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From the shelf behind the staff you can pick up gems. From the coffin 2 Longswords. From fancy barrel Restoration potion Level Sleep and cast defensive spells then go down the steps. At bottom of steps go through southern door, defeat 3 Ghouls in the next room and pick up the pile of gold they drop. Go northwest to an area filled with coffins, then approach the door southwest and a battle against 2 Skeletons and 2 Zombies begins. Afterward go west of the circle of spikes incidentally this is the area you are transported to if you touch the statue in the center of the dwarven megalith.

Eventually you will encounter 2 Zombies and 3 Ghouls amidst a pile of coffins. Here are 2 Skeletons and a Wraith I used conventional tactics to defeat so as to save the magic items. You have now explored the entire southern portion of the Main Halls. Return to the Orc Prison north of Bedlam Prison. From there head west past the Ormyrr room , southwest down the first hall you come across, then make a quick turn northwest and keep going to you find a door on the northwest wall, go through. Go north and kill 4 Zombies. From the 3 smashed tables go west to pick up a pile with 1 gold.

Head west of that to get another 1 gold. Head northeast until you arrive at a hall bearing north, proceed down this hall a very short distance and then take the hall west and go through the wooden door on the southwest side of the hall, there a 4 Zombies to defeat in this room. Afterward exit the room and head for the northeast hall, take the next hall northwest, at the end of the hall is an empty well, go through the door west of the well, you will be engaged in a wide ranging battle against 2 Zombies 2 Skeletons and a Ghoul, after the battle they drop a small pile of gold.

Go through the door beyond the partition and fight 4 Orcs. Enter the room southwest of the 4 Orc battle and you will see a chest that needs the Hidden Key. Exit the room and head through the narrow passage south there are two bookshelves here with 2 Shortbows and a Quiver of Arrows. From the hall south of the fountain a group of six Orcs some with bows will approach, you will need to get your melee fighters close to the shooters.

After the battle head east from the fountain and go through the double doors on the southern wall of the alcove. There are two Orcs and an Orc Leader here, kill them and proceed through the open door southwest, then go stand to the right of the double doors beyond. The strategy I used to defeat them was to stand away from the door to avoid their fire, then I used the Wand of Cone of Cold once fired into the room , this killed them all in one shot.

Mol drops his mace and you can pick it up. There is a good deal of treasure in this room, take what you like but be sure you have the Undead Cell Key before you leave. Go through next two southeast doors. In the hall of stone partitions you will have to defeat an Orc, 2 Orc leaders and an Orc Shaman, try to do this conventionally to save your magic items but if you have trouble try a blast of Cone of Cold to clear the room. Now head back to the room with the hidden chest and open it.

Head back to the yellow marker on the Grand Thoroughfare via Tirgild Square. In this event you have chance to kill Zud and finish the Fist of Zud Quest. Approach and listen at the door across the hall to the northwest of the yellow marker. In the first room are 3 Orcs to be defeated, also note that there are 3 more in the room next door who may be triggered during your battle but who will have to be defeated anyway. Exit these to rooms to the north and you will come to a clearing where four walls come toward one another from the corners of the screen, here you will hear Orcs speaking in the distance.

Go up the northwest hall and enter first room on southwest wall, there are 3 Orcs here to defeat, pick up the gold they drop and go through the southwest door; defeat 3 more Orcs, take the gold they drop, go back through previous room, continue northwest down hall and enter next room on southwest wall. There are 3 Orcs here to defeat. Go to the southwest of the room and you receive a message about a ghostly giggle. Approach the southwest brown brick wall and search it to find a secret door, go through. In this room disturb the two coffins to trigger two Ghouls, defeat them then search the brown brick area on the wall to the northwest to uncover another hidden door.

Go through and you will trigger a Ghast, defeat it, then use the Ancient Dwarven Chest Key on the chest in this room and take the Pale Blue Key and the treasure in front of the chest. Take the daggers from the coffin in this room then head back to the last room where you defeated 3 Orcs as you exit you receive a message about the ghost of Floribud.

Sleep here, cast defensive spells; have Sorcerers equip wands: Exit and go northwest until you reach a very large wall. Head northeast and eventually you will encounter Zud and two Orc Witch Doctors. Then I used the fighters to clean up. The witch doctors hold spell can be countered with the Remove Paralysis scrolls.

Make sure that your characters are conscious by the end of the battle so that they get the experience for killing Zud. At the end of the battle you get the Crude Pot Metal Key. One of the Orc Witch Doctors drops a bag of magical supplies you should plunder. Open 5 chests on the north wall to get gold. Follow the wall running southeast from the 5 chests and search the first patch of dark brown bricks you come across to find a secret door. Have your Rogue opened the trapped door, go through and then go through the door southeast.

In this room are two chests, each containing a shield. The well east of the door contains some gold, take it and go through the southwest door, here are two bow wielding Orc Leaders. Dispatch them and go southeast. At this point my Sorcerer went to level 3 and I gave her the Burning Hands spell. Take the Scimitar dropped by the Orc Leaders and enter the room southeast. In the other chest are a couple of healing potions, a scroll and some gauntlets, take them. Head back to eastern hall with the spike, and this time go southeast, then northeast at the narrow area near a corner pillar.

Continue northeast from the narrow space and you come to some ruined walls where 2 Orcs and an Orc Leader with bow are loitering, attack them. The Orc Leader drops a War Hammer, take it then go northwest to a hall with several thin pillars running down its middle, the door on the northeast wall requires the Iron Key. Continue northwest to find the Iron Key lying on the ground, take it then come back and open the locked door. This room contains two mean Ghast-like creatures Inglore and Onglore kind of tall for undead dwarves , they are easy to kill with conventional tactics.

The snake head fountain northwest of the door contains some gold. The coffins contain two valuable amulets, take them. The experience from this Quest brought my Cleric and Paladin to Level 3. She can now Remove Paralysis, and she has a stronger Cure spell. You may want to add these to your repertoire of defensive spells that you cast before battle. Also note that your Cleric can cast Spiritual Weapon for distance attacks in battle, try it some time.

Before reentering the dungeons you may want to sell excess supplies to Nottle. Back to yellow marker in grand thoroughfare, head east. East from the yellow marker you will encounter 2 Zombies, kill them and continue east. When you receive a message about torn down and rebuilt walls go southeast. At the next intersection go northeast. These barrels have many charges so spread their benefits around.

Exit the alley and go through the northeast hall, enter the first door on the eastern side of the hall, you will be ambushed by 5 Orcs, some with bows, defeat them. Open the chest to the left of the door to get a couple of weapons. Exit to the hall and continue northeast, at the intersection you receive a message about yet another library.

Wait here and you will be set upon by 5 Orcs, defeat them and examine the bookcase by three square tables in this hall to get a couple magic items. Go through the northeast hall past three circular tables. You will have to walk around some pillars lined up across the hall, but these do not block your path even if they appear to do so. You will encounter and have to defeat 2 Skeletons and a Skeleton Knight on the other side. Follow the line of short pillars southeast, then enter the open door south, you receive a message that someone lives here but has been gone for a few days. Go through the northeast door, on a bookcase on the east side of the room are some arrows, bows and swords, take what you need then exit back to the hall with the short pillars and go northeast.

Take the next hall south east, here you will have to defeat 2 Skeletons and a Skeleton Knight. Pick up the gold piece and continue southeast, take GP from the well, pick up another GP on the other side and another east of that. You are now in a long hall filled with more than a dozen pillars and a series of arches. Head for the southeast corner of this long hall and you will get a message about finding old armor that belonged to a derro. Have your Rogue approach the brown brick wall to discover a secret door.

Try to block the door from the outside with your melee fighters so you can deal with these Undead one or two at a time while your Sorcerers weaken the inactive undead inside the room. Have your Sorcerers cast magic missiles note that your default Sorcerer can now cast it twice per round. After the battle take the two small piles of gold in this room and try out the healing fountain, this area is now a great place to recuperate. Have your Rogue open the two steel reinforced chests. The right one has a cold trap, the left a lightning trap, so have your party stand well away, take the double damage Warhammer, as well as the great armor.

Ambush Orcs chest, Greataxe, Warhammer. Back to the intersection of dropped gold hall. Go down the gold hall picking up 17 pieces of gold. This sets off a battle with 3 Orogs who look strangely like Orc Ghouls, but they are not undead. Luckily these Orogs have no bows so conventional tactics melee fighters forward, magic users back will work just fine. Keep in mind they are tougher to kill than Orcs and can deal out a bit more damage. Pick up 6 more pieces of gold after the battle, then head to the southwest corner of the room and you will find a chest with some fairly standard weapons.

Take what you like then exit the partitioned area and continue southeast. Go through the double doors on the southeast hall, continue southeast, then bear south after the second stone octagon on the ground. At the fallen square pillars go east to a wooden door, open it and go through. Rest here then cast defensive spells, approach the northeast door, arrange your Cleric and Paladin up front, then open it. In this room is a Skeleton, a Skeleton Knight, an Ancient Zombie and a Shadow, the first three are somewhat trapped behind three tables so try rushing the Skeleton Knight to keep them all pinned down, if you get the chance.

I found all of them were vulnerable to Turn Undead, which made the battle very easy. Head to the northeast wall and enter the room with a yellow bed, search the bed to get the Silver Key and an Orc Killer knife. Have your Rogue pick the lock on the chest to the right of the bed this action brought my Rogue to Level 4, I put her stat point toward Dex. Inside the chest is a potion, the Pale Green Key and a great set of armor. Take what you like then go through the northern door to the right of the chest. You have found another path to the surface of Stillwater, you can return to Beriand and be healed.

Once back in the dungeons use the Silver Key to unlock the southeast door, two fancy barrels in this room each contain a special ring, take the rings then exit to the hall where you fought the two Shadows and go to its southeast corner. Enter the door on the northeast wall using the Pale Green Key, as you enter the room you receive a message about the rich smells of the earth, you will need the Pale Blue Key to open this door, but first search the two barrels on the left, each contains a stat enhancing ring, take both.

Now go through the northeast door using the Pale Blue Key. The bookcase in the back of this room contains Wand of Fireball, take it. Back to the well flanked by 4 torches room before the recent 2 shadows battle. The Abandoned Quarry Enemies: Enter the door northwest of the 4 torches well, defeat 4 Zombies on the other side.

