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Kiss of Death may refer to: Kiss of Judas, Judas's betrayal of Jesus with a kiss identifying him to his executioners; Kiss of death (mafia), a Mafia signal that.
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Zig , 4,5 jenikilo. Find out how by becoming a Patron. Check out the exclusive rewards, here. Celebrating creativity and promoting a positive culture by spotlighting the best sides of humanity—from the lighthearted and fun to the thought-provoking and enlightening. The epitaph bears famous verses by one of Catalan's greatest poets, Jacint Verdaguer: Like My Modern Met on Facebook. Get Our Weekly Newsletter. In "Inca Mummy Girl" from Buffy the Vampire Slayer , the mummy steals the life of various men in order to keep herself alive.

In Torchwood , Captain John Hart has "paralyzing lipgloss". It's a kiss of death because if you aren't treated for it within two hours, your major organs shut down. She later has a change of heart and resurrects him. In The Dresden Files , vampire saliva contains a narcotic that's powerfully addictive when absorbed through the skin or ingested. The Sarah Connor Chronicles , Catharine Weaver, disguised as a different beautiful woman, seduces a victim, then sends a liquid-metal tentacle down his throat to strangle his heart through his esophagus and kill him.

Gilligan's Island episode "The Invasion".

During a dream sequence where Gilligan is a secret agent, Ginger as an enemy agent tries to kill him with poison lipstick. Big Wolf on Campus takes its usual sober, low-key approach to the subject: Sloane the assassin blows a storm of projectile Kisses of Death at our heroes. In Dark Angel , Diamond kissed the man who had her infected with a terminal disease, passing it onto him.

Since she's a lesbian, he's also the first man she's ever kissed. The Mai are only allowed to be intimate with other Mai and the results can be deadly for humans. Unfortunately, Chloe doesn't find this out until after she's kissed a human. Just Add Water had a one off. Rikki lost control of her heat powers and nearly boiled Zane alive the first time they kissed. He was knocked unconscious and left with red skin for a few days, but it's implied how dangerous the situation could have been. In American Horror Story: Asylum , this is how Shachath performs her Mercy Kills.

New York one criminal dissolved a pill containing deadly nightshade in her mouth and then kissed her target, killing him moments later. She survived by taking an antidote earlier.

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The "man allergic to peanuts dies after kissing his girl who had eaten peanut butter" situation is gender flipped in Ways to Die , where an Alpha Bitch in charge of a kissing booth and who was stealing funds from there kissed a hunk who had just eaten peanuts and died when the allergies kicked in. The Sarah Connor Chronicles example above, in the music video for "The World is not Enough" by Garbage , a robotic Shirley Manson who would go on to play Catharine Weaver kills a test subject by burning him to death through kissing him.

Succubi and Incubi in all editions have an energy drain attack delivered though a kiss or another "act of passion. The kiss often has a suggestion with it, to convince the victim to keep kissing the demon. Nereids in some editions can drown a man who kisses them, but a nereid usually only does this to someone who has the nerve to force a kiss from her. Or to possibly to someone who steals the shawl that acts as her Soul Jar ; a nereid can be Made a Slave by anyone who succeeds in taking it, but that person must be ever vigilant, as she can be cunning in trying to get it back.

The darklord Ivana Boritsi of Borca in the Ravenloft campaign setting possesses this ability due to various types of poisons applied to her lips. She is explicitly so toxic that she can kill even creatures immune to normal poisons. She also employs a team of enforcers called the Ermordenung who are given a lethally poisonous touch via an alchemic process known only to her the leader of which was her best friend as a child ; they only need to touch a victim with bare skin to kill them, but a kiss their preferred method of killing a victim of the opposite sex, usually through deception and seduction is the deadliest method of doing so.

Ultratech advises using the Ripsnake a mechanical weapon that shoots out of your mouth while kissing. Pathfinder has Psychopomps in service to the goddess of death; one variety, the Catrina, helps ease people into the afterlife with a painless kiss of death.

