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Regardless of how it happens, the sheep attack. When sheep attack, the fallout surrounding the attack takes a toll on the shepherd and his family, the flock, and.
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He has served as a consultant to over one hundred parish and school boards in the United States and Canada. Paperback , pages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about When Sheep Attack , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Apr 30, Nathan Willard rated it liked it Shelves: A good selection of case studies about pastors and staffed forced from church by toxic personalities. Good for laying out he warning signs, and good for sharing with people who may be naive about church dynamics.

A little thin on pastoral responsibility. I particularly like the repeated emphasis on systems of support and on the importance of non-triangulation. Jul 11, Joan rated it liked it.


When Sheep Attack

Maybe 2 stars is too low. I would never have thought there would be antagonists in a church until I read this book by Rev Maynard plus his "Preventing a Sheep Attack. One never knows how much things like this could hurt - until it happens in your church and you lose a great priest: Sep 21, Russeller rated it really liked it. Sadly my attacking sheep are WAY beyond those described in the book.

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Jan 29, Greg rated it it was amazing. Who would think that confrontation and politics could wreck a church parish, but this book has ample evidence that it occurs. A well written study that explains how a minority can destroy the ministry of the best people. It also gives great suggestions on how to nip these problems in the bud. Great reading for Vestry or Parish Council members. Sep 24, Leo rated it really liked it. This book really puts parish life into perspective. While the examples are Episcopal priests there are a lot of similarities to Roman Catholic parishes. Feb 05, Joy Gonnerman rated it it was amazing Shelves: Regardless of how much we may try to alleviate abuse, it will still occur.

In a sinful world people respond sinfully, even in the church. The church board and denominational leadership, however, can do much to help heal the wounded shepherd as well as help prevent abuse. Too often the board is silent while people take potshots at the pastor. Paul, however, makes it clear that we are to protect leadership from unjust criticism 1 Timothy 5: When people are critical of the pastor, the board needs to lovingly confront them so people realize the pastor is worthy of respect.

These women were also the wives of board members, and they did nothing to protect the pastor. God never intended for the ministry to be a one-man show. Instead, God intended a team of leaders to oversee the ministry of the church. In the Book of Acts, when issues arose that created controversy in the church, leaders dealt with the issue see Acts The board and pastor must see themselves as a team working together to deal with issues that arise. When leaders work as a team, the pastor receives less criticism because the leaders, rather than one individual, make decisions.

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Church leadership needs to take responsibility for making sure the church nurtures and cares for the pastor and his family. This involves protecting them from unrealistic expectations and from being overworked. It means making sure the pastor and his family have emotional and spiritual refreshing through taking vacations and days off.

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In some cases, this may involve intervention. The pastor or members of his family may need counseling and care because of abuses within the church, or problems and struggles they might have in their personal lives. As one who has served on a denominational executive team, it is easy for those in leadership to focus on promoting programs and lose sight of the importance of supporting the pastor. The most important role for these leaders is not to set the agenda for developing denominational programs, but to support, encourage, and strengthen those who serve on the front lines of ministry.

The national organization exists to serve the church — the smaller rural church as well as the larger urban congregation.

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When a pastor leaves the ministry because of abuse and burnout, denominational leadership must shoulder some of the responsibility and examine how they can prevent this from happening in the future. This begins, first, by supporting the pastor when the church mistreats him. If a congregation has demonstrated an abusive spirit, they must confront the congregation to change its behavior. Second, denominational leaders needs to provide opportunities for damaged pastors to receive emotional care.

Abuse can destroy the emotional health of pastors and their families. It is critical that denominational leadership provide counseling and restoration for those who have suffered abuse. Then pastors will remain in ministry, and congregations will grow into a community that reflects the image of Christ in its character and in its treatment of people, including their pastor.

Pastors in small churches often feel overlooked by denominational leaders. Denominational leaders often have risen within the organization because they pastored larger urban churches that were more visible. As a result, they may have little experience with the smaller church and the issues and struggles the small-church pastor faces. The programs the denomination designs and promotes may focus on issues relevant only to urban churches. Therefore, the pastor feels a sense of isolation and rejection by his own denominational leadership.

This is especially true when the church criticizes and attacks the pastor while the denomination sides with the church because they fear they will lose the church.

Dealing with Pastoral Abuse in the Smaller Church

It is easy for a pastor to identify abuse, but it is far more difficult to protect himself from it. It is one thing to feel abuse, but it is difficult to continue to minister in spite of it. As a result, pastors are leaving the ministry in droves because they are hurt, burned out, and bitter toward the church, the denomination, and even God. Pastors must remember who is in control. David felt the pain when people attacked him. In the Psalms of Lament, we continually find David crying out to God in despair because of the opposition that stood against him.

Psalm 13 is one such Psalm. Yet even as he cried out, what renewed his perspective was his overwhelming confidence in the nature of God verses 5,6.

New Liturgical Movement: When Sheep Attack

When a pastor is wounded and abused, he must remember the grace, compassion, providence, and sovereignty of God. A pastor must remember that no one, no matter how abusive he may be, can thwart the purpose and will of God. The apostle Paul suffered not only at the hands of those outside the church, but also from those within the church.

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