Head northeast and you will have to fight 2 Skeletons and 2 Ghouls. Continue northeast and go through the wooden double doors you receive a message about an abandoned quarry, then you must defeat 3 Skeletons and a Skeleton Knight. Head northeast and you will encounter a Zombie and a Zombie Lord not vulnerable to Turn Undead currently but still pretty easy to kill. Enter the room northwest and defeat 3 Zombies, then pick up the four small piles of gold on the floor. Enter the northeast room and defeat a Zombie and a Ghoul, they drop a ring, there is a treasure sack here to plunder.

Go through the door south of serpent fountain and you can quickly defeat 2 Zombies and a Skeleton; take the two small gold piles in this room, then break the bed in front of the northwest door, then enter the door; you receive a message about cleaning house. Approach the darkened door with the serpent glyph and speak to the voice. If you ask about the prisoner you will learn a little about Preybelish and his interest in your amulets; he tells you to return later.

Go to the southwest corner of the room; you can get a scroll and 2 potions in the barrels there. Go through the double doors north of the barrels to the bunk bed room, then go through the open door northeast and you receive an message about the unnatural cleanliness of the room with a fountain and well. The well has a special ability, should one of your team activate it, it will grant 1, exp to each member of your party.

This action will also trigger an attack by a Master Shadow who is invulnerable to Turn Undead. I think its worth it. Here is what I decided to do: During your second conversation he will ask for one of the two amulets, which you should refuse in order to get him to quickly emerge to fight you. You may have to exit the quarry and then immediately come back in if Preybelish does not speak to you as you approach. Have a Sorcerer equipped with the Wand of Cone of Cold approach the door staying within the globe however and speak to Preybelish, he asks for your amulet.

Have your Sorcerer cast Cone of Cold twice into the center of the darkness to slay Preybelish you may have to use a couple magic missiles to finish him off. Return to the well flanked by 4 torches near the entrance to the hall before the Quarry. Exit southwest and go west to a pair of double doors, open them and go through. Clearing the Undead from around The Crossroads Enemies: Go southwest past the well and through the wooden double doors. Note the door east of the well; this is the entrance to an area where a scarred mage guards the steps to the Deep Halls and the Halls of Stone, we will return here later so mark it on your map.

Head southwest to a yellow marker that a message describes as the crossroads. Head down the southeast hall, take next hall southwest. In the room northwest is a block that repeatedly casts a fire spell. Walk counterclockwise around the block and get your party gathered north of it, then carefully initiate combat with the Zombie Lord on the other side of the block. During the battle let him come to you and be sure not to get anywhere near that block.

Afterward have your Rogue go alone and open the chest the Zombie Lord was guarding, this will probably trigger a fireball. Take the weapons inside, exit the room being careful to avoid the block and return to the Crossroads. Go west and defeat 2 more Zombies in front of some ruins, head south and defeat 2 more Zombies. See that door directly south?

Keep it in mind or mark it on your map because we will soon return to it. From this point it will be hard to navigate through the ruins west of the Crossroads; try to keep the few discernable landmarks in mind; most of these undead are vulnerable to Turn Undead. Head northwest, go through a square arch and continue northwest. A Ghoul will approach, defeat him then continue northwest and you will encounter 2 Zombies, defeat them and go northeast through two massive square pillars; defeat 3 Zombies near a burning bookcase east.

Go north across the grand thoroughfare and defeat 3 Skeletons and 2 Skeleton Knights. Head northwest to a burning bed and defeat 4 Skeletons. Head west to a ruin with a pile of gold on the floor, destroy the Skeleton Knight and the Zombie and pick up the gold. This area is now clear, head back to the door south of the burning bookcase we spotted it just before we searched the ruins. Go through the door and defeat 3 Skeletons and 2 Zombies. The giant Keg right of the door you just entered casts heal on those who touch it.

Head southwest to a circle of pillars, head southeast past a narrow hall and take the next hall northeast past three empty chests. Eventually you will see a set of double doors on a wall to the northwest, they are locked so have your Rogue open them. Pick up the small amount of gold in this room and go through northeast wooden door. As you pass through these rooms you will receive morbid messages about the creatures who died in them.

In this room there is a shortbow; go through the northeast door. Pick up gold piece above Lizardfolk and go through southeast door. Pick up gold piece and a Hold person scroll in this room. Go through the northeast door and pick up another gold piece, continue through next northeast door. In room of lazy Skeletons go through northwest door, you will see a slightly brighter bookcase on the northeast wall, take two potions there.

Click to walk on the area west behind the partitions and columns and approach the Lizardfolk, listen to it. Destroy two Ghouls that wander in from the room northeast, then take the gold they drop and enter that room. In the far eastern corner of the room is a fancy barrel with some magic items, take them, then take the treasure lying on the floor.

From fancy barrel in 2 Ghouls room, Wand of Resurrection Level 20 with 2 charges, potion of Neutralize Poison level Remember the narrow southwest hall west of the 3 empty chests in the hall with the giant healing keg? Head back there and go down that hall. At the end of the narrow hall bear west to an area with two wooden doors, go through the one southwest; the chest in this room contains 3 Shortswords. Enter the room northwest and you will find another giant healing keg. Go through the door northeast, on a bookcase in this room is a scroll; have the Rogue open the poison-trapped chest in here to get some boots and armor.

Exit through the door southeast, go to the wall south and head west. You will see a narrowing space and two stone partitions beyond it, click on the stone partition to have your characters maneuver through the narrow space and break down the partition to enter a concealed area.

You will find two potions on the bookcase west of the door the Lizardfolk were guarding. Go through this door and kill two more Lizardfolk. Go through the northwest door; there are two Lizardfolk Leaders inside, rush them and use conventional tactics to dispose of them quickly. Hide your characters left of the next northwest doors, then open them; this is to avoid the spells of the Lizardfolk Shaman and Lizardfolk Chief inside. Let them come to the door then get up close to them with your melee fighters and attack.

These Lizardfolk are vulnerable to most offensive magic spells and should be no problem. From first chest encountered in this event, 3 Shortswords. Back through the stone partitions, through the narrow hall, past the giant Keg of Healing and to the Crossroads. In this area you will find the Scarred Mage who guards the stairs that lead to the Upper Halls. Defeating him completes the Undead Awakened Quest. Now open this door, a ghostly form bows to you then disappears. Take the hall south of the burning bed, head southeast through the next hall and at the end of it you will come across a battle between 2 Ghouls, 2 Orc Ghouls and 2 Lizardfolk Ghouls; they are susceptible to Turn Undead and so are easy to kill.

Exit this room and take the hall next to it that runs northeast. Nearby two chests there are 3 Skeleton Knights and a Skeleton Lord to be defeated. Smash the two chests the locks cannot be picked and will drain stats so keep a Restore Potion handy to release a Shadow that is vulnerable to Turn Undead. Defeat the Shadow and take the treasure from the chests. Head down the southeastern hall, enter the southwestern room and take large pile of gold you can rest here , then go across the hall to the opposite room.

There is a Skeleton Lord, Skeleton Elder, Zombie and Ancient Zombie in this room, you may want to block the door with your melee fighters and deal with the undead one or two at a time. Exit the room and continue southeast, then take the next turn southwest and you will encounter an army of undead; 2 Skeleton Lords, 2 Skeleton Knights, a Skeleton and a Skeleton Elder.

All but the Skeleton Lords are vulnerable to Turn Undead so concentrate on destroying them first. Afterward return to the room where you can rest and sleep, power-up then head for the door the undead army was guarding. Behind this door is the Scarred Mage and his undead guards: I defeated him by standing northeast of the door out of the line of sight when I opened it to prevent him from using his Fireball Spell and to lure him closer. The undead are easy to defeat as the wander out to confront you they are all vulnerable to Turn Undead.

Once he is close enough have a couple melee fighters run up next to him to prevent him from casting spells; together they should make short work of him and you wont have to waste any charges of your magic items. After the battle the Scarred Mage Ozbort clutches a letter from a loved one from which you will learn that the Scarred Ones are actually the Cult of the Dragon, allies of evil dragons who lot to conquer Faerun. You have crossed the expanse of the Main Halls, stairs lead up and Stairs lead down. By the way, if you have followed this Walkthrough up to this point then you have discovered everything the Main Halls have to offer.

Rest, then go down the steps. Finding and composing the remains of the Elf Garras will win you help in defeating the Lifespring Guardian. This is the second part of the Turgild Lifespring Quest. At the bottom of the stairs is a room filled with short spikes, you will have to return here to find a safe place to sleep during the early part of this event.

Exit the room, take the hall south of the door, it runs west. Soon you arrive at a Huge Well atop a stone X pattern on the floor, head south. Amidst a ruin filled with coffins you will enter a wide ranging battle with 4 Ancient Zombies, defeat them. This battle brought my Paladin to Level 4. I gave him a Strength point. Take the gold they drop and continue south to an open wooden door. In this room are 3 Ancient Zombies and 2 Ghouls, defeat them and take the gold they drop. Exit the room through the southeast door; here is a good place to rest.

Exit the northeast door, head down the hall and take the next southeast hall. Open the door on the northeast wall of this hall. Here is a potentially tough battle with 2 Wraiths and 2 Zombies. I used one charge of the Wand of Cone of Cold, then one hit apiece for each Wraith with the Great Warhammer of Death wielded by my Paladin finished them off before they landed a successful blow. This brought my Cleric to Level 4, I gave her 1 point of Wisdom. In this room is an Idolon and some gems on the floor, as well as a magic Shield in the chest.

Exit the room and continue down the southeast hall. At next hall bear southwest, at the end of the hall go through the wooden door southeast. There are 4 Ghouls and a Ghast in this room. They have a tendency to try and exit the room through the southeast door prolonging the battle, so try to stop them by quickly using Turn Undead only the Ghast can resist at this level so concentrate on destroying it first.

After the battle Left-Click on the coffin. Rest, then exit the room through the southeast door; head south to some ruins and defeat 3 Ancient Zombies, a Ghoul and a Ghast. Take the gold they drop and continue south, defeat 2 Ghasts and 3 Ghouls in the southern corner of this area, take the potion they drop. Go through the southeast door, in this room is the Sturdy Door, which will be opened later in the game. Rest here, exit the room go northeast until you encounter another wide ranging battle with undead in the ruins; 3 Ghouls, 3 Ancient Zombies. Defeat them and take the gold they drop.

