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In a universe filled with prebiotic compounds,it may be only a small step for some of them to hook up in ways that lead directly to life.
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Ask New Question Sign In. Is the extinction of humans ultimately inevitable? It's true that there are a lot of environmental factors that will change our world for the worse and could eliminate Earth-bound humanity: Vanishing pool of resources as other galaxies recede at ever-increasing rates Hyper-massive black holes Heat death Only these last ones seem unsurvivable, since they appear to be hard-coded into the structure of the universe.

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But that would be a terrible waste and I am not satisfied with such a conclusion. On the positive side, we've got almost trillion years to figure out a solution. Given we've maxed out neuron-power as a computational platform, it seems likely that we'll need an AI mind to conceive of the solution, by which point we may start integrating bio-tech to accelerate our nature a little, which raises the question of when we cease to be human were neanderthals human? I think we'll survive, but probably not in a recognisable form. Will we get off the Earth before it is enveloped by the Sun?

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Can we avoid super volcanoes, bio What would the benefits of human extinction be for humans? Is human extinction inevitable?

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Is human extinction inevitable in the long term? Why or why not? Should humans voluntarily go extinct? It all depends on how you define human and how you define extinct. That should do it for life on Earth above the bacterial level. It could reach a runaway global warming event sooner than that--sort of like what happened to Venus. Assuming human life lasts 'till then, there are three possibilities for survival: I believe this is impossible.

It's easy to grasp at the straw of interstellar space travel, but it's almost certainly outside the laws of physics to achieve.

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There's Mars, but it's too small to hold onto a dense enough atmosphere to breathe, even if it had oxygen. And it has no protection from cosmic rays--no Van Allen belt. A unified Earth government--what are the chances of that?

However It Began on Earth, Life May Have Been Inevitable | Science | Smithsonian

But you can see how unlikely all that is. Maybe we could establish a small colony there of a few hundred people living underground. That's probably the most we could hope for. Move the Earth farther from the Sun. This is theoretically possible--unlike interstellar travel. Some have talked about steering asteroids past the Earth many thousands of times to coax it further away from the Sun.

Again, this would probably require a unified Earth government willing to sacrifice a lot of each generation's blood and treasure for a goal that would help only very distant descendants. That doesn't sound like something our species could do. Reduce the solar radiation hitting the Earth. An aluminized Mylar parasol at the Lagrandian 1 locus L1 is technically feasible, and the L1 point is gravitationally stable enough so that with constant effort we could keep it there.

This again would require worldwide cooperation to support the effort. Or we could fill the stratosphere with dust. That's probably even more feasible. It's what megavolcanoes do, the most recent being the Lake Tubo megavolcano from 74, years ago. That might work and not require quite so much human race as-a-whole cooperation to keep going. However, if this did work, there's still the matter of the Andromeda Galaxy, as big as ours, that's going to collide with ours in roughly 3 billion years.

This will tear both galaxies apart and generate so much radiation that life on the surface of Earth will be destroyed. Could some people survive deep underground? However, if this did work, there's the Sun's going nova 4. And I doubt whether even a remnant of the human race could find a place to hide farther out in the Solar System. I think the radiation release will toast whatever isn't vaporized. Published under the PNAS license. We only request your email address so that the person you are recommending the page to knows that you wanted them to see it, and that it is not junk mail.

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Skip to main content. Reply to Mitteldorf and Fahy: Aging is still inevitable Paul Nelson and Joanna Masel. This article has a reply. Questioning the inevitability of aging. The authors declare no conflict of interest. Nelson P , Masel J Intercellular competition and the inevitability of multicellular aging. Thank you for your interest in spreading the word on PNAS. You are going to email the following Reply to Mitteldorf and Fahy: Aging is still inevitable. BBC Future has previously explored some of the other approaches in animals that could lead to a longer life.

Meanwhile, others say the key to longevity is as simple as cutting the amount of calories you consume in a day. Could it be possible to be biologically 60 when you're chronologically ? A number of companies even offer the opportunity for wealthy clients to preserve their bodies in this way, such the Alcor Life Extension Foundation. However, to date, none of their clients have ever been resurrected from their icy storage units. But regardless of how it is achieved, extending human lifespans by decades or even hundreds of years will present us with some difficult social realities.

As BBC Future has explored before , there could be major societal impacts if we all start living longer. There are some that fear greater longevity could lead to swelling populations and raise doubts that our planet could support such numbers. De Grey himself says he is often asked about whether the technologies he is working on could be abused by wealthy tyrants to give them extended lifespans, while others ask whether we will simply be bored by lives that can be continuously extended.

Aging Is Inevitable: Math Shows Humans Can Never Be Immortal

He has little time for such questions and believes that other technologies — such as artificial meat, desalination, solar energy and other renewables — will increase the carrying capacity of the planet, allowing more people to live longer lives. But this rationale suffers from a dependence on uncertain techno-fixes that may not alleviate suffering in an equally distributed manner. Yet, if concerns like these had paralysed the early pioneers of vaccination and antibiotics, it is unlikely many of us today could expect to live much beyond the age of years-old.

Advances in medicine over the last two centuries have taught us that we have the power to defeat the diseases that afflict us. Perhaps if we apply ourselves, then we can beat ageing too. View image of Has the first person to live forever already been born? What is BBC Future? Best of BBC Future. Ageing Biology The ambitious quest to cure ageing like a disease. By Britt Wray 5 February