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The day almost ends terribly when Mia's car stalls on a hill and rams backward into a cable car , but Queen Clarisse saves the day by " appointing " the attending police officer and the tram driver to the Genovian " Order of the Rose" something she clearly made up on the spot , flattering them into dropping any charges. Mia sees this and is impressed with her grandmother.


2017 Pro Bowl Cheerleader Diaries: Day Three

Later, Mia is delighted when Josh Bryant invites her to a beach party, but her acceptance hurts Lilly and Michael, with whom she had plans. Things go awry when the press arrive, tipped off by Lana. Josh uses Mia to get his fifteen minutes of fame by publicly kissing her, while Lana tricks Mia into changing in a tent, pulling it away as the paparazzi arrive, giving them a scandalous shot of Mia in a towel.

The photos appear on tabloid covers the next day, leaving Queen Clarisse furious at Mia. A humiliated Mia tells Clarisse that she is renouncing the throne, feeling she is nowhere near ready to be a true princess. Joe later reminds the Queen that although Mia is a princess, she is still a teenager, and her granddaughter. Back at school, Mia rescues her friendships with Lilly and Michael by inviting them to the Genovian Independence Day Ball, and gets back at Josh by hitting a baseball into his groin during gym class.

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She finally stands up to Lana in defense of Jeremiah, whom Lana was mocking, by smearing ice cream on Lana's cheerleader outfit and declaring that, while Mia has a chance to grow out of her awkward ways, Lana will always be a jerk. The teachers do not interfere, knowing full well that Lana deserved it.

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While Lilly is excited at the prospect of attending a royal ball, Michael, heartbroken over Mia's initial feelings for Josh, turns her down. Clarisse apologizes to Mia for being furious at her over the beach incident, and states that she must publicly announce her decision to renounce becoming princess of Genovia. Mia, terrified at this large responsibility placed upon her, plans to run away.

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However, when she finds a letter from her late father, his touching words make her change her mind, and she makes her way to the ball. When they arrive, a drenched and untidy Mia voices her acceptance of her role as Princess of Genovia. After changing into an opulent ballgown, Mia accompanies Clarisse to the ballroom, where she is formally introduced and invited to dance. Mia confesses her feelings to him, stating that even when she was constantly teased and embarrassed at school, Michael liked her for whom she truly was.

Mia shares her first kiss with Michael, while Clarisse and Joe are seen holding hands.

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In the final scene, Mia is shown on a private plane with Fat Louie, writing in her diary, explaining that she is moving with her mother to Genovia, just as the beautiful royal palace and landscape come into view below. Filming took place from September 18 to December 8, Anne Hathaway was cast for the role of Mia because Garry Marshall's granddaughters saw her audition tape and said she had the best "princess hair.

Marshall's daughter, Kathleen, plays Clarisse's secretary Charlotte Kutaway. Charlotte's surname is mentioned only in the credits, and Garry Marshall says it is a reference to how she is often used in cutaway shots. In one scene, Robert Schwartzman 's real-life group Rooney makes a cameo playing a garage band named Flypaper, whose lead singer is Michael, played by Schwartzman. The Cable car tourist was portrayed by Kathy Garver. The site's consensus reads, "A charming, if familiar, makeover movie for young teenage girls.

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A sequel, The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement , was released on August 11, , with Garry Marshall returning to direct and Debra Martin Chase to produce the sequel. Unlike the first film, it is not based on any of the books. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Princess Diaries Theatrical release poster. Anita Harbula Mayor Willie L.

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The Princess Diaries soundtracks. After a fiery introduction, Cheer Captain's Stacey Marlow and Casey Simmons from rival teams, attempt to cope with their awkward situation, and shared love interest Josh. Add Image S1, Ep3.

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The cheer captains realize they are not so different after all, and teaming up may benefit them both.. Josh arrives to a shock confrontation. Add Image S1, Ep4. Add Image S1, Ep5. Casey's counselor gives her questionable advice, and she drops her plan to recruit Sara. Meanwhile Josh attempts to patch things up with Stacey. Add Image S1, Ep6. New recruit Becky Miller is introduced to the Huskies lazy coach, and pretend-gay-cheerleaders Jon and Chad.

Add Image S1, Ep7.


Much to Nick's dismay, Huskies Coach Eugene rejects their polished routine for a cringe-worthy new trend. Becky helps Stacey come up with a plan to rattle Casey.

Cheerleader Diaries 1: Senior Prom Love Story

Add Image S1, Ep8.