Go north until you encounter 4 more Ancient Zombies, defeat them and take their gold. Defeat them and go north to fight 2 Ghasts. See the large stone arch and thick square pillars flanking it to the right of the Ghasts Battle? North through the boundary gate until you see an open doorway, go through it to the northeast and you should recognize where you are and be able to find your way back north to the Huge X Well, the first landmark you spotted in the Deep Halls. Defeating the Lifespring Guardian Quest Notes: Using the help of the elf ghost Garras, defeat the Lifespring Guardian in the hall behind the Glyph of Enigma in the northern Deep Halls.

From the Huge X Well go north until you encounter 2 Ancient Zombies and 4 Ghouls, defeat them, take their gold, then head up the northeast hall they guarded. The two southwest rooms of this hall are good for sleeping in but not much else. At the end of the hall go east to the poison-trap metal double doors and have your Rogue open them. These Lizardfolk are much harder to deal with then the ones in the Main Hall; however they are likely to run away if injured.

Have your melee fighters get close fast to stop the Lizardfolk spells. Make sure your Paladin equips his double damage War Hammer and Snakeskin boots with these two together he can take out almost any Lizardfolk in one hit! In a massive hall you will find Garras and the Lifespring Guardian. Keep your people back until Garras is attacked, then bring your melee fighters forward to give what help they can. Let Garras take the damage and do most of the work; keep in mind magic will not harm the guardian. You will get extra experience for each party member after the Guardian is defeated. Return to Tirgild Square in the Main Halls.

Back to the Glyph of Enigma and head west. Finding the Lizardfolk Tunnel Enemies: Heading west, you can open the first closed wooden door in the north side of the hall to defeat a trap and gain experience, but their is nothing in the room. Approach the open wooden door on the north wall from its right side, without exposing your characters.

Keep in mind the spell casting abilities of the Healer and Taskmaster; let the Lizardfolk come out to you and defeat them one at a time. I found a way to confound the enemy was to shut the door while some are inside to cause them to bunch up by the door and slowdown their exit to the hall, giving more magic free rounds for my Paladin to do the heavy work.

After the battle you can rest in the room, then exit and continue west down the hall. Soon you will enter some ruins where 3 Injured Lizardfolk and a Lizardfolk Healer stand around a well of fire; these will be easier to defeat then the first groups you met on this level. From here head south and you will encounter a tough group made up of a Lizardfolk Taskmaster and 4 Lizardfolk Healers.

Pick up the magic items they drop and go southwest; eventually you will spot a few Lizardfolk behind a stone wall northeast amidst some ruins. If you approach them from this side of the wall you only have to reveal one party member to trigger a battle, then they will have to take the long way round to get to you, allowing you to defeat them a couple at a time with conventional tactics. This battle brought my Rogue to Level 5. Take the Soot-Coated Key and the healing potion they drop. Head for the wooden door to the south and enter a room with a staircase leading down.

Rest here then go down the steps to enter the Lizardfolk Tunnel. Head down the southwest tunnel and fight 2 Lizardfolk Warriors, 2 Lizardfolk Scavengers and a Lizardfolk Healer take it out with magic from a distance. Go through the door on the northwest wall to briefly return to Stillwater. Have Beriand heal you, talk to him about the scarred mages and then go and sell supplies to Nottle. Upon returning head southwest to the next clearing, then south across the room; take the next southeast tunnel to an encounter with an army of Lizardfolk.

You will want to get out of the line of sight of the healers in the southern room to draw them out and into the fray; or if you are lucky you may be able to run past the warriors and get close to the healers to prevent them from casting all together. Use the tactics you are familiar with for defeating these creatures, and if all else fails try a blast of Cone of Cold to clear the room.

Notice the sturdy door barred from the other side in this room. This leads to an area of the Surface called the Nightingale Court; you will be able to use this later in the game but for now it is sealed. Rest, then return to the Deep Halls. Once at the top of the stairs, exit the room and go northwest. Enter the first clearing to the west and you will see a Glyph of Water Seals this door. Mark the Glyph on your map, you will need to return here later. Head north from in front of the Glyph and open the wooden door concealing a well of fire.

You receive a message about cooked meat. Exit the room and you will encounter a party of 3 Lizardfolk Scavengers, a Lizardfolk Healer and a Lizardfolk Taskmaster. Continue northeast, then take the next hall northwest and enter some more ruins. From here head south past the ruins you just fought in, then go straight east until you arrive back at the well of fire in the center of a massive hall you defeated some injured Lizardfolk here earlier.

Head straight north from the well of fire and you will see a room with two wooden doors that allow entrance to the room from the southwest and southeast; choose either door and open it with the Soot-Coated Key. The staircase beyond will take you to the northern portion of the Halls of Light. Open the chests to get another Soot-Coated Key and some healing related magic items.

Take the two healing potions in this room. You are not powerful enough to go further through this board at this time. Head directly southwest from the Huge X fountain, the hall you enter bears northeast and you will see another Glyph of Water on the floor, mark this on your map and then go west.

You will encounter a party of 4 Orogs and an Orog Guardsman. Make sure your Paladin is using the double damage Warhammer. After the battle you get a healing potion. On the wall north of this battle is a set of double doors, have your Rogue open them to disarm a trap. This room contains a special Furnace for Burning Evil Books. Mark this place on your map so you can return here later. Exit the room and head west to some ruins where you will encounter 3 Orogs and an 2 Orog Guardsman; defeat them as before. Head north from the ruins and you will find a door with a wooden coffin in the room beyond.

Have your Rogue pick this lock to enter the room, and click on the coffin; select the option to put the bones back together properly to bring peace to Elena and gain an experience bonus. Rest here, cast your defensive spells in preparation of more Orog battles. Exit the room and head southwest past the ruins; you will spot a wooden door directly on the northwest side of the hall beyond the ruins. Stand to the left of this door before you open it. Trapping them in the room so you can deal with them one at a time will make this battle a lot easier. Just try to keep to the sides of the doors to make the healers get closer.

Exit the room and go west to an encounter with 3 Orogs, an Orog Healer and Orog Guardsman, defeat them using established tactics, take the gold they drop and go down southeast hall. You can sleep and recover in any of the rooms in this hall. Afterward exit to the hall and continue southwest to a well. Nearby is the Mountain Fist lost to fell spirits in the deep dungeons. Recovering it completes the Persistence of Shadows Quest. Approach the well from the southeast hall and you receive a message that the well is dry but someone has been here recently. Your Rogue will find a note under a rock; it is from Athan and describes how he defeated a Dark Naga nearby.

Go through the open metal gates northwest of the well; at the end of the hall go southeast, then through the opening south. Open the door on the northwest wall to begin a battle with 3 Orogs and an Orog healer; you will want to stand to the left of the door and make them come out to you. After the battle go through the northwest door and defeat 2 Orog Guardsmen. Rest and recast, then head east down a wide open hall to a set of wooden double doors with a purple glow beyond them.

Defeat them, then open the chest to set off an ambush of 3 more shadows, all can be turned and quickly defeated. After the battle you receive a message describing a heavy club with words spun of silver in its haft. This is the Mountain Fist; take it with you. It is time to clear out the southern Deep Halls, it is better to do this from the eastern approach so return to the Huge X Well near the entrance to the Deep Halls.

Rest along the way. The Arraccats Quest Notes: From the arch head northwest and enter the first door you see to the northeast it looks like a busted wooden door. DO NOT stop moving, go to the back of this room and wait. Four Arraccats will follow you into the room and battle will be initiated. I used magic items to destroy these beasts. My Paladin also hit 2 of them for about points of damage apiece. On the table is an Ancient Note that talks about taking something from a man called Faldis.

The other chest contains gold; keep in mind there are two more piles of gold hidden in this room. Exit the room and head straight south across the ruins to a door behind which you can see an Ornate Coffin. Opening the door to this crypt sets off a wide-ranging battle against 6 Skeleton Elders all vulnerable to Turn Undead and a Skeleton Lord; defeat them and approach the coffin of Juliban Genshihir, Keeper of the Earthborn Wind.

Open the coffin and take the Ruby of Earthborn Wind, a voice tells you to use it to restore the wind. Enter the southeast room and pick up a pile of gold. Exit the southeast door and you will encounter 3 Ghasts and a Ghoul. The Ghasts cannot be turned so block the door with your fighters and deal with the enemy two at a time using conventional tactics. These creatures drop some insignificant magic items.

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Head west from their eating area until you see a set of metal doors on a northeast wall. Enter this room to find the Coffin of Faldis, it is empty. Enter the room west to find his diary, in which he praises his shield. The chest in this room contains the shield in question; take it and exit back to the hall. Head west to some ruins and a wide ranging encounter with 4 Ancient Zombies. Take the gold they drop and go north through the ruins.

The hunter will shoot arrows, but alone he should not present too great a threat. Use established tactics to defeat them. Take the gold the Orog drop and head northeast. For now continue past the unlit Glyph and open the wooden door at the end of the hall. In this room are 4 Orog, an Orog Hunter and 2 Zombies. Take advantage of their battle and wipe them out. Close and reopen the chest in this room to get a pair of magic boots. Exit this room and go northwest to a set of metal double doors, use them to exit to Stillwater. Speak with Beriand to find out that Nottle is Missing. Hall of the Sharpstick Clan Quest Notes: Head southwest of the door to Stillwater and approach the Sigil of the God Clangeddin Silverbeard, it is flanked with crude sharpened sticks.

Enter the this room and receive warnings of Orcs. Cast defensive spells and go through the northwest doors use Rogue to defeat poison trap and you will see 2 Orcs and 2 Orc Leaders congregating by a fountain. A battle begins as you approach; have both your Sorcerer's run up and use Burning Hands and you can take out all four where they stand in one round. Take the gold they drop. Approach and open the northeast door and an battle begins with enemies spread over two rooms: All of these Orcs have artificially high AC scores and are harder to hit than normal. I sent Jarial to use his Ring of Cone of Cold on the right room, killing all three creatures inside, then I had my melee fighters engage the Orcs on the left.

In the next round another hoard of enemies appears: I used conventional tactics to kill the remaining two Orcs. Go to the eastern room and have your Rogue open the poison-trapped door; the chest in this room contains some gold. Exit this hall and head southeast and enter a room filled with red globed statues. Head northwest until you find a pair of metal doors on the southwest wall, go through them and head west briefly until you reach a hall running southwest, head down it.

