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I am so blessed. Thank you for this post.

Does God Laugh Out Loud?

Yes — I have said for years that God has a sense of humor. Thank you for agreeing with me! Thank you Liz for all your writings. I replied that we are made in His image so He must have one. He was a homeless looking man. He was holding a stack of them. His eyes lit up with joy while we talked to him and our hearts and eyes were lighting up with love and joy. He said this is his mission to travel and share the Good News. I have a big smile on my face and in my heart today, because he reminded us not to live in the world or love the world, but to live for the Kingdom of God.

Thanks for another great post as always. First learned of His humor as a young Christian. A bunch of us girls from a summer Navs group were working together detassling corn. Just about 3 we had a short shower — just enough to get wet. We all laughed at His answer to our moaning and groaning. My husband and I had been married a year when he lost his job due to layoffs.

Then he got a call from someone telling him about an opening at a nearby Sprint data center. He applied, interviewed, and then nothing happened. I suggested next time he should be a little more specific, and we laughed for a long time. Ok that is just 1 example to me. I think there is a lot of little things that we as humans in our small minds think, really? And GOD laughs at us! I agree, we can exhibit only things that are found in Him, and Laughter is so wonderful, I think we get closer to GOD in those moments of pure gut-splitting, roll about, head tossed back, laughter.

Pure Joy of the Lord! His Laughter means we get to taste the Goodness of God here, and will get full cups, buckets, pools, oceans once with Him! I was raised in a serious home where humor was not often allowed or appreciated. And in this world that has incredibly heart-wrenching things going on, sometimes I forget that humor IS allowed. Even appropriate and encouraged. So true, it has wonderful benefits to the heart, spirit, and mind.

And please tell us—did you arrange the traffic-cone-on-the-statue photo, or just come across it? Thanks for gifting us with your humor and wisdom. Liz, I think He does laugh. I consider it one of the sweetest things God has ever done for me. His wonderful sense of humor is everywhere you look, even in the darkest of places. You helped me see how important humor is when you graciously used a couple of my stories for two of your early books. And now, years later, I have a ministry based on humor.

I thank God for His humor and your influence on my life. God uses you through laughter so we Know He has a sense of humor. She told me stories about how God made her laugh. I would see things He would do just for me to make me laugh. I think God delights in making us laugh. I was very delighted and even took several photos with my cell phone at all angles of it! It actually fell on the tiny thin corner of the soap which was even more amazing! Always love hearing from you — be it on a Wednesday or Thursday! Yeah, I think He laughs and smiles and weeps, all the things I do with my kids.

The Joke that made God Laugh… and the Reply from God | Lab of Evolution

I believe I look more and more like my Abba every year…thanks to Him. Can hardly wait to have my Father-daughter dance with Him; what great fun it will be to be twirled over the blue night sky sprinkled with stars. I had a tumultous relationship with my earthly Father. Such a sweet thing to picture and anticipate! In fact,years ago, God had given me a beautiful image of dancing before him as a little girl in a field of wildflowers twirling streamers, and being restored to innocence by Him.

This vision was at a prayer service at church. My husband and I say all the time that God has to have a great sense of humor because he brought us together. God is humorous Each day a butterfly drops so close to my car windshield always bringing me a smile Life is pure mystery and truth Laugh and see Gods Joy! A few years ago things were not going well at work. As I walked toward the building in the dark one morning, I prayed things would go better today.

I saw a light on in a window of a coworker who was difficult to work with. I thought she was off today, but was obviously wrong. As I approached the building , I passed a neighboring driveway that had been landscaped the night before. I decided it was time to transfer to a new location , and it worked out great for me.

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No rocks were thrown. I have always said God has a sense of humour and often think He had to have when He has to listen to me.

Liz, God has got to laugh out loud at the things children say and do! When we lived in Georgia our driveway was a slight hill, and my 5 year-old son would put his skates on at the bottom of the hill and then crawl up the driveway on his hands and knees! I looked out the window in time to see this and was laughing myself! Oh yes, I believe God has a sense of humor. Just look at the design of the giraffe, the stripes on a zebra, and of course, that funny looking ostrich.

