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In “Peace with God,” Mr. Graham outlines ten guidelines for Christian living. This classic volume by Billy Graham points to the fact that God is.
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This classic volume by Billy Graham points to the fact that God is the only way to find authentic personal peace in a world in crisis. Whether we are playing a game, driving a car, or baking a cake, there are certain rules that must be followed for our safety as well as our success. The Bible teaches that the Christian life is one of constant growth.

It would be against the law of God and nature if you were to remain a baby and thus become a spiritual dwarf. In 2 Peter 3: It implies steady development, constant enlargement, increasing wisdom. Your email address will not be published but you will receive our next BGEA ministry update.

You can opt out of future emails at any time. As always, it is an inspiration to my life. Thank you to mr billy graham you have encouraged my husband so much with faith with God we admire you in all you have done for God an his word so a big thank you an God bless threre is only a few good people like your self that speak the truth Gods word. I praise Jesus for coming into my life 2 yrs ago and helping out of the rut of a life I was in. I praise God for Jesus saving me by dying on the cross and a rising again for us all.

I am doing all of the above to the best of my ability. I am in the word daily. I do have trouble sharing my faith, for our church is too big and too far away for more than one weekly commute. So I do bible study off the Christian TV net works. I love you Billy, my Grand Mother used to watch you, and your sermons have helped me to understand my bible better, and to grow closer to Jesus. I also set the example in my neighborhood as a loving Christian. I have read these principals from our father, My opinion is that nothing beats the plain truth.

I am inspired may the Lord reveal more of these to our father and one of the greatest evangelist the world has ever known. My wishes is to live in peace with God , his Son and the Holy Spirit. Without love the Bible says, you are nothing, we most love each other. But I mean it is very difficult to live after the Bible today, because the wisdom is so high, especially the Doctors for example. But after all I have Jesus as my Father in Heaven, that is enough for me. I love the inspiring words,and 10 Christian living,Iam going to start to do more of these 10 to keep up on my oneness with God.

The thoughts that are shared in this passage is motivating and a reminder which we ought to practice in our daily christian life. Seldom I have time for reading the word of God or give priority to god due to which I bear the consequences of MY will. This passage has been very thought provoking to me. I like 7, 8, 10 for my life.

In this crazy world I believe we need Jesus Christ more than ever before, This is lacking in my life and I want to live a more christian life. I have accepted Jesus Christ as my lord and savior but I fall short every day.

10 Guidelines for Christian Living

I just want to be a better christian person. How can I do better? Please give me your guidance. Graham, for keep us inspiring for the word of truth. Hope and pray that many people will come at the feet of Jesus through your life. It is inspiring comments on spiritual growth. This are the fundamentals of Christian Life. I gave my life to Jesus in since then God has done some amazing things in my Life. I was a drug addict for almost 20 years, my life was in shambles. I was hurt in many was I believe I was spiritually dead.

About Christian Life

Praise God for his grace and mercy. I attend a church that has standards as far as hair and dress codes. I do not feel like God is condemning me but I feel as if the church is. The spirit in this church is beautiful, but I feel like I am in complacency. I would love some advice thank you ,. Wonderful inspirational words which touch my heart So much and encourage me to be a good Christian. Thank you Dr billy Graham and God bless you. As our all things that come from God. I praise God for the calling of Rev. Billy Graham and of Rev.

I love to search for the word of God, mostly to prepare myself for lectures. When i received a message, i do love to know more and read more about it. I was searching the online for Christian growth, while i come across to guidelines for christian living and it was helpful for the bible study am preparing.

Thank you for the simpleton version of coming back to being a good Christian. I am Catholic and have been asking for help reading the bible and comprehending everything that made absolutely no sense to a kid in church. I am having difficulties understanding where to begin and the information allotted to me is overwhelming. I only want to be a good person that has high morals and lives up to my job here on earth.

I have always loved and been with GOD I just fell off the righteous path. Thank you for listening and I welcome all and any help pertaining to being a great Christian.

What Is Christian Living?

It is the same as recorded in the 10 Commandments which is the bases of the Book of Hebrews in the Bible. The major point is that Jesus was the Goal of the Old Testament and the New Testament verifies this fact based on all matters of History. Jesus is the Son of God bearing the issue of Evil in me and all people that are willing to accept by faith what God our creator has achieved. It points to what is coming and it could in our life time. He is one evangelist I admired. Read his works and you see a servant called to serve fulfil his role. I struggle everyday to live a Godly life.

My life is upside down right now and I know that I need God but I cant seem to live right no matter how hard I tried. These guidelines are so helpful. Thank you so much. May God continue His blessings on all of us. We encourage you to visit: Indeed very encouraging words and every Christian must apply to lead true Christian life. These blessed words will also help to escape the condemnation of hell. Thank God for the life of Dr. Billy Graham, who is a great blessing to one and all.