Stand to the right of the double wooden doors on the northwest side of this hall and then open the doors to begin a major confrontation with Orog. They will spend their ambush round bunching up by the door. Have your magic users stand back and cast spells to kill off the healer first, then deal with the rest as they come to the door two at a time. After the battle take the paltry magic items and check the closed cabinet to find an Idolon.

This battle brought my Cleric to Level 5; some of her new spells include Prayer a great defensive spell that improves attack and defense rolls for each party member and worsens the same for the enemy , Dispel Magic which can get rid of enemy area affect spells like darkness , and Searing Light can do heavy damage to some dark dwelling and evil creatures.

Rest and power up here; exit the room, go southwest to the next hall and then northwest to a set of doors have your Rogue open these to avoid the poison gas trap. Head North and you will encounter a group of 2 Orog Hunters, an Orog and an Orog Guardsman; use established tactics to defeat them you may notice you have an easier time now that you have Prayer cast.

Head northwest until you see two breakable beams on the ground, go through the room northeast of here. Head northwest down the next hall and you come upon a battle between Orogs and Undead. There are 3 Ancient Zombies vs. Concentrate on wiping out the Orog first, let them waste their time fighting the undead. After the battle pick up the healing potion and go through the northwest door.

Search the coffins, one contains a special amulet. Rest, then exit back to the 2 fallen beams you spotted earlier. Go west to a hall that leads northwest, follow it to a red marker; Left-Click on the marker and your Rogue reads it to find out that this is the Well of the Earthborn Wind. You receive a message that Blessing Winds flow up from underground through three Channel openings overhead; later we will find out where these channels lead and complete the Earthborn Wind Quest. From closed cabinet, Idolon. Rest here, then exit to the hall with the red marker. Finding Nottle Quest Notes: Go northwest of the red marker, take the next hall southwest and you will encounter a group of 2 Orog Guardsmen and 3 Orog Healers.

Rest and power up, then continue northwest through the gates and you will encounter another Orog Army; 5 Orogs, an Orog Healer and Orog Guardsman. Northeast is the Sigil of the dwarf god Dumathoin before a set of wooden doors, approach them and you hear someone speaking inside. Lucky for you Nottle is a distraction for them and you get an ambush round. Concentrate on killing the cult members first get close to them in the first round to prevent the mage using his spells; the soldier is a good fighter who gets two hits a round, but he is vulnerable to almost all spells and physical attacks , then the Orog.

Also make a note about the Cruel Glyph blocking the door north of the cage, it cannot be opened yet but you will return here later. Ask him where the key is; he tells you Scarred Mages took it to the House of Gems. This conversation gives you The Dragon Bound Quest. Head to the room southeast of the cage and you will find a closed chest filled with gold in the southeast of a room filled with open empty chests. Exit back to the Sigil of Dumathoin, head northwest and have your Rogue open the lightning-trapped wooden door on the northeast wall.

The closed chest in this room against the northwest wall contains a magic ring, the four chests in the center of the room each contain gold two are open, close them and open them again to trigger the gold. Go through the wooden door on the northwest wall, head northwest to a metal door flanked by two shields with a crest of fire. Go through this door and you will find steps that lead to the Hall of Stone; but for now we should stay on this floor.

Back to the gate you found at the beginning of this event, the one that was guarded by 3 Orog Healers. Go northwest from the gate and then bear west at the next intersection and soon you will find a room with a door of ice. Break the door and enter the room, then break the ice shrouding the Rhonglyn; you have freed the Rhonglyn device and can use it to travel to different locations in the dungeon. Notice that the device has 5 colored pillars; each floor of the dungeon is represented by one of the pillars and the color at the center of the device tells you which color to use to return to the floor you are currently on.

Go through the southwest hall, then bear northwest along the raised walkway and you will encounter the soothsayer Caalenfaire and his floating-skull assistant Volun. Approach them and you are told to seek out Odelinde the golden serpent and the Dwarf Lord Harldain Ironbar, both beyond the circle of Mythan.

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Volun expresses concern that you do not have the ring of calling, and that Jarial has joined your party; you are declared talibund, Veiled Ones. Tell them you seek the Ring of Calling and Caalenfaire teaches you the Word of Oblivion which will free the Ring of Calling from the skeletal arm Athan sought. You can ask them about being talibund and the song of Faerun; what the path is and how to return to it. Ask about the future and you are reminded to seek the Dwarf Lord and the Golden Serpent; to reach them you must use the Ring of Calling found in the House of Gems to open the Seal of Mythanthor, found in the Halls of Light.

Head down the steps in front of Caalenfaire and use the Scrying Mirror to discover who is behind the return of the Pool: Kya Mordrayn a former hand model and Pelendralaar a dracolich big rotting dragon. Select the green pillar of the Rhonglyn device in the Hall of Wizards to travel to the Halls of Stone. Follow the details of this event to find the Word of Constriction used to close the Nightmare Gate later in the game, which will complete the Nightmare Walking Quest.

Exit the Rhonglyn room by breaking the ice door to the south. Head east, then go southeast down the next hall. Enter the first southern door you come across, the chest in this room contains some gold, but it is trapped so have your Rogue open it. Exit and continue southeast, the next room on the southwest side of the hall contains the stairs back to the Deep Halls you discovered earlier.

Exit this room and go southeast to the next room on the southwest hall. On the table in this room is a note about Lizardfolk near the Nightmare Gate. Take the gold they drop and continue southeast until you see a door on the northeast wall. The chest to the right of the door contains a scroll and potion. Enter the door, then the one beyond it to the northeast. Go through two doors northwest and head upstairs for a brief visit to the Halls of Light.

The closed cabinet in the first room contains an anti-lizard knife, the chest contains some gold. Head through the southwest door to a battle with 2 Skeleton Knights, a Skeleton Lord and 4 Ancient Zombies; defeat them then go through the southeast door.

Pass through the next hall to its southeast wooden door, go through it and defeat 3 Skeleton Lords, 1 Skeleton and 2 Ancient Zombies. Take their Gold and open the chest on the table to the northeast to get a scroll with the Word of Constriction which will close the Nightmare Gate. Take the scroll and when you close the chest you will automatically gain the word. I had Jarial hold onto this for defensive battles with Lizardfolk. From chest in Halls of Light, Word of Constriction.

Back down the stairs and return to the door of the Rhonglyn device. Rescuing Emmeric Quest Notes: You can get the fighter Emmeric to join your party if you rescue him in this event. From the door to the Rhonglyn room head east to the intersection, then north to a northwestern hall. Enter the room on the southeastern side of this hall and you encounter 2 Skeleton Elders can now be turned , 2 Skeletons and a Cult Mage interrogating a prisoner; this prisoner is not helpless however and he begins a battle against his captors, help him defeat these creatures.

Take Emmeric into your party; he is a good fighter who will double your melee strength. You will find some gold, and some armor for Emmeric as well as a couple of healing potions in the chest in this room. His dagger is useless, give him a better weapon as soon as you can. Exit to the hall and head straight north to a set of metal doors, this room contains two notes describing the day to day difficulties of running a cult. Have you Rogue pick the lock on the gate and retrieve some gold in the chest beyond it.

Exit the room and go southeast to a set of metal double doors, they are lightning-trapped so have your Rogue open them. Go east to the wooden doors; in this room are several dead elven Clerics killed by sinister magic and some worthless equipment that explains why they died so easily. Exit and go east through a metal gate, take the northern hall. Get the first Vial of Naga Blood from a chest guarded by Shadows in this area.

Bear northwest from the end of the northern hall and defeat 2 Skeleton Lords and 2 Ancient Zombies, take the healing potion they drop. Go northwest to the open wooden door in the western corner of this hall and defeat 2 Ancient Zombies. Head northeast to four fallen wooden beams, go straight east and you will find a Spinning Spire, mark its location on the map then return to the beams and bear northwest past them and enter the metal double doors. Head northwest to a wooden door and enter this room.

Defeat 3 Ghouls and 2 Ghasts these two still cannot be turned but block the door and you will only have to defeat one at a time. This battle brought my Rogue to Level 6. You should rest and power up here, then exit and go south. At the three way intersection go southeast to a wooden door on the northeastern wall and open it. Take their gold and open the chest in this room, take the magical dagger and return to the three way intersection. Head southwest and enter the northwest room with metal doors where an undead army must be defeated, 4 Ancient Zombies and 3 Skeleton Knights.

Exit this room and enter the wooden door south; take the scroll on the table, exit and head west; first pass beneath the ruins and when you reach the corner of the room go north into the ruins. You will encounter 4 Shadows easily turned and defeated. Continue north to the next area of ruins, and engage 4 more Shadows, after a couple of rounds 4 more approach from the southeast.

Turn them all and hack them up; take the two healing potions they drop. Open the chest they guarded and take the First Vial of Naga Blood. In the chest east of this one you will find a pair of mobility enhancing boots and a set of armor. From 8 shadows, salve and potion of Cure Moderate Wounds Level Back to the room where you recently defeated 3 Ghouls and 2 Ghasts in this event. Rest and power up. By speaking to the Lizardfolk in the northwest section of the Halls of Stone you will receive the God of Fire and Stone Quest to explore the city surface and learn the identity of Malgi Hi.

In this area you will find the outpouring of one of the three channels of the Earthborn Wind, drink of it to advance the Quest of the same name. Return the favor of the fair warning by attacking and defeating the group of 5 Lizardfolk Scavengers and a Lizardfolk Healer. Take the fine sword they drop and head north to a northwest hall with two opposing metal doors. There are 3 Lizardfolk Scavengers, a Lizardfolk Healer and Lizardfolk Taskmaster in this room, defeat them using established tactics and take their gold; there are a few scrolls in the chest and cabinet in this room.

Exit and continue northwest up the hall, enter the northern clearing and head west to the ruins. You will encounter and have to defeat a patrol of 4 Lizardfolk Scavengers and a Lizardfolk Taskmaster. Head east back to the clearing and open the northeastern of two wooden doors on the northern wall and pick up an ax.

Now enter the northwestern door on the northern wall and defeat 3 Lizardfolk Scavengers and 2 Lizardfolk Healers, they drop a couple of magic items. Go through the wooden door on the north side of this room and enter the next wooden door northeast of here; defeat 4 Lizardfolk Scavengers and a Lizardfolk Taskmaster, take their gold and a scroll on the floor. Dispel Magic effecting target Weight: The effect is similar to an arrow doused in oil and set to flame. When the arrow strikes its victim, a shock of cold will travel through its body, both burning and numbing to the very core.

Bow 00AROW10 Arrows of Piercing The arrow of piercing is long and thin, imbued with magical properties that allow it to 'push' itself through armor, striking out towards the heart of the victim. The arrows are commonly used on rampaging animals but are quite effective against malicious humanoids. They are typically adorned with blue and green ribbons and flowers to show that they were created by the peacekeepers of Eldath. This makes them somewhat less effective in combat.

Entangle effect on the target for four rounds Weight: Returns to user Weight: Increased chance of scoring a critical hit on target Weight: Arrow returns to user Note: Other than the ability to return to its user the arrow has no other magical properties. It's obvious a lot of time and effort went into its creation and although not apparent at first, a slight blue glow can be seen emanating from the runes.

This type of arrow is made in such a way that when an animal is struck, the arrow will slice and widen the wound with each additional movement. This usually causes massive bleeding making it easier for the hunter to track the wounded animal. Inflicts 1 additional point of damage per round for 10 rounds Fortitude negates Weight: Crafted by the finest fletchers for the purpose of competing in tournaments. Arrows of this type are designed for longer flight and increased accuracy.

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Unfortunately, they lack any kind of ability to pentrate armor or thick hides. Battleaxes are also called broad axes. Martial Weapon, Axe Type: One-handed 00AX1H02 Masterwork Battleaxe The most common version of the battleaxe is a stout pole about four feet in length with a single-edged, trumpet-shaped blade mounted on one end. The axe blade has a sharp steel tip, counterbalanced by a pointed fluke. The short handle has a point on the bottom and the head may have a spike on the top.

Missile piercing Damage Type: As a result, it is both more damaging and more accurate than any non-magical weapon of a similar style. Slashing Damage Type thrown: Returns to user's hand once thrown Weight: With a smaller, lighter head and a shortened shaft, the handaxe can be wielded with deadly speed and accuracy. Although it can be wielded as a primary weapon, its lighter size makes it an ideal secondary or off-handed weapon.

Runes of power have been etched into the blade to further enhance it. Returns to user Corrosion: Returns to owner Disruption: All undead and outsiders hit by weapon must make a Fortitude save or be destroyed Weight: Increases chance of scoring a critical hit Weight: Returns to user Dispelling: Increases chance of scoring a critical hit Chaotic: Increases chance of scoring a critical hit Strength: One-handed 00AX1H89 Throwing Axe of Shocking Burst This throwing axe has not only been finely balanced for use as a missile weapon but has also been the subject of significant magical enhancement.

Returns to user's hand once thrown Shocking Burst: All attacks ignore targets Armor and Shield bonuses Sure Striking: The handaxe or throwing axe is also known as a hatchet. This axe has the ability to peer into the very recesses of ones mind as well as that of his enemies.

Not only must the user defeat an enemy with brawn, but he must also match wits with the enemy at the same time. Whoever wins this test of wills is rewarded with the life energy of the other. Lose enough times and insanity will soon follow. This item requires a Remove Curse spell to be unequipped Willpower: The more powerful the weapon, the less accurate and harder it is to wield and vice versa. This weapon allows the user to customize this balance with a mere thought. It is said that he spent his entire life studying various blacksmithing techniques in preparation for creating this axe. Thirty days and thirty nights, Magmar secluded himself in his shop with only the steady ringing of his hammer and the deafening roar of the furnace as company.

On the thirtieth night Magmar completed Cloudkiss whereupon he promptly fell over dead. Now it is rumored that although the utmost respect was offered by his fellow smiths during his funeral, titters of laughter could be heard behind muffled, closely held conversations. It seems that Magmar's final work was not the great work everyone was expecting, in fact it was rather plain and hardly worthy of a Dwarven forged weapon let alone one forged by a master smith. For many years this long forgotten weapon hung upon the walls of Clan Ironsmelt, until one fateful day a horde of goblins invaded.

In the final moments of the battle, a lone injured dwarf grabbed Cloudkiss in desperation from its purchase and flung it at the approaching horde. To his surprise, Cloudkiss transformed into a lightning bolt and surged thru the throngs of goblins with deadly accuracy. As fast as he could throw the axe it would return, leaving smoldering corpses wherever it traveled.

By any rights this should have been a tale of legend, but with any legend there has to be survivors to tell the tale. Unfortunately, Clan Ironsmelt died that day along with that unnamed dwarf. Returns to user Lightning: Inflicts electrical damage to all objects in path of electrical bolt Melee: Screamer appears to be a normal throwing axe. However, once it is released from the hand it actually emits a high piercing "scream" as it travels towards its target. Upon a successful hit, the target will take additional sonic damage.

Screamer is not a subtle weapon and should never be considered for any kind of stealthy endeavors. The one benefit of Screamer is that it confers immunity to silence spells upon its wielder. Immunity to silence spells Returning: Returns to wielder Weight: The weapon was given the ability to heal wounds and raise fallen soldiers on the field of battle. Unfortunately the axe fell into the hands of the drow after an unsuccessful skirmish near the underdark.

It is unknown what was done to warp the magic of the axe, but it is not the weapon it once was. The axe can now be used to cause wounds three times per day, and summon spirits of the dead once per day. They were often times so shoddily made that after a year of use they would have to be melted down and reforged. Tired of paying exorbitant prices to reforge these weapons every year, Count Va' Suyen decided to hire a wizard to cast minor enchantments on all his training weapons to make them more durable and suitable for training.

This particular axe carries two such enchantments. The first hardens the axe so that any normal combat would not damage it. The second enchantment dulls the edge of the axe so that his men would not be hurt while training. One-handed 00AX2H01 Greataxe This mighty weapon consists of a haft several feet long, topped with a heavy blade. The axe may be double-bitted, with blades on both sides of the haft, or it may only have a single blade. It is an unwieldy weapon, but a skilled warrior can strike blows of tremendous strength with it.

Dwarven runes have been etched into the giant blade to further enhance the axe. Target is under the effects of the spell Blindness Fortitude save negates Holy: While equipped, user is under the effects of the spell Blur Wounding: Inflicts 1 additional point of damge per round for 10 rounds Fortitude negates Weight: Two-handed 00AX2H97 Masterwork Greataxe This mighty weapon consists of a haft several feet long, topped with a heavy blade.

The double bearded blade is crafted of the finest steel with a mithril edge. The shaft is hollowed oak with a reinforced steel center. Along the shaft are a series of glowing dwarven runes cast in gold. The weapon is light, fast, and deadly. The weapon was also crafted with two special enchantments. On a successful hit, there is a chance that Backblighter will cast a fear and a slow spell upon the target, causing them to turn their back and slowly flee. This allows devastating attacks from an opponent's rear, thus the weapons name. Backblighter was crafted by the dwarven smith Braegar of Dorn's Deep.

Carried to the final battle of the Hand of Seldarine by the hulking orc warlord Yellow-Toothed Grubrun Foul-Tusks, Big Death had its origins in an ogre mercenary's two-handed battle-axe. After a particular vicious raid on a dwarven mining settlement, Grubrun spied the axe lodged in the skull of a dead dwarven marshal. It seems that an ogre mercenary had impaled himself upon the marshal's spear in a careless charge, but his last act had been to nearly cleave his killer's head in twain and, in trying to wrench the axe free for a second blow, shattering the haft before expiring in a bloody heap.

Prying the huge, black cold-iron blade from the base of the dwarf's skull, Grubrun returned to his fortress at Nab-Nurog and had his shaman set to enchanting it. Not having considered fixing the shaft and finding it too heavy and awkward to use in melee, Grubrun deigned to use the weapon as a throwing axe and demanded that it be ensorcelled to return to his hands after being hurled. The warlord found great delight in heaving the enormous weapon about, roaring with glee as Big Death came careening back to him, gleaming and gore-spattered, after lopping some poor enemy in two at the waist.

Grubrun Foul-Tusks finally met his end at the final battle of the Hand where he threw Big Death at the elven weapon master Kaylessa; she deftly sidestepped the flying weapon, darted forward, and ran her own blade through the empty-handed orc's belly. Kaylessa was said to have then coolly ducked as Grubrun's own axe came whirling back at him and cleanly severed his head, rotten yellow tusks and all.

Big Death is an especially large axe - almost ridiculously so - and is only identifiable as a throwing weapon because its short haft and the manner in which it's weighted. In fact, the axe is so massive that it cannot be thrown with a single hand, requiring the wielder to grip it with both hands and hurl it sidelong with the strength of their entire body. Though not quite malicious, he had little regard for human life. When his adventuring band, Winnowing Drake Company, asked him to fell an opponent, he did so without question.

In addition to his wiry brawn and even temper, Donald was known for his fastidious care of his weapons and armor. He kept his great axe keen and shining at all times. When he waded into battle, crimson blood flew out in all directions from the gleaming blade. Donald's halfling friend, Tim Rootfield, commented that the axe was so sharp that it would make widows out of half the wives in Faerun.

Black Donald smiled at the halfling and said that his blade was sharp enough to cut through the husband and back to village to get the wife on the follow-through. Increases chance of scoring a critical hit Damage Type: Inflicts 2 additional points of damage per round for 10 rounds Fortitude negates Special: Increases chance of a critical hit Damage Type: On a successful hit, there is a chance that Cowards Flight will cast a fear and a slow spell upon the target, causing them to turn their back and slowly flee.

Cowards Flight was crafted by the dwarven smith Braegar of Dorn's Deep. The warlord found great delight in heaving the enormous weapon about, roaring with glee as Big Black Flying-Death came careening back to him, gleaming and gore-spattered, after lopping some poor enemy in two at the waist. Grubrun Foul-Tusks finally met his end at the final battle of the Hand where he threw Big Black Flying-Death at the elven weapon master Kaylessa; she deftly sidestepped the flying weapon, darted forward, and ran her own blade through the empty-handed orc's belly.

Big Black Flying-Death is an especially large axe - almost ridiculously so - and is only identifiable as a throwing weapon because its short haft and the manner in which it's weighted. On the thirtieth night Magmar completed Stormshifter whereupon he promptly fell over dead. In the final moments of the battle, a lone injured dwarf grabbed Stormshifter in desperation from its purchase and flung it at the approaching horde.

To his surprise, Stormshifter transformed into a ball of pure energy and surged thru the throngs of goblins with deadly accuracy. Returns to user Ball Lightning: Inflicts electrical damage to all objects within a 5' radius Melee: The one benefit of "Screaming Axe" is that it confers immunity to silence spells upon its wielder.

Returns to weilder Weight: Two-handed 11AX1HHO Haft Over Head There is little doubt that Dullcobble Tweed was the worst carpenter in the history of the profession, and an even worse weaponsmith, but his continual boasts of his great skill and insight eventually caused his fellows to challenge him to make a throwing axe worthy of his boastful claims. Dullcobble, realizing he had to back his proud words, agreed heartily Dullcobble made several attempts to fashion a chopping axe, most of them ending up as cordwood next to his fireplace. In the day before his challenge was to be called due, his only surviving weapon was a lop-sided axe whose haft was widely overbalanced.

Realizing that displaying such a weapon would make him the laughing stock of the community, Dullcobble hired a wild mage to take his misshapen axe and turn it into a serviceable weapon. The mage shrugged, took his payment, and promised the axe to Dullcobble on the dawn of the next day. When Dullcobble woke up in the morning, the misshapen axe lay on his doorstep, unchanged, and he had no choice but to take the axe to his challengers When Dullcobble brought it into the town's meeting hall, the axe's appearance was greeted with derision and laughter.

Dullcobble, his face burning, became so angry he threw it at his tormenters - and watched as the haft traveled over the blade's head to smash into a pillar and shatter it, causing the roof to collapse. Dullcobble, slack-jawed with surprise, was knocked unconscious by a falling timber, but the other challengers made it outside without injury. Dullcobble's blow to the head was a serious one, and it turned him into the village idiot - not much of a change from his previous lifestyle.

The axe itself was tossed upon a merchant cart headed north, and it was never seen again. Whatever the enchantments the wild mage scrawled on the axe did, it causes the haft to be the first to strike an opponent, doing crushing damage instead of slashing damage. Melee bludgeoning Damage Type: Although a fearsome- looking weapon, the axe looks like it was intended more for splitting kegs and chopping wood than for use in actual combat, and it looks like it has seen a healthy amount of use felling trees.

Kegsplitter was most likely sold to the Gallaway Trade Depot in exchange for foodstuffs and supplies to last Shaengarne Ford through the season. While the axe's great size and weight make it slower than a conventional hand-axe, minor wounding and ever-sharp enchantments have been carved into the haft of the axe, allowing it to split kegs and goblins with ease.

Constructs Slays Kegs Weight: This greataxe was the only possession of the town executioner, who was reported to never let the blade leave his side, giving it the name of the "Executioner's Wife. When the town authorities came to arrest the harlot who was actually an accomplished thief for thefts within the city walls, they found the city executioner in her bed and the woman nowhere to be found. The executioner was implicated in her escape, and his own axe was used to behead him in the town square. The execution had a record turnout, and many agreed that the "executioner's wife" had had her final say on his adultery.

This greataxe was the only possession of the town executioner, who was reported to never let the blade leave his side, giving it the name of the "Tale of the Executioner's Wife. Two-handed 11HFAXHO Dullcobble's Axe There is little doubt that Dullcobble Tweed was the worst carpenter in the history of the profession, and an even worse weaponsmith, but his continual boasts of his great skill and insight eventually caused his fellows to challenge him to make a throwing axe worthy of his boastful claims.

The Kegsplitter of Shaengarne Ford was most likely sold to the Gallaway Trade Depot in exchange for foodstuffs and supplies to last Shaengarne Ford through the season. It bears the snowflake-in-lozenge symbol of Auril. Its balance is so perfect and its exceptionally sharp blade so well-wrought that magic was surely used in its making.

Thousands of years old, the weapon was crafted for use in battles against the throngs of yuan-ti that sought to dominate the world. The styling of the blade is quite different from the axes found in dwarven halls and barbarian hands throughout the north. Throughout its long history, the weapon has killed hundreds of yuan-ti while in the possession of many brave warriors.

When the yuan-ti finally had a chance to take the blade from their human adversaries, they seized the opportunity. Unlike belts, girdles are not used to hold up pants and dungarees, but to carry pouches, scabbards, and the like. It is enchanted to give limited protection against slashing weapons of any type. It is not known where he acquired this item, but with it he single handedly dispatched dozens of the creatures, all the while protected from the blows of their clubs.

The remaining giants fled to neighboring lands; lands that lacked a similar champion and did not fare as well. To their annoyance he continually used the wood to escape the law; and with the aid of this girdle, the elves' arrows as well. Unfortunately for Pandar, pit-traps and starvation proved a slower, but effective, substitution. Thom wore the girdle proudly until he fell into severe debt in his later years.

To his undying regret, he auctioned it off to a well- known priest of Mask. Wearer is under the effects of a Bless spell while equipped Weight: In addition to the wands he created, Disredain made a number of experimental magic items during a fifteen-year period of frenzied research. This belt was one of the items he did not think highly of. Consisting of large, crescent-shaped slices of mottled copper sitting back to back, the belt is quite thick and unique in appearance.

A cleric of Talos named Ylkath wore the Arcs for three decades before he died of old age. His companion, the Umberlant priestess Ashalla of the Jade Tide, kept the belt for barely three years before she was shot dead by pirates that survived one of her nautical attacks. The pirates sold the belt to a fence. Its history past that point is unknown. Legends say that the Black Goat appeared to a nameless halfling village that had been sacked by goblins during a terrible winter. The tribe of warriors slew most of the halfling men, burned the fields, and took all of the town's livestock. Broken but not hopeless, the villagers congregated for prayer in the burned chapel at the center of town.

Out of the smoke drifting over the edge of town, a black goat appeared with six kids, five black, one white. Over the course of six days, the kids grew, gave birth to more kids, and each previous generation died in the night. The milk, meat, and hide provided by the goats helped the halflings survive through their harsh winter. After the six days of miracles had passed, the town tanner made a belt from the hide of the mother goat that had appeared out of the smoke. Halfling tales often contain stories of halfling heroes wearing the Black Goat Girdle on their adventures, though no one has yet determined exactly where the legend truly originated.

Wearer heals 1 hit point every 3 rounds Weight: Edhan risked his life hunting for young white dragons in the tundra north of Icewind Dale. Though the risk was extreme, the foolhardy barbarian was wealthy beyond what most tribesmen can dream of. As he aged, Edhan lost his edge. The belt helped protect him in his later years. Eventually, an old barbarian of fifty-six winters, Edhan fell victim to a pair of young whites.

Barbarians from the Tribe of the Great Wyrm eventually recovered the warrior's body, but chose not to inter his body. They traded his belt away with the rest of his equipment. The front of the belt features a broad white dragon's chest scale. Leather lined with polar bear fur makes up the rest of the belt. It was originally worn as a substitute by the "Little Giant," Hohn Burninghair, an ill-tempered dwarf who swore to kill a hundred giants after several raids by greedy verbeeg wiped out much of his caravan trade from Upper Dorn's Deep.

Soon after his proclamation, the Little Giant went in search of verbeeg camps, fighting them one after the other, until he came across the Temple of the Forgotten God in the mountains bordering Kuldahar. It was said that he was brought into the Temple, and rather than risk more bloodshed, the priests agreed to reign in the verbeeg patrols from around Dorn's Deep and made reparations for the stolen goods.

Somewhat mollified, Burninghair left his woven belt in the hands of the Temple and swore peace with the verbeeg provided they kept their end of the bargain. When the Temple was ransacked many years later, the strange belt was carried off by the attackers and lost in the North. The Little Giant belt grants the wearer tremendous strength, most likely as a side effect of the giant hair woven into the belt and the great anger that ran deep in Burninghair's heart. It is said that Burninghair's original belt that predated the Little Giant was much more powerful, but he lost it while pursuing a fleeing verbeeg across a river - apparently, the verbeeg was attempting to carry off one of the Burninghair's ponies.

Furious over the loss of his original belt, Burninghair simply added its loss to the list of crimes the verbeeg would pay for. These sashes were initially worn by stalkers in the service of Kresselack the Black Wolf on the day he sent them out to search for a location for his final resting place Once the stalkers had found a tomb worthy of Kresselack, he gave them deaths worthy of their station and took their sashes from them to line the walls of his tomb in the Vale of Shadows. These sashes were carried from his tomb by fortune seekers many years past, and they have since found their way to remote corners of the North.

Legends say that the Blessed Black Goat appeared to a nameless halfling village that had been sacked by goblins during a terrible winter. Over the course of six weeks, the kids miraculously grew, gave birth to six more kids, and then died in the night. After the six weeks of miracles had passed, the town tanner made a belt from the hide of the mother goat that had appeared out of the smoke. Halfling tales often contain stories of halfling heroes wearing the Blessed Black Goat Girdle on their adventures, though no one has yet determined exactly where the legend truly originated.

Wearer heals 1 hit point every 3 rounds Saving Throw: Fashioned by the dwarven giant slayer, the Little Giant Hohn Burninghair, the buckle of this belt is actually the petrified eye of a firbolg shaman that Hohn fought during his travels. In incorporating the eye into the belt, however, some of the essence of the shaman was transferred along with it, including the northern flu it had when Burninghair laid it low. As a result, any creatures attempting to focus on the wearer will find tears springing to their eyes, clouding their vision, and find their heads begin to become stuffy and cold.

For some reason, this enchantment seems to interfere with the perceptions of dead creatures and constructs as well, but the reason for this is unknown. Hohn lost this belt when he was attempting to wade across a stream in pursuit of a fleeing verbeeg giant who had made off with one of his ponies. The belt was washed downstream and eventually ended up in the hands of a simple trapper, who traded the ugly thing to a wandering tinker.

This belt grants the wearer tremendous strength and also blurs the vision of anyone looking at the wearer. Due to the tears it causes in the eyes of anyone looking at it, any warrior wearing one of these items is often told to take it off by their companions. When the belt wearer threatens to rip a tree out of the ground and club the requester for asking, however, the matter is usually dropped. Under the effects of the spell Blur while equipped. These stalkers had been tasked to find Kresselack a final resting place, far from prying eyes, where he might die in peace.

