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We asked successful restaurant owners to offer their tips for starting and list of articles to help you plan, start, and grow your restaurant business! . In other words, give your employees all of the necessary tools to succeed, Macejewski says. Tim Berry · Strategy · How to Manage Labor Costs for Your New Restaurant.
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Financing Jollibee takes full control of Smashburger, with eyes for more. Financing Activist restaurant investors are bullies in better suits. Quality is key in takeout and delivery. Recipedia Food trends and recipes to keep menus fresh. Concepts to Watch New restaurants and soon-to-open concepts worth monitoring.

Operations Why activist investors can be good for restaurants. Here are a few things to try:. Have an organized seating system. Things like hostess stands and reservations are pretty common seating systems restaurants use to know how many guests to expect and manage the flow of guests coming through the door. Keep your serving staff on schedule. Make sure that your restaurant has enough employees to cover all the guests in your dining room and train your staff take drink orders in a timely manner and bring out the check promptly at the end of the meal. Use technology to your advantage.

Some restaurants will use mobile POS systems to eliminate the need for servers to walk back and forth to the register to process credit cards. Update your dining room. Some dining rooms are simply set up in such a way to make people want to linger. There are a few tricks your business can use when arranging your furniture that can encourage patrons to move along. Additionally, seating small parties at smaller tables can help ensure that you have ample space when larger parties arrive.

Make your menu more compact. Limiting the amount of items on your menu simplifies everything from the amount of time customers spend deciding on their meal to the amount of time your chef will take to prepare each dish. If slow turnaround is an issue at your restaurant, try out a few different techniques to see if there's a way you can improve the pace of your dining room. Master the art of flipping tables with additional insight from our article on maximizing table turnover.

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Similarly, try setting up social media accounts for your business and maintain an active online presence. Another great thing about having a professional social media account is that you can make announcements for any events you may be hosting. You can use it to alert customers if your business is closed unexpectedly for a power outage or other unforeseen reason. Overall, you can use social media as a tool to accomplish many of the customer retention strategies mentioned above. To dive deeper into this topic, check out our article on mobile marketing for restaurants.

An important part of running any successful business is assessing and reassessing the way things are running. Restaurant owners are constantly thinking of ways to improve processes and increase efficiency. When it comes to finding ways of increasing sales in your restaurant, there are many factors to take into account.

In the age of constant communication, your restaurant can greatly benefit from a strategic, on-brand social media presence. By evaluating your primary customer base, developing a content strategy, and reviewing audience interactions, you can transform curious followers into loyal customers.

Take into consideration the following tips for effective restaurant social media when creating your own strategy.

Restaurant Marketing Ideas: Double Restaurant Profits

You may also jump to information about a specific social media platform using the links below: Having a strategy in place beforehand preve. One of the most popular sites for finding, rating, and reviewing bars and restaurants is Yelp. And having a favorable score on Yelp can create an advertising boost that can bring in more customers.

Keep reading to learn how this popular site can affect your business and the best practices you can use for getting more Yelp reviews. How Does Yelp Work? Yelp is a social media website that allows customers to review their experience at foodservice establishments. It also provides important business information including the address, hours of operation, and amenities included in order to help potential customers decide where to eat.

While Yelp was created with the. While there are many sophisticated ways that you can advertise your business, using signs can be very effective and cost efficient.

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This is especially true if your restaurant is in a high traffic area. In this article we'll explain the best ways your business can utilize your outdoor signage for the best impact as well as what types of signs are best for advertising. Stay Visible First and foremost, your sign should be visible at all times. That goes for patio easels, business logos, sidewalk signs, neon signs, and all other restaurant signs.

But, here are a few other things you can consider when choosing signs to advertise your business. Bigger is Better Keep your restaurant sign tall and large so it can be spotted by those walking or. Subscribe now for great deals and industry tips! Sign up for our mailing list to have weekly discounts and industry knowledge sent right to your inbox. At WebstaurantStore we love sharing our fun!

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5 ways to grow your restaurant’s customer base

Offer Customers Different Ways to Buy 4. The stronger and more accurate your online details are, the better. Does your food target patrons who prefer healthy eating? Or does your restaurant have a more beer-and-wings kind of vibe? Understand who your target patrons are , then build your brand around what they are interested in.

Reflect these interests on your social media platforms and in your promotional material. Twitter can be a true treasure for restaurants, and timing your tweets can have a big influence on hungry stomachs. Try crafting and scheduling tweets at different times of the day to specifically target the breakfast, lunch, or dinner crowds depending on your offerings. Users love to do research online before ordering from or visiting your restaurant. Some delivery sites like those mentioned below offer to publish your menu online for free. Open Menu is another great site that can help you get your menu looking sleek and stylish it even offers some handy social integration, for both paid and free users.

Many online delivery services streamline the ordering process, and internet-savvy patrons often love taking advantage of such delivery services. Some customers may even discover you for the first time through services such as these! Providing coupons and discounts for your restaurant is always a surefire way to bring customers running. Offer a free dish to your new email newsletter subscribers we can show you how to get more of those too. One fine dining restaurant marketing idea is to consider signing up for Open Table. Open Table is an online reservation tool that lets customers book reservations for your establishment online!

Patrons love it when you make life a bit easier for them, and Open Table already has a base of loyal customers you can tap into. Restaurants are one the best candidates for mobile ads , as users are often looking for nearby dining options while on the move.

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Mobile ads tend to be cheaper than desktop ads, and mobile boasts impressive conversion rates. For example, you can increase your bids around dinnertime, when users are often looking for fast food on their mobile phones. Boosting your bids during the dinnertime period increases your chances for showing up for a specific query.

Let customers drop their business cards into a bowl for a raffle. The reward can vary — a lunch for the winner and 10 friends, a 2-hour happy hour with discounted drinks, whatever you feel like! Not only are these raffles fun, but you can also make use of those business cards by emailing customers.

5 ways to grow your restaurant’s customer base

However, starting a food truck enables you to dish out your food to folks you might never normally come in contact with. You can greatly extend your reach, build more press, and acquire new fans who might love you so much that they become patrons of your brick-and-mortar location as well!

That sums up our restaurant marketing and advertising ideas.