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From cocktail parties to Thanksgiving dinner, appetizers & hors d'oeuvres can play an important role in your event. Whether they're the only food you're offering .
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What no one expected, least of all Lum, was that the video would become a viral hit and launch her on a career as a rapper and comedian. Even Bullock is a fan. Here I am with an all-female cast and an all-Asian cast. No more bullshit characters for women, especially Asian American women. We meet first towards the end of her photoshoot.

What she may not have grasped is that it is a little late to start protecting Lum. Lum intervenes on my behalf.

2 | Sybil’s phone calls

What the fuck is she going to do? Write about my Spanx? Lum is funny and relaxed throughout the rest of the shoot, putting everyone at ease. When the photographer asks her to lean back on a fluorescent bench, she cackles loudly and hams it up. I look like a little baby trying them on. She changes back into streetwear for the interview — cropped black T-shirt, black high-top sneakers and khaki trousers. I then treated myself to Louis Vuitton sneakers.

Binging with Babish: Hors D'oeuvres Sandwich from Back to School

Target and Louis Vuitton. Funny that she should beat me to that question. It turns out that even Awkwafina finds it hard to explain Awkwafina. Awkwafina is someone who never grew up, who never had to bear the brunt of all the insecurities and overthinking that come with adulthood. Awkwafina is the girl I was in high school — who did not give a shit.

1 | The goose step

Nora is neurotic and an overthinker and could never perform in front of an audience of hecklers. I learned it from a book. As his lies spiral, chambermaid Polly played by co-writer Connie Booth ends up posing in bed as a sick Sybil and seems to get away with it — until the real Sybil returns to fetch her golf clubs. The final episode finds Basil in trouble when the health inspector delivers a long list of hygienic aberrations, including dead pigeons in the water tank.

The 10 best Fawlty Towers moments

Cue an increasingly indiscreet hunt, a poisoned veal cutlet and the Major taking potshots with his rifle. This rodent farce reaches fever pitch when a cuddly-looking rat pops his head out of a biscuit tin and looks the dumbfounded inspector right in the eye, causing his human namesake to faint. Another name in the Fawlty Towers Book of Remembrance.

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  • Awkwafina: ‘I was always the crazy one, the funny one. I’d do anything for a laugh’.
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The 10 best Fawlty Towers moments | Culture | The Guardian

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