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Things We Didn't See Coming refracts our life-and-death fears through those moments of human contact where they are most keenly felt; some of those fears are.
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As in all the episodes, Amsterdam sketches in the immediate details with a brilliantly vivid economy, gesturing with the lightest of touches at tectonic shifts in society beyond. By the third section things have taken a shocking turn for the worse: We meet him at camps and disaster sites, fleeing contagion and heartbreak, taking refuge in a self-sufficient gated community and guiding the terminally ill on last-gasp adventure holidays "Each one a little star, burning out brightly".

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In a period of relative calm he hitches his own to a charismatic leader in a political interlude that is all the more powerful for being framed almost entirely in personal terms. He's a survivor, a fixer, a slacker-Everyman and a deadpan comic, as in this riff on the uses of vinegar: Plus someone's figured out that if you drink a quarter cup of it a day, the Brazilian stingers seem to leave you alone. And believe me, none of that comes out nicely at the portable toilets. Where recent eco-dystopias such as The Road or Year of the Flood conjured an environmental degradation that degrades humanity's moral sense beyond repair, Amsterdam's tone is refreshingly unapocalyptic, and his novel is more interesting for it.

Read reviews that mention short stories science fiction narrator collection government amsterdam australia boy chapters future young dystopian falls genre apart brutal climate fire somewhat theft. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Famine, fire, flood, disease and pestilence, this book has them all. I was looking for some good Australian post-apocalyptic fiction and I was very disappointed. This one was not for me. Fun and super fresh. Right on the relevant spotlight and highly current in our global climate.

Well written and fast paced with crazy skips and jumps, almost like different short stories looped together forming chapters of a dystopian life story. The story of an opportunistic survivor in a viable "end of the world and i feel fine kinda vibe". One person found this helpful. Perhaps they should invent a new genre for novels like this? I have no choice so I will have to label it the latter. I think most plot summaries of this text have been somewhat misleading.

A series of short stories? These are distinct chapters, separated by time and distance, as we follow the narrator's short and difficult life in a vastly changed future, likely post WW III. The connectors between the chapters are there to see, joining most people and events. What we don't know is left up to our imagination although in this new world there are few choices and it's pretty plain to see what happened.

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Events then flow on from there. A very interesting read and I absolutely enjoyed the best-guessing and sometimes puzzle-like nature of the narrative. We read this as a novel for our book club. I had to refer constantly to reviews online to understand what I was reading. There was no lead on between chapters and even in the last chapter which should tied this loosely tethered book together I was still wondering who, what and when.

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Somewhat experimental in structure, this novel is compelling and engaging. I loved every page. I can't wait for more by this author. Gonna use it for a character analysis report for my personality psych class. Four more words yeah. So I just saw on someone's blog a list of dystopian novels they wanted to read. A recent revelation that I made was that dystopia probably needs its own subsection of the library now, because these things are everywhere.

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If you walk through the science fiction section of any library you'll see easily 10 or 15 titles that are unknown, but everything this you would expect from the genre. This book falls into that category. It follows one man through his entire life as the world falls apart around him, starting when he's a child all the way to the end.

Throughout that time, the world goes through not one, but serveral changes. From brutal and savage, to somewhat stable, back to savage, into something more spiritual. Feeling constrained by his environment, he escapes following the surgery and leaves Jeph to fend for himself. Finally, aged about forty, the narrator is stricken with skin cancer.

He is reunited with his estranged father in order to die - or, perhaps, to be cured In his late thirties, the narrator is 'elected' following an elaborate interview process to a provisional government. The government was established so as to restore order after the wave of disasters in the preceding chapters such a government is suggested, later, to be involved in embezzlement Structure - Disparate narrative told over the course of nine short stories all told in first person by the unnamed narrator.

There are often several years between chapters with each beginning quite abruptly. Several cues are usually quickly disclosed in order to provide some sense of the changes which have occurred since the previous chapter.

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Another character, event, or ideas within the text? Action, description, or reflection? Emotional, cold, excited, frustrated etc. Short and blunt versus long and loquacious. What to look for?! If there is nothing unique then why not? What does this reveal about the state of mind of the characters involved?

Can we trust the speakers? What evidence is there to support a yes or no answer here? What is the author trying to communicate to you as a reader at this stage? Has the author intended to disclose such details? How do you know? How does this influence our response to the text?

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