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As any real human with real human emotions, Alison Wonderland has had tough times. I was at the point of feeling suicidal because I had lost a lot of my self-worth from being drained from a very toxic thing around me. I guess by writing my thoughts out I realized I was worth something, and I went to try and search for my happiness and to make choices to get out of it.

I realized I could make changes to be in a better spot in my life. The song has a clear dichotomy between upbeat strings and slower, crashing melodies, a deliberate diversion from anything pop-based. This is squarely a live party jam, meant for the elucidating psychiatry that can only come with sweating things out on a dancefloor. Being sung to twice. For me, that's super important. She views the natural path of the universe with shades of gray — there is no absolute good, nor is there absolute bad.

Alex is careful in her words, but also blunt. I believe order will always turn into disorder, which will turn into order, and back again. Sometimes you can't have order without going through that disorder because you need chaos to get yourself back up and grow.

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At this point she takes a pause, as if to play into her fine-tuned showmanship. Alex has around The tiny, sketchbook-like drawings dot every limb, seemingly without any rhyme or reason. Call it organized chaos. When did this all happen? Life landmarks, personal quirks and her musical career can be traced through each scratch of ink.

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This is one thing that is strikingly convivial about Alex: I would be shattered. Built for social media, a near endless factory line of alter egos, quippy catchphrases and hashtags seem to be constantly competing for attention, wedging clever content into timelines to capture as many eyeballs as possible. Alex today is Alex back then. Her Twitter is an uncensored public journal, her Instagram live feeds spur of the moment decisions to divulge weighted thoughts.

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Infused with a deep house sensibility, yet imprinted with original flair, this arrangement depicts exactly what a good remix should be — a tribute to the original. Swapping the guitar and drums for a more electronic vibe, [Wonderland] has make some techno tweaks to the single and the end product is, in true [Wonderland] style, just plain splendiferous!

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On 27 June her five-track debut extended play, Calm Down , was released. Djemba Djemba , [18] peaked at No.

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The music video peaked at No. The third and final single, "Games", was issued on 9 September, and was praised by Spence for its lack of trap elements, in which most of Wonderland's music incorporates. She was one of eight nominees to gain exactly two nominations. It opens with airy strings and grounding chimes as Wonderland sings about her struggles to remain in sunny spaces. Tensions grows as the build leads to a jungle gym of clashing noise, landing in one of Wonderland's wildest creations to date.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. EDM electropop chillwave future bass trap. Vocals cello bass guitar.

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  • Music of Australia portal. Retrieved 11 November For additional work user may have to select 'Search again' and then 'Enter a title: Retrieved 12 November Mitch Tomlinson, Mitch Ross. Emma Jones, Martin Novosel. Retrieved 28 September As a DJ, if you don't have a direction to take an audience in, what's the point of playing a set?

    I feel the same about an album, she says. With its definitive opener and closer, Run is defined by its shapeliness. Running the gamut from electronica, future beats, trap, and dancehall to classical and pop music, Run, is a dance album with personality.

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    Wonderland sings on almost every track, a decision she made while in Los Angeles, and also took lyrical control. The record boasts a robust rolodex of guest collaborators, all of whom Wonderland describes as close family. Wonderland's approach to writing with others, like most of her life, is refreshingly unorthodox.

    I want to hear the last thing that made you cry.