I bet He giggled all the time he created these and other creatures. Great topic for a post. Just read your blog for the first, but not the last time. Because when I read your writing it truly is like getting a hug from you. When Jesus wanted the children brought to him after the disciples scoffed and found them bothersome, I believe that tells us that Jesus and the Father love laughter.

Innocence, silliness, and carefree laughter. I just read your Facebook post today about wisdom and just wanted to tell you that I love you. I love all that I know about you. Everything I read that you write resonates in my innermost and I love that even that makes me laugh out loud and sometimes weep at my lack of self discipline in my daily time with Jesus. Thank you Liz for being so real and so transparent and so wonderfully entertaining as you speak life and truth to all of us!! The last time he stole anything it was a cheap box of plastic glasses that he had stashed a very expensive tool inside the box to smuggle it out of the store.

That was the beginning of his new life in Christ. He was horrified and then laughed out loud because who else but God would know what those glasses meant to him! God DOES have a funny sense of humor! Making my Abba laugh is one of the things that makes my heart sing.

He brought me out of the darkness with his gentle love, and as a thank you celebration we laugh together often. I am so thankful for this timely reminder that God must have a sense of humor and laughs. I am such a perfectionist and tend to be too serious at times. Thanks for the reminder that it is okay to laugh. I had to laugh and it was true, is true still. My husband and I laughed when we first met and still laugh all the time.

God is continuing to teach me joy. Thank you for your wonderful encouraging posts. Well anyway, I definitely think God has a sense of humor in that he made us and we are quite quirky. We are made in his image so it would follow that he does. We moved to Perth purely because of the services that the state government offered for pre-school autistic kids.

In , after bad experiences at two schools, we were at a crossroads.

“If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.”

Then my mother-in-law sent us a newspaper clipping about a school in her neighborhood in Queensland, on the other side of the country. A teacher there was doing great things with autistic kids. Once again, we decided to move across the country. When I told my boss, he said I could take my job with me and work remotely. But the global financial crisis was gaining momentum and in February , my employer made some deep budget cuts and laid off all remote workers. He would be standing down from work for a lengthy period, perhaps for good.

It was a tragedy for him and his family, but it was also hard for the many kids and parents whose lives he had changed for the better. After a year of poor schooling and living hand-to-mouth on part-time jobs, we moved again, this time to Canberra, which has good schools and plenty of work.

Years ago, when my wife was pregnant, she noted that there were lots of jobs in Canberra and suggested we think about moving there.

In the last few years, my son has made good progress and school has mostly gone well. But we did have to switch schools once after a good teacher was replaced with an incompetent and difficult person. Overall, life is pretty good. But we still have occasional setbacks and I now accept that this is unavoidable. My wife and I no longer work in journalism. Neither of us planned those shifts in our careers.

We just saw a mix of closed doors and unexpected opportunities, and we did what we had to do. My son is 18 now. Luck and chance have bigger impacts on our lives than many people acknowledge. At 2am one morning in , after a busy day reporting on an industry conference, I was having a quiet drink with several other business journalists, some of whom were leaders in their field. I asked them if they had set out to be business specialists.

Some had wanted to cover other areas. Some had never had a preference. But they had all ended up being assigned to the business round and found themselves staying there. Some of them now work in public relations or corporate communications. Some are still in journalism. But that night in the bar, each one of them said that he or she enjoyed their work and was happy with their career.

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There are a few lucky people whose lives more or less follow their plans. But for most of us, life is a mix of planning and forced improvisation. No-one getting married thinks they will end up being divorced. No-one foresees illness, car accidents or family tragedies. Sometimes unforeseeable events derailed me and I felt as if God or Satan or the Universe was laughing at my puny efforts. Success has often been followed by setbacks. I still believe plans are important.