When the stalkers had succeeded, they and the sashes they wore joined him in his tomb within the Vale of Shadows. When Kresselack's Tomb was plundered by a southern adventuring company many years past, the sashes were carried out of the tomb and distributed throughout the North. This sash, however, is different than the others, and it seems to have carried the essence of the Vale of Shadows with it as it left Kresselack's Tomb.

When this sash is tied about the waist, it vanishes completely, and the wearer vanishes from the sight of any creature attempting to scry his movements or detect his location. Furthermore, as long as the sash is worn, shadows seem to embrace the character, giving him added abilities to hide in shadows and causing spells that hold or confine to simply slide off his body like rain. Freedom of Movement while equipped. Gleaming eerily from the center of the belt is a circular piece of polished green and cream malachite.

The emblem shows, in bas-relief, a fanged, winged serpent with its open mouth facing outward. Small, thick copper loops run between the thick hide and the stone emblem to hold it in place. Two thick steel buckles hold the belt together at the back of the wearer. Investigation reveals that this belt was made four hundred years ago for Factor Dom, a warden for the outer-planar Mercykillers faction. Known throughout the planes for their vicious definition and application of justice, the Mercykillers are strongest in planar cities like Sigil, the City of Doors.

Dom was a warden of the Prison, Sigil's dumping ground for criminals. He became legendary within the organization after his involvement in the Great Break. Members of the rebellious Free League engineered the only mass escape from the Prison in its history. Over one hundred prisoners managed to get out of the Prison and escape the Lady's Ward, though hundreds more were turned back to their cells or died in their escape. Dom was stripped of his Factor rank in the Mercykillers for failing to stop the revolt. In addition, he spent five years in the Prison himself.

When he was set free, he set out on a thirty-year quest to bring every escaped criminal to justice. By the time Dom had captured, killed, or verified as dead eighty of the one hundred criminals, the remaining twenty banded together to evade him. When Dom reached the age of sixty-seven, he had this belt made for him to augment his failing strength. Three years later, he finally captured the last of the prisoners and brought them, kicking and screaming, all the way back to the cell from which they had escaped thirty years earlier. Dom reported to the current warden, filled out the appropriate paperwork, and fell dead from exhaustion within the hour.

According to legend, the Black Raven is a near mythical figure in Uthgardt legends, a punishing spirit from the underworld who emerged on the surface world many years ago to teach the barbarians humility and break their arrogance. Described as a dark-skinned man with burning eyes and bloodied chains hanging from his wrists, the stories that circle the Black Raven frequently tell of his epic struggles against slavers and injustice throughout the North and the southern kingdoms.

Some historians speculate that the Black Raven may have been a drow or half-drow, but others claim that he was a minor or quasi-deity dedicated to ending slavery and oppression. This black sash is made of fine silk, perhaps spider silk, and it is worn looped around the waist. While worn, it helps the wearer focus in combat, freeing his mind of all distractions and channeling his inner energies to defeat his foes.

When worn by any class other than a monk, it immediately unknots itself and falls to the ground. Between the handle and its implement is either a hinge or chain link. The weapon has been enhanced magically, effectively forming a bond between the weapon and its wielder. Martial Weapon, Flail Type: One-handed 00CWBLUE Masterwork Mace The mace is a direct descendant of the basic club, being nothing more than a wooden shaft with a stone or iron head mounted on the end. The head design varies; some being spiked, others flanged, and still others have pyramidal knobs.

Simple Weapon, Mace Type: In this case, the head is pyramidal and seems to glow with an inner blue light, as it sits atop a polished oak shaft. Morningstars have an overall length of about four feet. Some such weapons have a round, oval, or cylindrical shaped head studded with spikes. Extending from most morningstar heads, regardless of design, is a long point for thrusting. This particular one is mounted with a golden head that has been magically enhanced so as to improve performance and escape the malleability of gold.

One-handed 00CWHAMB Masterwork Warhammer Mounted knights cannot effectively use long pole weapons while on horseback, and as a result, many weapons have been fitted with shorter shafts so they may be wielded with just one hand. Maces and flails are two previous examples of this - the warhammer is another. The horseman's warhammer is the descendent of the Lucerne hammer. It is made entirely of steel, with rondels protecting and strengthening the grip.

Rondels are small disks of metal, often shaped into decorative designs. The shaft is about 18 inches long. Martial Weapon, Hammer Type: It has also been bestowed with a small number of magical properties, however, thus making it more effective in combat. Apparently, an industrious little gnome was able to create a special alloy that was capable of retaining a sizeable electric charge. He cleverly wove metal strands of this alloy into his leather work gloves and greeted guests with hilariously shocking results.

That is until he shook the hands of a passing dwarven weaponsmith. Rumors say, the shock was so intense that the poor fellows beard caught fire. In exchange for his life, the gnomish inventor relinquished the secret to his special alloy to the dwarven weaponsmith, who now makes a comfortable living fashioning various weapons using the alloy. Target must make a Will save or come under the effects of Dispel Magic Weight: Actually no one really knows if Airon is a gnome or not because no one has actually seen him.

Apparently overnight he had taken over an abandoned shop at the edge of small town. One day the shop was vacant and then the next it was boarded up tight with signs in every language telling passersby to go away. Infuriated, the previous owner demanded he leave, but quickly relinquished his claim to the shop when a large sack of gold appeared at his feet. The very next day, mysterious notes began to appear all over town. They all contained the same message and read as follows: Will pay in gold. They would shove the potatoes into a delivery chute located in the back of the shop and then soon after a small sack of gold would appear, usually five times the going rate of the potatoes.

The better the quality of the potatoes the more gold would appear. News soon spread of this wonderful offer and it was not long until every potato in town was sold to the curious gnome. No matter how many potatoes one delivered, there always appeared a sack of gold for payment. Needless to say, every farm for miles around started growing potatoes. Each farmer would try to outdo the other by producing the biggest and tastiest potatoes. This continued on for years until finally, the quality of potatoes was so good that instead of gold appearing, magic items of all sorts would appear.

Not realizing the magical nature of the items given, the farmers sold them to passing merchants in disgust and stopped farming potatoes altogether. This hammer is one such item. By inserting special enchanted plates into the head of the hammer, the user is able to modify the abilities of the hammer. This particular hammer comes with plates that will do extra acid, cold, or fire damage.

The haft is carved from solid oak and wrapped in thick cured leather. A mithril spike is attached to the haft where it protrudes from the head. When drawn, the weapon glows with a soft blue luminance. Stormcaller can call upon the elemental power of lightning. Two times per day the user can cast a shocking grasp spell, and once per day call lightning down from the sky. Stormcaller is another weapon crafted by the dwarven smith Braegar of Dorn's Deep.

Can cast the spell Shocking grasp twice per day Spell Power: Can cast the spell Lightning Bolt once per day Weight: When thrown these weapons can strike with tremendous force. Often times, enemies who try to block a thrown hammer with a shield will have their arms broken from the impact. Missile bludgeoning Damage Type: Returns to user Shock: Critical hit on rolls two lower than normal Corrosive Burst: Increases chance of scoring a critical hit Flaming Burst: Critical hit on rolls two lower than normal Frost Burst: The Hammer of Lightning can call upon the elemental power of lightning and is another weapon crafted by the dwarven smith Braegar of Dorn's Deep.

Can cast the spell Chain Lightning once per day Weight: Each is fashioned from a durable silvery-white alloy and capped with a large, softly glowing sphere of lapis lazuli. Intricate designs wind their way around the azure rod's shaft and head, but none serve to indicate who or what might have had a hand in their creation. An azure rod slowly draws in and collects the power of Goodness itself, using the energy to both harm evil creatures and invigorate the rod's bearer.

Oddly enough, though, the rod functions perfectly well in any hand, whether that of the holiest of priests or darkest of scoundrels. It looks to be some ancient symbol of office, but from what court or temple, you cannot tell - it may have been hundreds of years ago in some forgotten province. The scepter can easily be wielded as a mace, and an effective one as well.

For some reason, when the wielder holds the mace in their left hand and puts their right hand, palm upwards, beneath the head of the mace, the iron hand uncurls and drops a gem into the owner's open palm. This "blessing" can be done only once per day. The head is constructed of mithril with blunted steel spikes of a golden color. The haft is fashioned from highly polished oak with a reinforced steel center. The pommel of the weapon is capped with a seal depicting the rising sun. This was once the favored weapon of a priest of Lathander, the morning lord, the god of renewal and rebirth.

It is renowned for its healing abilities. The weapon can cure moderate wounds thrice per day or heal once per day. Can cast Heal once per day Weight: At night, it gives off a soft glow like the moon Selune, and it seems to guide the wielder's hand in combat, like a lodestone draws iron. Its origins are a mystery, but its effectiveness in combat has been proven on countless fields of battle.

Wielder immune to Blindness Weight: All undead and outsiders hit by weapon must make a Fortitude save or be destroyed Sure Striking: For some reason, when the wielder holds the mace in their left hand and puts their right hand, palm upwards, beneath the head of the mace, the iron hand uncurls and drops a gold piece into the owner's open palm.

This "gold blessing" can be done only once per day. Increases chance of scoring a critical hit Crushing: Causes 5 hit points of damage per round for 10 rounds. Multiple wounds are cumulative. The weapon can cure light wounds thrice per day or cure critical wounds once per day. Can cast Cure Critical Wounds once per day Weight: The great oak is believed to be a gift of the God of Nature, Silvanus, and it is an awe-inspiring sight, towering hundreds of feet into the sky and providing a great circle of warmth to all who live beneath its sheltering limbs.

For many, the tree represents a peaceful symbiosis between town and nature, and the tree is revered as a holy site by druids throughout Faerun. When the town of Kuldahar was laid siege by the great evil from the Spine of the World Mountains in the Year of the Cold Soul, DR, the great tree of Kuldahar was buffeted by the great winds and howling storms blasting the region, causing its circle of warmth to recede and snapping off several limbs from the top of the tree.