As festively dressed skeletons, that's quite a feat. The Drowning has Sirens most commonly replenishing their Pneuma by draining people's soul with a kiss.

kiss of death

Downplayed in that it's not required to kill or even durably harm the victim; if they show restrain and stop in time, this will just drain willpower, which the person can then recover over time by resting. When they don't, however, it can result in the man falling in catatonic state. Warhammer has the Dogs of War character Lucrezia Bor- I mean Lucrezzia Belladonna , an expert with poisons and toxins, including poisoned lipstick.

One story has her kiss the tip of a knight's lance, and his unhorsed opponent dying within seconds. When asked if the lance was poisoned, she replied that she had just kissed it and she didn't feel at all unwell The hero, a prisoner in a hellish Argentine jail, sees her whenever someone around him is poisoned or tortured, and worries that she will come for him next. In the Austrian musical Elisabeth , Death is a major character. He is made of this trope. Lukas Perman was Romeo and Rudolf opposite Seibert. However, as a reformed succubus, she is reluctant to do this except in a dire situation though the definition of a "dire situation" is whenever the player directs her to , considering she has the kiss as one of her attack commands.

Whenever the protagonist speaks to her, you have the option of having him kiss her if his Wisdom score is low enough; due to his ability to come back to life every time he dies, it's only a temporary setback if you choose that option, but you quickly learn not to do it again. Karim in Eternal Darkness Sanity's Requiem suffers from this fate. Interestingly, it's something he needs to do in order to be able to protect the artifact. Mortal Kombat The franchise is probably the biggest Trope Codifier here, where several characters use this as a Fatality. Sonya Blade blows her kisses and they either burn or eviscerate the enemy, depending on the game.

Kitana and Tanya directly kiss the enemy on the head or the lips, causing them to either swell up and explode or twist in several painful ways Likely the grossest example of this Trope is Mileena's execution at D'Vorah's hands in X — she forcefully kisses her, vomiting a swarm of insects down Mileena's throat that proceed to tear her apart from the inside.

Cassie, who witnesses it, remarks, "Well, thanks for that. I know I'll never eat again. In Devil May Cry 3 , the vampire Nevan does this if you don't run away quick enough, making some fangirls commit suicide in order to see Dante kiss someone. If you have enough Devil Trigger, you don't have to retreat - she can't steal a demon's Life Energy , and she's a sitting duck while she's performing the move, so when she gets close enough hit the Devil Trigger and smack the hell out of her.

Kiss of death (mafia)

Subverted in Metal Gear Solid 3: She then turns the lipstick around, puts it on, and walks away. Karst's "Heat Kiss" attack in Golden Sun: The Lost Age , a powerful debuff in the form of a blown kiss. A non-fatal variant occurs in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky , when Joshua kisses Estelle. He has a fast-acting sedative on his lips, which knocks her out and prevents her from following. EarthBound has an enemy that's actually called the Kiss of Death, which is only a smiling mouth with huge red lips. It has the ability to give the "kiss of death", which poisons the victim. There's a similar enemy called the French Kiss of Death.

Absence of Justice , Marjoly has the ability known as "Oh, Marjoly" in which she delivers a long and deadly kiss to her target that for some reason deals massive damage. It's Disgaea, so just roll with it. For one character, it's his lips. The Animated Series episode "House and Garden", she did this to get out of Arkham, tricking her psychiatrist into accepting a kiss, making him her slave, and then ordering him to write her a clean bill of health.

Then pretending she married him; she almost had Batman himself fooled and might have gotten away with it completely if the same psychiatrist had not been one of Robin's college professors, and Robin knew that the guy's former wife had custody of the two sons that Ivy claimed he had - and that his children were actually daughters. A virus that, mind you, turns people into "Senior Citizombies" — that's right, zombie old people.

