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Editorial Reviews. Review. Take heed, Hoes! Deanna Michelle Smith, Author of Reign Storm A Ho Needs 2 Stay in a Ho's Place - Kindle edition by Tonja Ayers . Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.
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First of all, if you are a ho, you can't be thinking that the man that you are being a ho with is obligated to you in any way. No matter what, his first priority is and always will be his wife.

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Do you want to find out what your place is, well the four categories for women are: You need to read Another great short story by Tonja Ayers! You need to read the book to find out what the person in each category means to the man. Tonja Ayers really does an excellent job of spelling out what your place is if you are a ho.

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If you are a ho, I highly recommend this book. Even if you aren't, you will be highly entertained! Tonja Ayers uses humor to address a very serious issue! First of all I have to say I just stopped laughing and rolling on the floor. But seriously thought this book was awesome!!

This book is certified gold. Now I can relate to knowing who is a ho or not but when Tonya Ayers broke it down I was shell shocked. I did not know that so many labels were out there. A woman is either a wifey, boo, bitch, or ho. With each title the author gives the definition First of all I have to say I just stopped laughing and rolling on the floor. With each title the author gives the definition and example. I must say this is a must read. Guys go get this book and possibly help your self out.

I am so excited about people reading this one. Although there are websites listed in the back of the book for you to state your opinions and experiences. Aug 24, OOSA rated it really liked it. It's comical yet sad that this issue even needs to be addressed, but it is what it is.

She next defines the perimeters and expectations of each role with emphasis on the need Stay In Your Lane What can I say that the title doesn't already say? She next defines the perimeters and expectations of each role with emphasis on the need to stay in one's place. While entertaining, I would like to believe such books aren't warranted.

Jun 04, Cheemoandia rated it liked it Shelves: Spoke the truth all 51 pages, and that's doubled spaced ;.

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    Also, set up a file for medical records, financial statements, and correspondence you're likely to have with the hospital and your insurance company. Don't wait until the last minute to choose a pediatrician. In addition to the usual questions, ask whether the doctor cares for many premature infants. Schedule the first visit with the pediatrician before your child goes home.

    Ask the NICU staff when the appointment is needed — this usually is within days of discharge from the hospital unless the pediatrician has assumed care of the infant prior to discharge from the NICU. Discuss with the NICU staff whether your baby will need home nursing or visits with medical specialists other than a pediatrician.

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    In some cases, hospitals can coordinate several specialist visits so that they can happen on the same day. Ask if this service is available for you. Make sure you understand the tests needed after discharge. Appropriate developmental follow-up is also important for very premature babies. Many ex-preemies continue to see specialists — including early-intervention specialists, neurologists, ophthalmologists, and physical therapists — for several years to measure their vision, hearing, speech, and motor skills.

    To be prepared for emergencies, consider taking a course in infant CPR before your baby comes home from the hospital. CPR training is required for all parents whose children are on apnea monitors. Make sure your partner takes the course, as well as grandparents or other caregivers who will be alone with the baby. If your baby is to be sent home with special equipment — such as an apnea monitor or oxygen tank — you'll be trained to use it.

    Make sure you understand what to do if something goes wrong. Check to see if your county or state grants preferential parking stickers to parents with children on home oxygen. Call the local rescue squad to make sure they have equipment to handle a premature infant emergency and, if you live in a rural area, make sure they know how to get to your home. If your baby is a boy, you'll need to decide about circumcision. Full-term baby boys usually can be circumcised before they leave the hospital; generally, the same applies to a healthy preemie.

    Most car seats need to be modified with padding or head supports so that a preemie's head stays in a position that keeps the airway open. A preemie often does not have the muscle control needed to keep the head upright or to move it if he or she is having trouble breathing. Ask the NICU staff before adding any extra padding to a car seat.

    Taking Your Preemie Home

    As a precaution, many hospitals require that parents bring in their car seat for a test. The baby is placed in the seat and attached to a cardiopulmonary monitor that evaluates the heart and breathing.

    Some babies have respiratory problems that prevent them from traveling in a traditional infant car seat. If that's the case with your baby, discuss using a special restraint system with your neonatologist or doctor. If your baby will be on oxygen or an apnea monitor at home, you'll need to use these devices while traveling in the car.

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    • Once in the car, secure them carefully so in the event of a crash they won't be dangerous to passengers. If you have any questions about whether your vehicle is properly outfitted for the ride home, talk to the hospital staff before you leave. Because of potential breathing problems, it's generally recommended that parents limit the time a preemie is in a car seat to an hour or so. If you'll be traveling longer than that, ask your doctor if it is OK for your baby. Once home, do not leave your baby asleep in the car seat. Although it varies from hospital to hospital, expect a meeting to review medical care after discharge, confirm follow-up appointments, and allow you time for questions about your baby.