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Thank you for the article I think that I will take these guidelines into consideration may God bless you. Glory to God Almighty. It is clear and straight to the point. You will not lose your rewards in Jesus Name. My name is Derrick from west Africa , Ghana. I am very weak in prayers and I want you and your members to remember in Prayers. I love God but I found it difficult to go to church on sundays and even to read Bible. Very good and great outline to follow as Christian.

Christian Minimalism & Living a Meaningful Life

This has been made very simple for me to follow to grow my christain life. I really love this teachings,it guides my mind in a new dimension, An interesting and inspirational message, GOD bless you more and more. When we stick to that,ww may surely secure a home in internity. Tanx to Billy Graham. I am doing research to create a pamphlet for my Church, there are many problems that exist that need to be recognized and confronted by our church members. I pray to succeed that our church can become a powerful church in the Holy Spirit, we must get back to our beginnings.

Billy Graham has impacted my life since I was a young girl. Grateful to Billy Graham and our Lord that he used his gift.

Good morning, please help me in my place of work. I am surrounded with so many different sins. As a broadcaster I fall into some of these sins… I live in sins and sometimes stay away from sins. How do I live a sin free live? Try reading through a few of these answers Billy Graham has given in response to similar questions about sin.

We hope this helps. Please pray for me. I need encouragement and clarity on how to become a good Christian. I want to honor God in everything that I do. It is an encouragement to my spiritual life, it help me to grow spiritually. Please help me in prayer that I may stand strong in the Lord. No one cares what you know until they how much you care. Grahams messages reinforces that for me. Actually I was looking for messages that can help me revive my prayer life. I am inspired thanks Billy Graham. Really inspired through these 10 points, and blessed.

Hi George, we encourage you to visit the following two pages. Just enter your email, and we will send you spiritual encouragement. You are doing a nice job showing people the way. Thank you for the job well done. I have hard time letting Jesus Christ take control of my life. I was really blessed that being a follower of God our Lord is not easy, but thank God for another lesson being shared by His Son.

I want to thank the one who made this. I declare that God give you more knowledge and strength to write more to think more about goodness of God in order for them to encourage and know how to live a life that is full of blessings. I have not always believed in the Lord. My upbringing was something less then love, but over the years I have come to know Christ and can only hope that because my heart is filled with true sorrow for past mistakes that God will forgive me.

My husband left me for his boss after 27 years. I have a hard time understanding the words of the Bible. What can I do to help in understanding the word? Hi Phillip, This is a great question. We will keep you on our email list. You can also subscribe to additional emails here: I want to get back to my religious life. Lately I have been going on trips enjoying with friends eating and sleeping and working a lot, not paying attention to my religion.

I want to be motivated and get some advice and help please. We encourage you to visit this website for resources on growing your faith: God put us in this word, to witness His heavenly love by words and by deeds. People want to see the life of heaven in the life of His followers. The more we show the life of Christ, the more people will believe that Jesus is the son of God. The real life of God is in heaven, true believer of Jesus can witness that life hear in this world! I am very much Blessed by the teaching of our Beloved Dr.

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Thank you for this teaching, you helped me prepare for a sermon. Hi Aivy, We encourage you to read about temptation on our website by following this link: What if you find your self being occupied with works? I mean a work of from morning to night. How will I do to keep these 10 guidelines?

Hi Harmony, We are so glad you commented.

The Key to Christian Living | Desiring God

You are making me grow spiritually, and now I know how I can live a Christian life. I have been blessed with this teaching! My eyes have been enlightened! May the Lord continues to bless you! Thanks so much for bettering My life. Pray for me too so that I could live the rest of my life in Jesus Christ. I just need a spiritual gift. I am a Christian. I suppose to have married but am facing financial challenge. If God has already accepted us, why should we worry about sin? To be justified by faith means that we also are brought into a relationship with Christ — and that relationship cannot help but change the very way we look at sin.

But we are particularly interested in the way Paul elaborates his answer. As Christ died to take away the penalty our sins had earned, so He also died to cancel the power of sin over us. Through faith, expressed in baptism, we identify with Christ and enjoy the power over sin that He Himself won v. But as a fully incarnate man, He was exposed to its power. A dear friend from seminary days, now with the Lord, once told me how he used to illustrate Romans 6 when he preached. He would remind the congregation just how much he loved strawberry shortcake.

But, he would continue, when he was dead, lying in his coffin, people could bring all the strawberry shortcake they wanted into the room and he would not react. My friend was not long into his ministry before he realized how bad an illustration this really was. But we know from experience that this is just not true. More important, we know from Scripture that it is not true. For Paul goes on in this very passage to urge Christians not to let sin reign in their mortal bodies v. Such a command is simple nonsense if believers cannot react to sin any more. In that new relationship, sin no longer has the power to dictate terms to us.

But this new relationship does not mean that the battle with sin is over. Indeed, in a sense, it means that it has just begun. God has given the Christian a new power over sin. It is our job to use it in fighting the continuing, manifold enticements of sin.