Number and the other kids find this as Squicky as the audience does. Blackarachnia usually does a non-deadly version of this — and it's a spidery kiss, not a kiss on the lips: However, as proved by her attack on Prowl and Bumblebee in "Black Friday", she can give a deadly one by adding an extra dose of venom, giving the victim two hours to have the antidote administered before they die. Don't worry, while she never actually hands Optimus the antidote, when he goes to see Prowl and Bee and apologize for being unable to save them, he finds the antidote on the ground by them and muses that there may still be some good left in her.

Played straight in The Powerpuff Girls. The girls kiss their male counterparts, which causes them to explode. Completely subverted when the boys come Back from the Dead and the girls' kisses only make them bigger and stronger. In the Spicy City episode ''Sex Drive" in which the prostitute Virus is kidnapped and implanted with cyber genetic parts, every time she kisses someone she electrocutes them to death because of a device hidden under her tongue.

The last episode "Raven's Revenge" Raven has been infected with a virus that causes anyone she kisses to slowly die. The introduction episode of Morgana in Darkwing Duck is about how Morgana's relatives want her to give one to Darkwing by using a poisoned lipstick. Some time after being born, a baby suddenly fell ill and, despite weeks of life support, passed away from major organ failure. A virus contracted from a cold sore And the man who was allergic to nuts who died after being kissed by his girlfriend who'd just eaten some peanut butter. And they mean "to the ends of the earth" literally: Shampoo chased Ranma through all of China and to Tokyo to kill his female form Mireille Bouquet from Noir receives an excessively long one of these from a woman named Silvana Greone , aka Intoccabile.

And she tries to punch her afterwards episode 9, It's also clear that Silvana does it both for the fear effect and just to fuck with Mireille's head some more. Rue kisses Mytho as she literally yanks his ability to love out of his chest. Chrono does not approve. Yoko of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann shares a kiss with two separate characters, Kamina and Kittan , immediately preceding their deaths. To be fair, Kittan kissed her knowing that his next mission was suicide. However, since Casca had already been marked for death by the demon brand, and did not realise yet that Griffith was the one causing all hell to break loose, the kiss served a similar purpose to this trope by making it clear just how much trouble she was in.

In Future Diary , if you kiss Yukiteru and your name isn't Yuno Gasai , you will be dead by the end of the episode. Subverted in Fairy Tail: She had the same Curse as Zeref that rendered her immortal and killed those she loved, whose only Curse Escape Clause is when one forgets the value of life.

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She suffered a rather ironic death after Zeref expressed love to her through a kiss and seemingly broke the curse for Mavis, leaving her vulnerable to Zeref's curse, thus killing her. In reality, Mavis didn't die; while her body was, for all intents and purposes, clinically dead, her soul was still tethered to her body, and it wasn't until nearly a century later that she was resurrected.

She states that she forced herself to believe she didn't love Zeref, out of fear that the exact same thing would happen to him. Oh, and it wasn't a Kiss of Death ; she just apparently didn't want to tell the rest of the guild that it was actually Out with a Bang. Cry for Blood contains an example of the purely symbolic kind.

It also differs from a more typical example of this trope in that it has no erotic character, and the recipient doesn't realize what it means. It is obvious to the reader, however, that when Helena kisses her father on the cheek, that she is going to kill him. Jack in Pirates of the Caribbean: Even her father who she probably kissed a few times, considering how big of a Daddy's Girl she is dies. Lampshaded in the third movie by Jack, who tells her that "Once was quite enough" when she runs up to him to embrace him.

Michael Corleone's kiss of death to the person who betrayed him in The Godfather Part II is one of the most iconic examples of the symbolic version ever. You broke my heart. Roy Batty kisses Eldon Tyrell just before squashing Tyrell's eyeballs into their sockets and crushing his skull, killing him. Just barely averted in American Gangster. When he sees one of his brothers in a flashy suit that might draw the attention of the cops, Frank Lucas sits him down to remind him that potentially drawing attention and notice is a bad thing for major drug dealers.

