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Then it's just a little white lie / Then it's all the same to me / And it's just a little white lie / If I was to blame would you? / Would you still believe? / I don't want you to.
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I have read all the subplots as many times. I know the motives by heart. The only thing I can not seem to grasp is why the author had so little inspiration and why she even chose to make this kind of contemporary romance. I do not see how it could have been good. So it kind of just was.

And that is never enough. Dec 03, Tracy rated it really liked it Shelves: Spurred on by righteous fury and morbid embarrassment, she throws her bouquet, sure enough. At the supercilious prat's head. Then she climbs into her car, struggles to corral her fairy tale gown so it doesn't block the windshield, and hits the road, heading north out of Florida and into Georgia.

Which is exactly where she finds herself when her car dies and she rolls to a stop on the side of the road; humiliated, horrified, and now, stranded. When Jake Parker sees the girl in the wedding dress by her obviously broken down car, he stops immediately. It wouldn't be at all Southern to just pass by without offering a helping hand. He offers her a lift, and can only imagine the picture they make as they head to the nearest town on his motorcycle. She's a wary little spitfire but obviously having a bad time, and once he finds out her story and her identity, he offers her something she can't say no to, a much-needed break from her own life and a short jaunt with Jake in his.

He doesn't tell her he knows her father, or that he's struggling against the intense attraction he feels for that man's daughter. Lucinda Darling may represent everything he's been fighting against for the last year What he can't deny is that she's seriously lovely, and if helping her out gives him time to spend with her, well And as it turns out, she may just be able to help him out, too.

She's a runaway bride after all It is exactly as it seems: And honestly, sometimes that's all it has to be for me to be happy. Sure, the romance came together quickly, more quickly than I usually prefer, and neither the external plot-driven conflict nor the character-driven relationship conflict were very extensive or earth-shaking, but both Lucy and Jake were likable, and they had strong, solid chemistry with all the sizzling bits done up just right. As a reader, I was rooting for them both.

There was a short, secondary romance thread with Jake's sister and his best friend that, frankly, could just as easily been left out of the book. It was too abbreviated to really add anything to the story, and the time spent focused on them could've been spent adding some more meat to the evolution of Jake and Lucy's relationship, but I'm not really too picky when I'm looking for some mindless brain candy.

And this book is definitely what I consider brain candy.

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More importantly, it's written in the sort of breezy, sexy style that lets readers know it has no ambitions to be anything but exactly that. I can appreciate that as both a reader and a reviewer.


I may not remember this one long after it's done, but I enjoyed it while I was reading. That works for me, and it's enough. This rating, review, and all included thoughts and comments are my own. Sep 15, Jen rated it really liked it Shelves: I think I've seen this movie - 5 or 10 times, different names of each movie - but you know. I really love books a lot better: And for me, this was a lot more fun than watching a movie - it was way cute with a lot of fun humor: The book starts off right as the blurb says - Lucinda in a wedding dress, at the church, stomping on the daises after seeing her "ex" making out with HiS "ex" inside the church!

Lucinda isn't stupid - she's not I think I've seen this movie - 5 or 10 times, different names of each movie - but you know.

Just a Little White Lie

Lucinda isn't stupid - she's not going to marry someone who cheats on her, and just because her daddy is the famous owner of the "Darling Enterprise" and the press is there to film the wedding - she's not going to put up with it - Donald - the typical male, so his ex shows up before the wedding starts to "wish him luck" and one thing leads to another - PaLeASE!

Donald is such a pig. Hoooohohoho - wrong thing to say - So Lucinda gets into her little sports car, while still in her wedding dress, and takes off - she doesn't know where she's going, and doesn't care. That works out fine until her car breaks down - she coasts to the side of the road, and just as luck woudl have it - her cell phone battery died She was going to charge it at the church Jake got a phone call from his dad, they never really had a good relationship - so when he calls out of the blue and tells him his Gram is sick and wants him to come home.

