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Listen Up! Why Being in Your Heart is Better Than In Your Head organ—it's also the essence of your spiritual and emotional being. Try the meditation below to get more deeply in touch with this loving center of your being.
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9 Ways to Tune Your Heart to the Spirit

When you think of what he has done for you, is this too much to ask? Satan knows that God considers our bodies His temple and therefore God wants us to keep our bodies holy, healthy and honoring to Him 1 Corinthians 6: So because our bodies are holy to God, Satan would love to have us harm them, mutilate them, starve them, and destroy them with substances. Not in how you dress. Not in how you see yourself. Not in how you treat yourself.

Ask God for a healthy body image and a desire to protect your body so you can serve Him on this earth in it for as long as possible. Abide in Christ, be clothed in His character and righteousness, and you will fend off the attacks of the enemy. These are the five areas of your life Satan wants to enter: Popular Today What Does Mean?

Learn How To Eat Right For Your Brain

Are you having trouble distinguishing between the voice of your re-created spirit and the voice of your soul? The only way you can successfully run the race God has set before you Heb. They know there is more to man that just the body.

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The Bible teaches that man possesses a spiritual heart as well as a physical heart. For instance, if you focused your attention on what you heard on the news, you could become depressed thinking about all the problems in the world around you.

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  5. The Dividing of Soul and Spirit.
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  7. 5 Areas of Your Life Satan Wants to Enter!
  8. You could begin wondering, How are we ever going to make it? Regardless of what the circumstances look like, the Word of God is still true.

    Fantasy Celtic Music - Spirit of the Wild

    We are spirit beings, but the Bible also teaches that we each possess a soul and we live in a body. With the body, we contact the physical realm.

    The Dividing of Soul and Spirit

    With our spirit, or heart, we contact the spiritual realm. There could be anarchy. To both pay attention and heed soul guidance may require radical acts of courage, and that can feel terrifying. Where will my soul lead me?

    Heart Bible Verses

    How uncomfortable will I have to get? How much uncertainty will I need to tolerate? Instead, it will use anything it can- dreams, emails, people who show up with messages for you, physical symptoms, gut instincts, bumper stickers, synchronicities that make you pay attention. The soul is always trying to guide you, but when you repetitively ignore it, it has to get crafty.

    Do you love God more than you love anything (or anyone) else in life?

    Sometimes you wind up clobbered with the proverbial 2 x 4. It will use any vehicle at its disposal to help you face the TRUTH about who you are and what is aligned with your true self.

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