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You can use Linux smart home technology to automate any number of processes in your home from turning on lamps to building your own video recorder.
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I basically looked at other Web pages.

When I saw a feature that I liked, I tried to recreate that fea- ture. Well, apparently so did a lot of other people. Sometimes there were competing proposed HTML standards where one browser did it this way and all the others did it another way. Or the worst offense would occur: Instead, they support a group of standards: If you just need to use it casually, HTML 4.

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Unfortunately for you, MH still uses frames and will probably use them for some time. Yeah, I know, do as I say not as I do. This way you can remain consistent with the way MH does things now. The template is the shell you need to begin to create a Web page to display.

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In brief, these steps show you how to use this template: Open your favorite text editor and then open the template. The paragraph tags are for creating paragraphs like you would when writing a letter or other document.

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Just Part VI: Using the Web Interface for Remote Control put your paragraphs between the paragraph tags. The template is valid and can be viewed in your browser. You would use a URL like this in your browser: You need to use your path to the file, and the file will appear in you browser.

Normally HTML eats any extra spaces tags or new lines, but anything put between these tags is treated as pre- formatted text. Your spacing will be preserved as well as your line endings. Can you see them? The three frames are the top buttons, the main menu middle , and the status bar bottom. The top and the status line are generally kept constant throughout MH but not always; so much for standards. When you click the My MH button, a new page appears see Figure The My MH Web page interface. There are now five: The output frame is where you want your newly created Web pages to appear.

The speech frame is where the speech log is displayed. One way to accomplish this is to add the appropriate buttons on the left that call externals Web pages or programs and displays the output from them in the space on the right. Installing a weather report page Adding a weather report from the National Weather Service is very easy. First copy the program from the CD to your computer: So from the command line, do one of the following: To do this follow these directions: At a command prompt, type telnet rainmaker. After the Welcome banner appears, press Enter. When another prompt greets you, simply press Enter again.

At the main menu, press 1 U. At the city menu, press 3 Display 3-letter city code for selected state and then Enter.

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A large number of DIYers like yourself have constructed their own smart mirrors. Here is a listing of them with a brief overview of the size and unique elements, etc. Cut your utility bills, avoid a flooding disaster and water your lawn only when it needs it Join our once a month Smart Home trend and product newsletter. Looking to create a connected Wifi or Bluetooth smart mirror? Build your own Smart Mirror. To build your own smart mirror, you will need some hardware: Uses a Monitor Joel Hawksley: Raspi, motion sensor Zach Levine: Custom frame, raspi and alexa controlled Uses a Smarthphone or Tablet Adafruit: There are several flavors, but Ubuntu Released in April, , Ubuntu The Server Edition notably boasts five years of commercial support.

What makes Ubuntu Software installs are simple, whether via the command line or the Ubuntu Software Center. When I built my dedicated Plex server , I picked Ubuntu SUSE is one of the oldest Linux distros available.

How to install Linux

It debuted shortly after Linus Torvalds created Linux. Nevertheless, SUSE stayed relevant. The open-source iteration openSUSE received a massive update in Additionally, openSUSE includes a bevy of tools. Kiwi is another neat tool that supports Linux image creation and deployment as well as container support for the likes of Docker. This balance of stability. CoreOS re-branded to Container Linux in This Linux distro revolves around container support.

This open-source OS ranks in the top Linux server distributions because of its ease of container deployment. With a specialization in clusters and servers, Container Linux is specifically built for server use. Unlike most traditional Linux distros, ContainerOS lacks a package manager.

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Applications must therefore be containerized. With Container Linux, you can spin up a container with ease.

Notably, Plex debuted a Docker image to Container Linux is offers an excellent means of managing a clustered server deployment and can even function as a superb media server. However, unless you want to keep applications containerized, you might want to skip Container Linux. But for those who need a Linux home server with container support, Container Linux is hands down the best choice.

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CentOS is a Linux distro built for stability, predictability, and ease of management. As a dedicated server distribution, CentOS is among the best distros for home server builds. RHEL is consistently in the top Linux server distributions. Although not as intuitive as a release such as Ubuntu Server, CentOS benefits from a strong community.

Its security, bug fixes, and Red Hat sponsorship craft CentOS as one of the most reliable and best Linux home server distros. ClearOS is a massively useful Linux distro for home service purposes. Its multi-faceted and while many other Linux distros can assume similar funcitons, ClearOS is ready to deliver out of the box. Among the top features are a intrusion detection and a strong firewall, bandwidth management tools, a mail server, and a domain controller. Thus, ClearOS is a utilitarian and secure home server distribution. Embodying the clear in its name, ClearOS ensures that agility and scalability are simple.

If you need to manage your server often, ClearOS should be your go-to Linux home server distribution. Oracle may be best known for its Oracle Database.