Put her mind to rest that he's getting married and planning on carrying the family name out to ease her poor old 89 year old soul, Jake jumps on his Harley and heads to Pride to pay the family a visit Only he's not ready to get married - he doesn't even want to think about marriage LOVED the way things were set up - Lucinda aka Lucy for the week she was the "runaway bride" agreed to help out Jake with his little fence' problem, since he was so kind to help her out.. Only they couldn't keep away from the press, and once they start telling Jake's family that they're going to be married - things start to get complicated with each lie they tell The attraction starts off as a little spark, but it's easily ignored, I love the humor and like i said, the southern hospitality from this book - the small town where everyone know's Jake, and once his sister found out they were engaged, the whole town was asking them about it before lunchtime!

Stayed up too late to finish it because I didn't want to put it down: Aug 22, Victoria rated it it was amazing Shelves: I loved this book. What can I say? It captured my attention right from the beginning. It was a very easy read and I simply could not tear my eyes away from the book. Throughout the book, I could truly see how they were falling in love with each other more and more. Yet, both of them just did not feel it, until it was almost too late. The ending was just weird though, it didn't really make sense to me.

However, it was pretty funny to read even though it was absolutely ridiculous. Still, it allowe I loved this book. Still, it allowed them to have a chance to meet again and finally confess their love! Jake was, simply put, amazing. How should I say it? He met someone he didn't even know on the road. Later, he found out she was in a way his 'enemy'.

But did he refuse to offer help? No, of course he didn't! And that made me like him all the more. I mean, guys in romance novels tend to be egotistical creatures who only care about themselves and their revenge. But not all of course. Still, it made for a nice change! I also liked Lucinda, or Lucy as Jake calls her.

I found her to be a strong woman. I mean, in one night, she can turn away from everything she's known for her whole life and yet still survive. I can't say much of her character, except that I found her to be a really sweet person. For this novel, I felt that she was a perfect fit. This book was the perfect length, not too long, not too short. How they fell in love was clearly depicted throughout the book, and halfway through, I could just see how much they were already in love.

The supporting characters were fun to read about and they certainly added to the story.

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  • Jake's sister was a really good supporting character and I would love to read about her and her husband. I'm sorry, I forgot the sister's name. It starts with B, though! That much I remember. Hmm, I would say this book was a very different read. It wasn't the same as a typical contemporary romance but somehow I still found it very good. However, the book was rather dry at certain parts, but those were few and far between. One more thing that was bugging me was that we never got to see what happened to Shorty and what's her name, Marsha?

    Not an important part of the book, but it would have been an amusing diversion. I also would have liked to know how did his sister and his dad find out that they were actually lying? I know it wasn't explicitly mentioned that his sister knew, but that was the inference I believe most would make. Lastly, I think her family background could have been more well-elaborated on. I would have liked to have read more about her mum in order to fully understand her feelings. All in all, I felt that this was a very good book.

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    • Perhaps not the most interesting book in the world, nor the best, but it will give one a pretty amusing time reading it. Though the humor in this book was not a great sum, there was enough such that I did laugh every now and then. This book is certainly worth trying. This time I remembered their names: Nov 19, Charlotte Black rated it it was ok.

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      I wanted to like this book. So Lucinda stuffs her tulle skirts into her tiny sports car and hits the road Jake Parker knows he's not I wanted to like this book. But Lucy knows she must stop their pretense before Jake's family-and her heart-are hurt so badly they'll never recover. I love chick-lit as much as the next girl and this kind of story goes well with humour; in fact Jill Mansell is the master of these kinds of books. As for the story. It drags out a little bit too much.

      I mean, a truck hitting her, and Zane coming home. How did that help the storyline? What if he was gay? I also had issues with the writing. So, on the whole, not one of my favourites.

