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Anna's Potion: A Valentine's Day Mystery Short Story. IN THE February . “Are you not the least bit tempted, Herr Kapellmeister?” “Under other.
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That's exactly how Gumball feels. He has never liked Coz 'm a Directioner Tee The Christmas ones are from my old Quotev account Ghost Hope you all enjoy! Jackie Kambel is absolutely dreading the nearing Valentines Day. When she finds a note and some gummies from her "secret admirer" she starts to rethink things Valentine's Special BakuDeku by It was Valentine's Day and Draco had finally decided to tell Potter how he felt.

All he needed now was a box of chocolates and a rose. It's almost valentines day and Nagisa has brought up all courage to finally tell Rei how he feels. Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. When this Single Dad and Shy Chef meet, they just may find the recipe for love! Tempted by the Boss Tempted Series Book 1. Nobody says no to Will Abbott Wildest Dreams Hollywood Nights Book 1. When life throws a curve, can friends-with-benefits turn into love? A steamy, emotional ride! Three women are murdered, their throats slit from ear to ear. It's up to a rookie FBI agent to stop this monster You'll never look at a closed office door the same way again.

A unique and spicy second chances romance. Strap your helmet on darling, hang on tight and enjoy the ride! Lose yourself inside the world of the Steel Infidels MC in this 5-book complete set. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review.

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Read reviews that mention sweet amanda baird luke baby ginny birth military romance deliver child romantic holiday enjoyable navy expecting development deployed. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

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Please try again later. Red Apple Reader Top Contributor: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. This short is aptly named. Set in Virginia near a naval base, with a military hero Luke and his patient wife Amanda , a keen setting of a winter storm, and a premise of their first baby three days overdue.

It's an enjoyable read, highlighting the precious love between husband and wife their love for their unborn child. While the plot has inherent conflict-- deployment separating husband from wife, the probability that she'll deliver without him, there is essentially no conflict in the relationship. The marriage is strong, no doubts, no fears, no fighting I found some paragraphs to be way too long, and segments of introspection to be overwhelming in such a short piece.

It was enjoyable enough I'll no doubt delve into more of Ginny Baird's books. When your heart meets the one it's meant for and theirs agrees you will both know you are in it for the right reasons. The overwhelming knowledge of that you are with your best friend, lover, and life long mate will hit you at the same time. That's what happened for Luke Holiday when he was going in for his daily coffee. He kept see this sweet out going blonde almost every morning. Then one day he noticed she had gotten her long blonde locks cut and styled.

He had to say something. He told it looked nice and winked. For Amanda a pre-school teacher who works with small children all day the ability to speak to adults in full on sentences escapes her. So, when the tall sexy as sin Navy Pilot asked her about her new cut and said he like as well as winked at her she froze for a minute. It was all she could do to say, "Uh huh! She was all happy. Two years in, they both at the same time thought it was the right time to start a family. See how that is going for them as he is serving his country at the same time. I loved this very short sweet love story for Valentine's Day.

I know you will too. I got it free when I chose it on Amazon. I give it 5 stars. Karen Talley Top Contributor: Well written but dull short story Ginny Baird writes enjoyable stories. This short romance has the husband deployed and the wife ready to deliver. He arrives home to surprise her.

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Mistress has been waiting for you. Discretion appeared not to be one of her virtues, for she went on: Did I not promise you your troubles would be over? She is being kept in the town hall, treated like a common murderer. You regretted not being free. An unfortunate accident, but one that Maria Anna can scarcely be responsible for.

Her face was looking pinched and he pressed home his point. The ones found in our garden were ripe and, therefore, entirely harmless. Maria Anna will be let out soon enough. Within the hour, the barber-surgeon assures me. My maid accompanied me to your herb garden, and she saw as plainly as did I, the herbs your wife used for that potion.

She will confirm that nothing but the very greenest berries were used. Haydn trudged home, his hopes crushed. Why had he said anything at all to Frau Bruck? He had hoped to trap her into making a mistake. But he had only succeeded in making things worse for Maria Anna. The girl was so plainly incapable of subterfuge, who could fail to believe her? He would never be able to prevail upon the authorities now. There had been hope for them until he had foolishly goaded Frau Bruck.

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Even the barber-surgeon had believed the incident to be an unfortunate accident. A fine might have been imposed. The herb garden taken from them, perhaps. But his poor wife would have been spared the gallows. The mass in honor of St. Anna would begin in an hour. Had Luigi or Johann been here, he would have delegated the task of conducting the music to one of them. He pushed open his door and climbed the stairs up to his bedchamber. The house seemed empty and strangely silent without his wife. He was so accustomed to hearing her voice and the sound of her feet as she bustled about the kitchen.

He may not have wanted to marry her, but she had been his wife for over a decade.

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He wanted no other. The livery she had washed and pressed hung neatly within the closet. He dressed himself with his usual care. Was there nothing that could be done for his wife? He was about to go down when he heard the door open. God in heaven, surely it was not Frau Bruck. He hastened down the stairs and into the kitchen. I was sure the town authorities would discover the truth once they spoke to that maid of hers.

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She cannot tell a lie, that one, or keep a secret. I feared I had consigned you to the gallows when I confronted Frau Bruck. But Maria Anna merely snorted. A former journalist, Nupur Tustin misuses a Ph. Aria to Death is the latest release in her Haydn Mystery series featuring composer Joseph Haydn in the role of sleuth. For more, please visit: Poor Haydn, with that wife! A clever story, Nupur. Whatever, I love his music. I was hoping the incident would bring them closer together.

He was a remarkably good humored man for having a wife who understood him so little. At least his employer appreciated him, which is more than can be said for Bach. A recent post from Nupur Tustin: Yes, poor Haydn indeed. He was remarkably good humored for having a difficult home life.

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At least his employer appreciated his music, which is more than can be said for Bach. I have always wanted to read some writing by my Guppy fellow writer. Thank you for sharing the history of this time period. When you posted a link to your great short story on the Guppy Digest, I thought it was an Agatha nominee. Sorry for my mistake. Glad I read it! Thanks for coming by to read the story. For a moment there, I thought I really had been nominated for an Agatha!!

Glad you came by, though. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Community - Entertainment - Human Interest. Weekly issues every Saturday morning and other special articles throughout the week — there's something for everyone. Rogue Festival Muse Next post: It was barely dawn.

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It is Herr Bruck, you see. He wiped his brow again. Or until Haydn himself could get to the bottom of it. His mind chewed on what little he knew. Could Frau Bruck have deliberately misled his wife?