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If you have a raccoon in the attic of the house, you might want to read my 2) Open all the windows and doors you can safely open and then get out of there.
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She had no idea that closet existed there at all. I opened the door and found huge paw prints in the dust on the floor, wow. But looking closer, those were not raccoon prints, they were dog prints. She said oh, her husband must have put one of the dogs in there to try and scare out the raccoon which I believe was nesting above the ceiling of the closet, of course not attic space there. She said he has been on a quest to get rid of the raccoon and bringing the dogs out every night to try and kill it.

I used the caller several times, nothing, no sounds. She said it was weird, they heard her moving around and the babies crying every night except for the last night. I did the outside inspection, I found the entry in a spot though the roof next to the chimney at the very peak of the house. My 28' just made it to gutter line and I had to install two sets of roof brackets and boards to make stairs on the steep roof just to get close enough to the entry hole. While there I noticed something odd, never seen before.

There was what looked like small drilled out holes, a hundred or more of them all around the entry hole, in the roof shingles and wood trim. Ahhh, I figured it out. I went back down and asked the woman, by any chance, has your husband been using his high power pellet rifle on the raccoon.

She admitted he had been, he was sitting out there every night for the last week trying to shoot it. The dogs were used to keep it from coming off the roof while he shot at it. I told her, well, the reason your not hearing anything now is one of two reasons, either he shot it so many times it finally died up there, or it said enough of this and moved her and the pups out of there. I told her best I could do was install some light screen over the hole to see if the raccoon pushes it out so I know if its still coming and going or not soft block.

As I am getting on this roof now for the second time she walks out and shouts up that one of her kids forgot his lunch and she had to bring it to the school and would be back in five minutes and away she goes. I got the screen installed and packed up my gear and ladders and then waited a half hour for her, she did not return. I left a note on the door to call me and left, unpaid, no signed paperwork etc. This afternoon, Saturday the husband calls and tells me that the screen is not disturbed and they think they have a smell in that room now.

I explained the only thing to do now was to open the ceiling in that room and take a look. OH my o my o my did he get an earful, LOL! What I did not quote was what it would cost to remove that carcass if I do find it. I think Ill surprise him with that when it happens. Animal shelters usually can't do too much about a raccoon either: Even the shelter where I work, which has a wildlife rehab department, doesn't have the appropriate license, and we usually have to defer to the very few local wildlife rehabbers in our area licensed to care for RVS animals.

What Do I Do When There's A Raccoon In My Dining Room? Leave It Alone?

Radios work really well to deter raccoons from nesting on your property and in your home. Turn a talk show up to a volume you can tolerate for 48—72 hours, and then raccoons will relocate themselves. You need to give them 72 hours, though, because especially if it's a family the mother will build a new nest elsewhere before moving her kits.

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You can also soak rags in ammonia, place the rags in tin cans, and set the cans in areas where you don't want raccoons to nest. Could I have akirchner come over and do that jiggling thing for my raccoons. I do have a camera.

How to Evict Your Raccoon Roommates - National Geographic

Daaaaaang Wesman Todd Shaw! I had NOT heard about that! And if I were a raccoon, I'd stay away! Clearly you're a force to be reckoned with. I doubt you heard about it - but in Dallas not too long ago there was a major snafu where Well, I've no idea if these animals had been left that way for long, or not - but they were left that way, and nobody was around, and so someone let them out - but was caught in the act, or something - and it was a big fat huge toodle doo in the city, as the I think it all ended well for the "criminal" - but not after some courtroom nastiness, and such.

As for my personal raccoon stories - wow unto you, you critters that break into the Shaw farm chicken pens, eating the head off of chickens - wow unto you indeed. Oh my gosh, that's awful, Carrie! That's what we did after a while too, and though our cat's paw never got cut, she really HATED that door! I got one of those locking cat doors and it was a disaster.

Not only did the raccoon still come into the house but my poor cat got his paw caught in the door and couldn't get it out. Luckily I was home and heard him scream and was able to free him. His paw was sore for while but he was fine except he's very afraid of the cat door now even though I no longer lock it. I finally ended up just shutting the door to the room where the cat door is located at night and keeping the cat inside.

You have inspired me to write a hub about a very dangerous chess opening called the Raccoon. It's based on the raccoons sneaky behavior. You can talk to raccoons. The one's in the city have a decent grasp of what you're saying. The buggers are smart as hell! A simple yet effective solution to the raccoon problem is to pour some hot sauce all over the garbage. They won't come back. Hey, anything can be cute or delicious until it starts ruining your roofing or getting rabies and attacking you!

