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New twist to an old mystery: Did a mortgage lead to murder? Bernadette and Greg Ohlemacher were shot dead in their New Mexico home in Shortly after dawn, someone entered the upstairs bedroom of a married couple, Bernadette and Greg Ohlemacher, and executed them.
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48 Hours: The Mortgage and The Murder : UnresolvedMysteries

Welcome back to our running series on how to deal with the biggest things holding you, our valiant Revolutionaries, back from Financial Freedom. In our third and final instalment on murdering your debt, we will be dealing with how to murder the most common type of debt for middle class households: Murdering Your Consumer Debt , and Part 2: But for everyone else, mortgages are just a fact of life and are the biggest single expense of their working lives.

Why 5 years, when the typical mortgage amortization period is 25 years? Mortgages are typically locked into fixed 5-year terms, after which point you have to renew at whatever the prevailing interest rate is, and since YOU have ZERO control over that thing, you may be forced to renew at a vastly higher mortgage rate.

The average Millennial switches jobs every years. Our employers show ZERO loyalty to us, so why should they expect any to them? Now minus off your basic living expenses food, gas, etc. This is how many bullets you can shoot at your debt each and every month. To do this, go into a mortgage calculator like the one we like to use at www. Then set the amortization from 25 years to 5. If you can hit that, or come somewhat close if you take 7 years instead of 5, no biggie , then you will never be a bitch to your mortgage.

Instead, it will be your bitch. So to increase your Debt-Killing Ammo, you have two options: Increase your Income or Reduce Your Expenses. The next step is to monkey around with your mortgage. This can get a little tricky because a mortgage is unlike most other types of debt where the lender generally WANTS you to pay them back. Instead, when you pay back your mortgage too quickly, the lender gets mad. You see, they were counting on you to continue paying your interest like a bitch so they can continue to make money for many many years, so if you break your mortgage for whatever reason, they lose money.

Each mortgage is different. To calculate the IRD, the lender takes the old interest rate, minuses off the new interest rate, then multiplies that amount by the time remaining in your mortgage term. Standard 5 year term, standard 25 year amortization. You can lower your mortgage payments!

Because your interest rate is now lower, your mortgage payments drop and the end of your original 5 year term now looks like this. The IRD is calculated like so:. See how sneaky that is? If not, refinancing might help you. Fortunately, unlike most types of debt, mortgages are attached to something with value, a. However, if your house rapidly decreases in value and you find yourself owing more in your mortgage than your house is actually worth, bankruptcy may be an option.

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No one knows exactly when, but nothing goes up forever. Then bend over and kiss your credit rating goodbye. And as always, we love to hear from you! Are you currently struggling with crushing mortgage debt?

Murder by Mortgage

Tell us your story in the comments below! Want free money to go travelling? Check out how we get credit card and banking sign-up bonuses here! Want to learn how to replicate our retirement portfolio? Want to travel the world like us? Student loans are our first priority. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. UnresolvedMysteries subscribe unsubscribe , readers 2, users here now A subreddit dedicated to the world's unresolved mysteries. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

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Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. In a video taken that morning, Renee appears so shaken, she has trouble walking. Police checked Renee's hands for gunpowder residue and blood spatter. Police also questioned her extensively. Asked why she thinks police looked at her, Renee says, "Same question I ask every day. I was just like, 'Do whatever you want. Do whatever you need to do. I had no hesitations.

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I had nothing to hide. Renee soon began calling relatives but, again, the way she delivered the news made them wonder. Randy says Renee was very unemotional. I thought it was a very cold message. Police considered Renee a prime suspect, but there was not enough evidence to charge her. She went to live with her mother's family, who grew increasingly suspicious. It was a tense time. Renee's aunts Jessica and Toni had always considered her spoiled and somewhat of a brat, and her behavior after the murders did nothing to change their minds. It was like a social thing. When we were getting ready to make the procession into the church, the doors open and snap tears came out now.

The tears were flowing, like she was on cue. Another one of my friends observed her texting during the funeral," Jessica remembers. Jessica could not shake the feeling that Renee was somehow involved in her parents' murder. Asked if she believed her, Jessica says, "I wanted to. I heard what she was saying, but her actions were speaking volumes different. Renee began making inquiries about her parents' life insurance policies, and her aunt says Renee expressed delight at her impending good fortune. She says Renee even went to test-drive a BMW.

Jessica says that just months before the murders, Bernadette increased the amount of her life insurance and made Renee her primary beneficiary. Jessica believes her niece was aware that she'd benefit financially if her parents died. Her mom didn't keep any secrets from her. But Renee tells Moriarty she only learned of the insurance policy increase and her being the sole benefactor from police.

They asked me, 'Why would she increase her insurance, Renee? That's not my information to know,'" she recalls.

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And she says she did push for police to try to clear her. But in fact, Renee remained the lead suspect. It wasn't just her behavior that made police detectives suspicious; it was a phone call she made right after her parents were killed. But it is not clear how the killer entered the house. There was no sign of forced entry, but Greg had left a ladder leaning against the home that could have provided access to the couple's bedroom. Police recovered fingerprints on the ladder and one footprint at its base, but couldn't identify them. Some neighbors did hear the gunshots, but curiously no one remembered hearing the family's dog, Sammy Jo, barking.

That, says Renee's family, is a little hard to believe. She was a great dog, a very, very protective pet," Jessica says. Renee has always said it was her mother's screams that awakened her. When asked, Renee says it's a possibility that the dog may have been familiar with the person in the house. Police collected four shell casings at the crime scene fired from a 9mm Ruger, but didn't find the weapon. John Walsh of the Albuquerque Police Department says detectives turned their attention to the victims themselves.

Investigators kept coming back to Renee. When they looked at her cell phone records from the day of the murder, they wondered why one of the first calls she made was to a Mike Allen. Renee says Mike Allen was a good friend of her mother.

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But police were hearing rumors that he was more than just a "good friend. Renee doesn't believe her mother had an affair, but Phil Hayes, a friend of Greg, says Greg did think Bernadette was involved in a relationship with Mike Allen. He knew the alarm code. He had the alarm code because he did watch the dog, Sammy the dog. But Lucille Nadborne, who worked side by side with Bernadette for years at the FAA, doesn't believe there was an affair. He wanted to be there to help Bernadette if she needed help. And apparently, she needed a lot of help: