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Lucy Zeezou's Goal has 33 ratings and 5 reviews. Sarah said: I loved it. It was about a girl whos dad is a soccer superstar and a mum whos a fashion desi.
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Persnickety Snark: Review - Lucy Zeezou's Goal / Liz Deep-Jones

Everyone's making plans for Lucy's future. But will she get to pursue her own dreams on the pitch?

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Lucy's family is famous for two things in Italy: They're prime paparazzi fodder. Lucy's pushy Australian-born mother wants her to model for the family's fashion label. The book did not drag on and got to the point in a suitable amount of time.

Lucy Zeezou's Goal is a bit of everything, adventure, fantacy, action and romance. I personally think the ending seemed a bit rushed and left you hanging and didn't really make sence. Overall I think this is one of the best books ive ever read, and would reccommend it to ages Twenty-four are forced to enter. Only the winner survives. In the ruins of a place once known as No.

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People who want to read this book: There are books that are able to balance many agendas to create a cohesive story The cover art and premise of this novel really excited me when I spotted it on the bookstore shelf. There are books that are able to balance many agendas to create a cohesive story but I didn't feel that this was one of the them. Some chapters I felt as though I was reading a completely different story with a heroine with the same name.

While it's clear the author had great intentions - the empowerment of young girls - I think she may have tried to accomplish too much.

Lucy Zeezou's Goal

My main concern is the dialogue throughout the novel. It never comes across as particularly authentic. Characters didn't have distinct voices and the vocabulary of the teens is a little dated. At one point the protagonist who's 14 accuses another teen of behaving in "a childish manner" and having taught kids, I have never heard them speak to one another in that way.

The dialogue makes it hard to involve the reader in the story and while it has many elements that will be attractive to teen girls fashion, sport, boys , it doesn't hit the spot. Feb 09, Ames rated it did not like it. Lucy Zeezous goal is a novel by Liz Deep Jones. It's about a girl called Lucy and she is torn between fashion and football. Keely rated it really liked it May 09, Patricia rated it it was amazing Jun 07, Simone Clarke rated it it was amazing Jun 26, Dayna spence rated it liked it Jul 17, Sazz rated it it was amazing Jan 06, Nina rated it did not like it Aug 30, Brianna rated it it was amazing Feb 15, Jasmine J rated it liked it Mar 09, Samantha rated it really liked it Mar 23, Maliha rated it it was amazing Jan 02, Melvinnand rated it liked it May 21, Silvia Noue Mohetuki rated it really liked it May 19, Bec rated it it was amazing Nov 06,