Learning from Experience

I have ever think these smart raccoons are so lovely ,but i don't think so now ,they make me almost crazy! There are a variety of motion-activated devices available you can use including flood lights, radios set them on talk radio, as raccoons avoid human voices , sprinklers, and utlrasonic noisemakers. And hey, if it works Great information, Simone - I got rid of one by accident here in Central Oregon years ago on vacation!

I had just come in from the hot tub with the rest of the family and was standing at my computer trying to explain something to my daughter and her friend when I heard something right outside the door. It sounded like he was playing the garbage cans! Without a thought, I quick zipped up the blind and there stood this raccoon looking at me through the French door.

I almost had a heart attack. I dropped my towel and started screaming and jumping up and down.

How do You Get Rid of Raccoons? Tips and Tales on Raccoons and Cats | Dengarden

I was trying desperately to ignore the laughter that had erupted beside me as my daughter and her friend watched my jiggling jugs! However, I do not recommend this method unless someone has a video camera and can post it up on youtube and make some money It was totally mortifying and I STILL have to put up with my 30 year old daughter doing this imitation of me for all to enjoy. Hahaa, while I look back and find it kind of creepy, I wasn't too bothered by it at the time though my parents certainly were. I had a pretty active imagination, even as a tween, so I figured that little creatures and other things were ALWAYS sneaking around my room as I slept.

That these particular ones left footprints was only a bit messy, really XD. How did you feel, waking up to find raccoons in your room?? How did you react? I've seen a few this year already.

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They seem to get bigger every year! Yeah, they can be pretty cute! I think their wittiness makes them even cuter, but the cute factor goes way down when they do damage to homes, hahaa. Bishop is full of these creatures! I've always been amazed at their dexterous little hands-I actually kinda like the creatures, but then, I am a sucker for every animal on the planet. That must have been a tough experience. I'm glad your Yorkshire Terrier is safe, though, and I hope the raccoons never come back!

We had a raccoon infestation in our fenced back yard. I called a wildlife exterminator but he wasn't humane. At the time, I had to be unemotional because we have a tiny elderly Yorkshire Terrier. It was them or our pet. They were going to lose. He only caught one - and he told me he takes them and shoots them. After he trapped the one and took it away, the rest haven't returned. Next time - I will try to find a more humane expert.

Thank you for these tips. You have a well laid out, and well written Hub. This was very useful! And FYI, the powdered fox urine is called "Shake Away", and it seems to work at least for a little while: These are the best tips! I'm definitely going to add your note about fences, lights trash cans, and powdered fox urine to the Hub. I didn't even know people used that!

How to Get a Raccoon Out of Your House

Boy, it really gets ones hair to stand on end. And it brings up some excellent points - I hadn't realized that rabid raccoons were an actual "thing" until I heard that show. Raccoons freak me out! I'm a night owl and a smoker, so I spend lots of time outside at night in my suburban neighborhood. There's a wooded ravine behind the house, and the raccoons and skunks use it as a "highway" to travel through town. Since my yard doesn't have a back fence, when they come up from the ravine they travel along my driveway to get to the rest of the neighborhood! Imagine standing on the porch in the dark and looking down to see a raccoon looking back at you or worse, a skunk!

I found that a fence is the best deterrent - I put one up next to the driveway, so now the critters still use my yard to invade the neighborhood, but they come and go on the other side of the house - where I don't see them! I found that lights are useless - these critters get brazen after a short while - and powdered fox urine available at Amazon! I've resorted to keeping the trash cans in the garage now, so there is less incentive for them to visit except on pickup night. My family long made fun of my wariness about raccoons - until I shared that same "This American Life" episode with them!

Raccoons are the number-one carrier of rabies in the U. Unfortunately they are really, really cute, so it's hard to hate them! You make a great point about the catch-and-release services. I'm going to add that to this Hub! Lots of useful information. I think there also are animal removal services you can call to trap an unwelcome raccoon and release it somewhere less populated. I remember my parents called in one of these catch-and-release services on a number of occasions, and baited the traps with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!

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Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. For more information on managing or withdrawing consents and how we handle data, visit our Privacy Policy at: How do You Get Rid of Raccoons? Simone Haruko Smith more. Learning from Experience As I mentioned above, I've had enough personal experience with raccoons to know just how difficult it is to get rid of them. How do you get rid of raccoons? Once it's gone, go snuffling around your house on all fours to find the hole where it got in. If you leave your windows wide open at night, frankly you were asking for it.

When you find the hole, cover it with sheet metal or half-inch wire mesh. Or adult children, for that matter—better safe than sorry. Marty Smith is the brains or lack thereof behind Dr. Send your questions to dr. Share on Google Plus. Explore topics and categories