When, during that conversation, the brother also lets it slip that he talked about Frank with one of his rival drug lords and thus, in his naivete, possibly gave information to this other drug lord , Lucas, who has dealt extensively with the Mafia, gives his brother an enormous kiss and says "You know, if you weren't my brother, I'd have to kill you. Much later in the film, when the brother screws up again, however, Frank beats him viciously for it.

kiss of death mika nakashima - darling in the franxx- original

And it's all the scarier for coming out of nowhere and with no warning. Aside from providing some Les Yay , it also shows that Catherine intends to mess Alex over by framing her for Paul's death. Averted in the theatrical version of Marvel's Daredevil and done in the Director's Cut. After killing Elektra's father, unintentionally framing her boyfriend, beating her while hitting on her, mockingly treating her revenge like a date, and instantly developing an attraction to her, Bullseye cuts her neck and, intending to use her own sai against her, tries to give Elektra her last kiss.

In the Director's Cut, he manages to give her the kiss while she is gutted in the air.

Kiss of death (mafia) - Wikipedia

Just before Ned's duel with The German, Jefe approaches him and kisses him on both cheeks, because he's sure the German will kill him. Marcus Wright is about to be executed by lethal injection when he is visited by the terminally ill Dr. Serena Kogan to convince him to volunteer his body to science. He agrees on one condition: She obliges, leading him to remark "So that's what death tastes like". Blood Wars , Semira mockingly kisses Alexia on the lips before slitting her throat. She is completely preserved until he kisses her, after which she degrades very rapidly keep in mind this is occurring years after she died.

In Holes , a schoolteacher named Kate Barlow angrily refused the local sheriff's offer to save her black lover from being lynched if he kissed her. When she failed to save her lover herself, however, she went back and kissed the sheriff in his sleep, then killed him. After that she left town and became the infamous bandit "Kissin' Kate Barlow," who robbed many including the protagonist's ancestor but would only kiss the ones she killed.

When Chucky Pancamo kisses Peter Schibetta in a prison corridor, the latter realises instantly what it means and starts shouting "No! One of the most poignant moments in Xena: Warrior Princess is when she has to kill her undead lover Marcus long story. She stabs him with his sword, and then passionately kisses him as he dies in her arms.

In Supernatural , when a person sells their soul to a demon, they seal it with a kiss, and then they die ten years later. Note that this applies to all demons — Crowley has made himself quite the master of Ho Yay and Foe Yay due to his insistance on following this particular rule. On That '70s Show , Kelso is breaking off his cheating relationship with Laurie. Laurie sees Jackie, Kelso's cuckolded girlfriend, over Kelso's shoulder and asks for "one last kiss", thus ensuring that Jackie will see them kissing and break up with Kelso. The episode is actually titled "Kiss of Death.

Bo and Luke got caught snooping around and were brought before the mob boss, who kissed both of them. Luke put it together that he just gave them "the kiss of death". It's also been used as a saying when a wrestler gets put with a gimmick that kills his career. Lita responded by kissing Trish. Bray Wyatt of The Wyatt Family occasionally kisses his opponent on the forehead before hitting him with his finisher. Eldar Harlequins have the Harlequin's Kiss, a monofilament Razor Floss that does horrible things to individual units.

The Godfather 's kiss of death gets parodied with the mobsters. That can't be good. Fat Tony tells Homer to give Quimby this and he obliges. When Quimby tells him, "You moron, that's the kiss of death! As a non-mafia related example, in one episode, the oldest man in Springfield dies after a model kisses him for winning an award for it After Mr. Burns is called to take the award instead, he avoids the model, calling the trope by name for his reasoning.

Lampshaded, then subverted, in this skit from Anime Boston When Josef Stalin kissed a guy in the cheek, he kisses him again in his funeral. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. From Basilisk , this is Kagero's primary ability. Kiss of Death is also a move in chess. Rogue 's power in X-Men is stealing other people's life force and abilities by touching them. Batman Catwoman from Batman Returns stuffs a taser into her mouth non-shocky end in , grabs the power cables of a generator, and gives a kiss to Corrupt Corporate Executive Max Shreck.