s, but nonetheless still relevant to the present. This thought troubles me, and makes me wonder what the Christian view on mental health is.

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Those in mental health can't surely be possessed by the devil. It goes without saying though that Isobel's journey through life is interesting. She leaves the reader hanging at the end of this book as she embarks on her mission in China. Mar 02, Lynnda Ell rated it it was amazing Shelves: Isobel Miller Kuhn was born about the turn of the last century. By Searching recounts the first steps of her adult life in college from the "faith of her fathers" through the "Misty Flats" of doubt.

Her struggles and wanderings were constrained by the prayers of family members and friends until she could be led by God to walk on the High Way.

By Searching by Kuhn, Isobel

The story of her trip of preparation to be a missionary, wife, and mother in China for the next quarter of a century is amazing. Take a trip on a time mach Isobel Miller Kuhn was born about the turn of the last century. Take a trip on a time machine and be fascinated by the way God worked in a culture so like our own, yet so different that you will be surprised again and again by the feeling of dislocation. I highly recommend this book.

Told through the eyes as a nonbeliever, doubter, and finally a faithful servant, this book is relatable and an encouraging book that helps us remember we're never alone and God has our back. A true story, this book was hard to put down, was thought-provoking and incredibly amazing. A hint of romance and when I say a hint, I mean it and christian genre, this book is my cup of tea. Really helpful book that will always be a favourite of mine. Sep 21, Yibbie rated it really liked it Shelves: Isobel Kuhn has the wonderful story of a life finally yielded to God.

Not that she was perfect, but she found that for a Christian submission to God is the only way to have peace. God never quit calling her to himself. Do you double God or His existence? So did she, and after a period of rebellion found that He was true and caring. It is an excellent read.

Light, encouraging, it is a very personal narrative. Oct 29, Natalie Weber rated it it was amazing Shelves: A first-hand account of her own life, from a state of unbelief and worldly living to a life whole-heartedly committed to God. She shares of how she made a commitment to spend one hour in quite time with the Lord daily and willingly sacrificed sleep or food or other enjoyments to fulfill this commitment.

Sep 24, Dani rated it it was amazing Shelves: Isobel's books were recommended to me by a dear older saint and I have not been disappointed! This book was an easy read, that was also challenging and convicting. Even though I am not in agreement with everything that she writes, each of her books that I have read so far I have left me with at least one solid nugget of truth that I have held onto and that has transformed my life!

Copyright notice from OMF: And in between , on the misty flats , the rest drift to and fro Sedgewick paused in his lecture as if a second thought had occurred. Who believes that the story of Genesis is true? Please raise your hand. He waited for a response. Up went my hand as bravely as I could muster courage.

I also looked around to see if I had a comrade in my stand. Only one other hand was up, in all that big group of perhaps a hundred students. Sedgewick smiled, then, as if sympathetic with our embarrassment, he conceded: He then proceeded with his lecture, assuming once and for all that no thinking human being believed the Bible any more.

By Searching: My Journey Through Doubt Into Faith

Brought up in an earnest Presbyterian home my grandfather was a Presbyterian minister and my father an ardent lay preacher I had been carefully coached in the refutations of modernism before my parents had allowed me to enter the university. If it had been a case of arguing the claims of modernism versus fundamentalism; I do not think I would have been shattered in my faith.

But there was no argument. On the way home from class I faced the charge honestly. Why did I believe the Bible? Why did I believe in Heaven and Hell? It was because I had been taught it by my parents and church from the hour I could understand anything. Was that reason enough for accepting it?

No, I agreed with Dr.

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Sedgewick that it was not a sufficient basis to build my life upon. But my psychology course taught that mind had a powerful effect over matter. If I had not been so gullible, maybe I could have seen a natural explanation. At the end of my walk home, I came to the conclusion that I would henceforth accept no theories of which I had not proved personally. And, quite ignorant of where that attitude would lead me, I had unconsciously stepped off the High Way where man walks with his face lifted God-ward and the pure, piney scents of the Heights call him upward -- down to The Misty Flats.

The in-between level place of easygoing — nothing very good attempted, yet nothing bad either. Therefore they had a kind of peace and a mutual link which they call tolerance. I did not know that I had stepped down to The Misty Flats. I was just conscious of a sudden pleasant freedom from old duties. If there was no God, why bother to go to church on Sunday, for instance?

Why not use Sunday to catch up on sleep, so that one could dance half the night away several times during the week? Again, if the Bible was but a record of myths and old-fashioned ideas, why read it every morning? That took time and it was much easier to sleep until the very last moment, getting up just in time for the first class at college. It was a popular thing to be on The Misty Flats: And one was respected as being modern and intelligent to question the old faiths.

Life drifted along so pleasantly—for a while. My home training still had an effect upon me. Jesus Christ, now seen blurred in the mists which denied His Godhead, is an acknowledged historical character His name was the sweetest melody I knew and it never failed to stir my heart, even though I had ceased to seek Him. His purity and holiness made me hate besmirching things. And all this because my father and my mother had taught me so Chapter 2 - Slippery ways in darkness. Therefore The Misty Flats are attractive to foot, eye, and palate at the beginning. There is no hint that the pretty mist will gradually close in and bring darkness.

There is no suggestion amid the gay chatter of the populous throng that there are slippery places, which are going to bring hurt. In the boasted freedom of drifting whither you will, there is certainly no sign that one is being driven on , as Jeremiah so shrewdly perceived was the reality.

From Cairo to Christ: The Power of Positive Energy: Powerful Thinking, Powerful Life: From Shy to Hi: Learn how to build social bridges not walls. Twist, turns, and faith. Christian suspense at its finest. Grab the 3-in-1 book bundle now A college student risking everything to find her. How far will you go to save a life? The Last of the Giants: How Christ Came to the Lumberjacks.

Moody Publishers; New edition October 20, Language: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Share your thoughts with other customers.

Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention isobel kuhn years ago well written read this book lisu people must read excellent book wonderful book great read reading isobel china christian missionary truth inspirational jesus today christ testimony young. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Isobel Kuhn was a Canadian missionary who worked in southern Yunnan province among the Lisu people before and during the second world war.

This is the story of her conversion to Christ as a young woman, and the trials and tests through which she learned to trust in God.

By Searching: My Journey Through Doubt Into Faith - eBook

It ends as she heads out to China. I've read the book several times over the years, and enjoyed it each time. The book seems to carry a quality of purity and a love for what is good. Her stories also interest me, I admit, because it parallels my own, geographically. I'm also from the Northwest, and I have also spent some time in Yunnan Province; two of the most beautiful parts of the world. The Lisu Christians, who were tested harshly by the Maoist regime, are known to this day for their faith and love, not to mention beautiful singing.

I have had the privilege of meeting some of the people who were influenced by the CIM ministry in that area, including one good friend of Isobel's. It seems odd to read this book and see how Kuhn's own walk with God once seemed, from a natural perspective, so iffy. Because of her honesty and willingness to reveal her weaknesses, Kuhn's book is a wonderful testimony to the truth that God has chosen the weak, and the things that are not, to overcome the things that are strong. The Church in China, including the Lisu church Kuhn worked with, would live by this truth, and prove it true, in an amazing way.

I loved this book! I ordered the next book In the Arena to read next. I love to read missionary biographies, and this is one of the best. I will have my children read it too. Although this book was written in the 50s it grapples with many of the same issues we do today.