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      Sep 01, Becca rated it liked it Shelves: Lucinda is about to get married to man that she likes cares about but doesn't love. She feels more like marriage is a agreement between two people and its more of a business relationship than anything. If her parents multiple marriages have taught her anything its that love doesn't really last in a marriage. But when she finds Donald cheating on her, she's done. She storms out in a field of press and leaves her angry father who has betrayed her behind. While out on the road Lucinda gets stranded Lucinda is about to get married to man that she likes cares about but doesn't love.

      While out on the road Lucinda gets stranded and is saved by one biker named Jake. Jake is on his way home to lie to his grandmother. His father has been telling him that his grandmother is getting older and has a heart condition. Jake hasn't been home in years and hates talking or being around his father. But when he see's Lucinda just sitting there he has a plan. He is going to introduce Lucinda as his fake fiancee because all his grandmother wants is to see him settled down and making grandbabies.

      It doesn't hurt that Lucinda is gorgeous but Jake knows he could never fall for his enemies daughter. When Jake and Lucinda start to develop real feelings for each other while living together things get complicated. Neither one was looking for a relationship, but here they both are envisioning a future together. But while they are envisioning a future others a plotting to pull them apart and expose their lies. This was a fun read. Lucinda was caring and a very endearing character I have no idea why she would ever have put herself in a position to marry someone like Donald.

      Jake was also a great character he was also generous.

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      I thought these two characters were too wishy washy with their feelings though. One minute they would decide something about their relationship and the next minute they would be contradicting what they just decided. Also how quick Jake was of too accuse or suspect Lucinda of something without even talking to her about it. He had known her for a little while then and knew what she was like and her type of character but he still believed the worst about her because of her name.

      Overall this was a fun read and I definitely enjoyed it. Dec 13, Alex rated it liked it Shelves: Lucinda Darling just ran out of her wedding after finding her fiance having sex with his ex at the church, deciding it's time she took some time for herself away from her parents expectations of her and definitely away from her fiance. So, still wearing her wedding dress, she hops into her car, intent on getting away but not sure where she'll go. On the other hand, Jake Parker was heading home to Georgia after a year spent away from his family, helping the victims of the oil spil At First Sight: On the other hand, Jake Parker was heading home to Georgia after a year spent away from his family, helping the victims of the oil spill in the gulf.

      He was happy staying away but the news that his grandmother is sick and that her fondest wish is to see him settled down with a nice girl, sent him racing back home, while trying to figure out how he's going to produce the nice girl part of the equation.

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      And so, when he sees Lucinda standing by the side of the road, still wearing her wedding dress, Jake rather thinks it's all a sign. So he quickly enlists her reluctant help in pretending to be his girlfriend for the next week or so. Only that things get more complicated once they reach his hometown thanks to some interfering parents, a couple of exes who just won't go away and the fact that Jake and Lucy are falling in love with each other.

      Just a Little White Lie was a rather nice, sweet read. Now he's in a relationship, still used to telling little little white lies, but they have a huge affect on the girl he's with. She wants to leave him because he's a liar, he wants her to stay and get through it with him. After all "it's just a little white lie" and if it's "all the same to you, and it's all the same to me" he says it shouldn't bother either of them but she completely disagrees and wants to leave.

      No Replies Log in to reply. There was an error. General Comment I think she was the offender here and she was trying to ease her conscious by saying its "just a little white lie". She tells a lie to conceal her wrong doing, and gets off with its "just a little white lie". I think he is slightly sarcastic when he says "It's just a little white lie",implying if it was "just" a white lie to her he can also fuck up and rub it off as a little white lie,hence the line "then it's all the same to me".

      Tit for tat situation. She is thus not taking responsibility, hence him saying "I don't want you to forget" fourth verse. In the last verse he is asking what would happen if the tables were turned, "If I was to blame would you still believe? He concludes by saying and "if I was a thief? So he is trying to erase any discrepancies between offenses, implying they are the same, all equally wrong. Anyway just my little white take on the song! All your insides fall to pieces. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! We do not have any tags for White Lie lyrics.