These limbs were gathered up by the town's residents after the town of Kuldahar was saved, and they were kept in many houses as a symbol of the town's persistence in the face of adversity. Some of these pieces of the great tree have found their way throughout the Ten-Towns, and the limbs still carry some of the warmth and enchantment of the great tree within them, making them powerful weapons. One-handed 11HAMMCR Craftsman's Hammer This heavy-headed hammer looks like it was used for construction on the Palisade, and it's possible that none of the workers were aware of its enchanted nature.

While this weapon is a little slower and heavier than a warhammer, its swing is true and does more damage when it hits. A single tap from this hammer creates a clear, ringing note. One-handed 11HFHRCR Slow and Steady This heavy-headed hammer looks like it was used for construction on the Palisade, and it's possible that none of the workers were aware of its enchanted nature. Just one item from his astounding list of enchanted dungeoneering equipment is his Everlasting Torch. A magical lantern fashioned in the shape of an elaborate wooden torch, the item burns with a bright orange flame that cannot be extinguished - whether dunked in water, buried under several feet of rock, or smashed over the head of a soggy marsh-troll, Belib's Everlasting Torch simply will not be put out.

When Belib finally finished the last of his items, he crammed them all into a giant pack - enchanted to hold far more than Belib could normally carry himself, of course - and heaved it onto his shoulders, prepared for the adventure of a lifetime. As Belib crossed the threshold of his dwelling he tripped The bag burst open, its contents scattering across the Waterdeep street where Belib had lived and rapidly vanishing into the hands of various good-for-nothing passersby.

Belib's corpse was eventually taken to a temple and raised by a kind-hearted priestess, but by then the last of Belib's enchanted items Grateful but understandably upset, Belib fashioned a number of unique magical items for the priestess before returning to his family and homeland, forever vanishing from the surface world.

Its head is marked with a rune of terrible black power; even a single blow from the hammer has a chance to swathe an enemy's eyes in darkness and blind them. It is ancient, its artisan's name long-lost even to the vast historical records of the gray dwarves. Covered in runes of cruel power, the Valorfoe bears a single inscription in the tongue of ancient dwarves, now used only by the duergar: Target will flee in fear save vs Will Weight: As such, he needed a tool to keep his new recruits submissive and in line. Thus, the Monkey Paw of Discipline was created.

The Monkey Paw of Discipline looks exactly like the name describes. It consists mainly of a large, petrified monkey's arm severed at the shoulder. At the shoulder joint, it looks like a one-handed grip was jammed into the bone and magically fused. At the opposite end, the paw is open and is the main dealer of pain. Once these symptoms wear off, it is not likely that the recipient of the paw's discipline will ever be a problem in the future, especially while class is in session.

One extra attack per round Spell Process: Fear on target per hit Spell Process: Two extra attacks per round Spell Process: This hammer sports a finely etched shaft with images of Iyachtu Xvim fending off legions of paladins. Its exquisitely crafted mithral hammer is much larger than most warhammers, yet seems no heavier. Like many weapons made with the unholy enchantments of Iyachtu Xvim, the metal of the hammer seems to absorb light into its unending blackness.

On the few occasions that the Tyrannar Brutai Mar has used his weapon on his foes, Brutai has felt increased strength and improved accuracy. In addition, some of the crushing blows were accompanied by bursts of Xvimian acid - the same acid that flows throw the waters within Severed Hand. Increases chance of scoring a critical hit Corrosive Burst: This simple weapon has been used since mankind first began using tools.

Anyone can find a good stout piece of wood and swing it; hence the club's widespread use. With minute traces of acid along its striking end, coupled with its unusually warm feel, one could surmise that this club would be especially effective against all trolls. However, against spectral undead the weapon is quite deadly and inflicts additional damage. Little is known of the origins of the mace, but it is believed to be the creation of a priestess of Selune, the goddess of the moon.

Selunites deny this pointing out that worshipers of Selune are powerless against undead. Therefore, no priestess of Selune could creature such an item. Scholars argue that this is exactly why the mace was made. To grant the wielder a power over creatures that is not normally given. Of course, this argument fails to explain how the mace could have been created. However this bolt has been imbued with a small amount of magical properties which enhances performance in flight, almost as if the bolt was guided towards its target. Crossbow 00BOLT08 Tranquil Bolt These crossbow bolts are easy for magic scholars to recognize because of their purpose and their colorful decoration.

The infamous Band of the Key was a group of occultist fighters who dedicated themselves to taking evil magical texts out of the hands of those who would use them to cause harm. The Band favored using crossbows over bows for their ability to remain cocked and ready for long periods of time. The leader of the Band, a thin, mustachioed man named Heglyf, enlisted some Deneirian priests to craft these special bolts in large quantities.

Bolts cast Silence on target Will save negates Weight: Target is Stunned for 2 combat rounds Fortitude save to resist Weight: Various stains of unknown origin abound on each page, along with what appears to be some kind of writing or scribblings. The odd marks seem to be scribbled all over the pages rather haphazardly and even sometimes flowing right off the edge of the page as if the author didn't realize when to stop.

The odd markings seem to writhe and contort in agony as if in defiance of being read. Many people think of humans and demihumans as being superior to animals. However, as I've already stated, the criteria for 'superiority' is very subjective. For this reason, we must view our relationship with the animals of the wild on a personal and ever- changing basis.

Give the creatures the respect they deserve, but always remember that predators are predators, no matter how much you respect their territory. It details some of the plans and processes used by the elven enchanter, Elameth, and the dwarven smith, Karador during the time of cooperation between the two races. As Corellon's blood flowed, it mingled with the tears Sehanine shed. And in this mixture of blood and tears, Corellon's children, the Seldarine were born. Corellon embodies the highest values of that which is elvenkind. From the gentle aspects of art and poetry to the hasher aspects of war and magic, he is venerated by all the Fair Folk, except that of the drow.

Vigilant over his creations, it is told that Corellon will wander the elven lands, observing his people and defending what is theirs. Boyd Labelas Enoreth is the elven god of longevity and time. At the creation of the Fair Folk, Labelas blessed the elves with long lifespans and decreed that their appearances would not be marked by the passage of time. The lifegiver cooperates with Sehanine in overseeing the lifespan of elves and their growth away from and beyond the mortal realms.

He measures the lives of the Fair Folk and decrees when they should be ended, allowing passage to Arvandor. As Lord of the Continuum, Labelas governs the orderly passage of time and guards against those who would alter the path of history. Labelas confers wisdom and teachings on young and old alike, and although he is rarely invoked, the Lifegiver is often praised. The Lifegiver knows the future and past of every elf, faerie, or sylvan creature. Labelas is worshiped by sages, historians, philosophers, librarians, and all those who measure the changes wrought by the passing of years.

Inscribed within are the tenets of the order: War is fair in that it oppresses all sides equally and that in any given battle, a mortal may be slain or become a great leader among his or her companions. War should not be feared, but seen as a natural force, a human force, the storm that civilization brings by its very existence. Casts the spell Bless once per day Weight: It is not clear what is holding this book together, for you see no bindings and no glue along the spine. When this book is held in the hand of a druid and the druid is touching solid ground, a sheath of bark will sprout from the earth and cover the wielder, making his skin as tough as the skin of a great tree.

Casts the spell Barkskin Weight: Casts the spell Champion's Strength once per day Weight: The Heart of Winter is not an object, but an expression frequently used by the Uthgart tribes of the north to refer to a warrior or creature that has rid itself of all except one driving focus - usually revenge or hatred. The expression is often used to describe the barbarian lord, Wylfdene, who returned to lead the barbarian tribes in a campaign against the Ten-Towns in the Year of the Cold Soul Dale Reckoning.

According to legend, Wylfdene claimed to be the reincarnation of the shaman Jerrod, one of the barbarians greatest heroes and the one who sacrificed himself in the final battle against the archmage Arakon many hundreds of years ago. Claiming that his body had become home to Jerrod's spirit, Wylfdene rallied the tribes of the North to war to retake the lands that he claimed had been seized by the southerners of the Ten-Towns. Establishing a great war camp in Bremen's Run, a narrow canyon under the shadow of Kelvin's Cairn, he fought several quick battles against the dwarves and townsfolk of the region until a small band of adventurers arrived in the town of Lonelywood to try to carve out a peace between the Ten-Towns and the barbarians.

Their efforts at diplomacy are said to have failed, but they succeeded in defeating Wylfdene and saving the Ten-Towns from destruction. It is believed that these adventurers are the only reason the Ten-Towns exist and thrive to this day. What happened to these brave adventurers is unknown. The last known record of them is a sighting of them at the Whistling Gallows Inn in Lonelywood, where they spoke with a halfling traveler who claimed to know of a place where great riches could be found. Shortly after this, the adventurers and the halfling vanished and were never heard from again.

After reading the closing chapter of the book above, you notice that the top letter in each of the chapters weave together to form a peculiar summoning spell. When a passage is recited from the book, it allows the reader to inflict the curse of the Heart of Winter upon foes, blinding them with its power or even freezing them where they stand. Meeting in the Winter's Cradle Tavern, this band of southerners had traveled north in search of adventure, and they were the first to join Hrothgar's expedition to investigate the rumor of troubles brewing in the great tree town of Kuldahar to the North, where a mighty oak, towering hundreds of feet high, sheltered a small town beneath its boughs with a life-giving warmth.

The misfortunes plaguing Icewind Dale led to the ambush of Hrothgar's expedition in the windswept Kuldahar Pass Pressing on against goblinoid raiders that filled the Pass, the small band finally reached Kuldahar, only to discover the great tree was being threatened by an unknown evil deep within the mountains - if this evil was not stopped, Kuldahar would be destroyed, and the North itself might soon share the town's fate. The brave band of adventurers searched out this evil, their travels carrying them from the crypts of the Vale of Shadows through the numerous ruins of the North, including the decaying elven fortress of the Severed Hand and the lava- filled caverns of Dragon's Eye.

Much of their journey has been lost, but there is no doubt that their efforts led to the salvation of Kuldahar and the Ten- Towns and their deeds are still spoken of in Easthaven and Kuldahar to this day. Hrothgar himself has been laid to rest in a small glen near the town of Kuldahar, in memory of his selflessness in coming to the aid of his neighbor in a time when Easthaven itself was suffering troubles of its own.

Among their other acts of heroism, the adventurers are credited with the discovery of the location of the tomb of Kresselack the Black Wolf, one of the most infamous of the Northern generals, the discovery of the Severed Hand, and numerous other monasteries and ruins believed lost to time and the snows of the North.