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Mummy from Hell by Kenneth Doyle. My brother Patrick remembers my first beating, of which I assume I was A Childhood Destroyed.
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Doyle, Kenneth -- Childhood and youth. Doyle, Patrick -- Childhood and youth.

Mummy from Hell, Two Brothers. A Sadistic Mother. A Childhood Destroyed. by Kenneth Doyle

Mothers and sons -- Ireland. Adult child abuse victims -- Ireland -- Biography. Mothers and sons -- Ireland -- Biography. Adult child abuse victims. Summary Ken and Patrick Doyle experienced a life of deprivation, cruelty and humiliation at the hands of the on person who should have loved and protected them- their own mother. View online Borrow Buy Freely available Show 0 more links Set up My libraries How do I set up "My libraries"?

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Central Northern Regional Library. Open to the public BIOG Clarence Regional Library Headquarters. Open to the public ; BIO Open to the public Mornington Peninsula Library Service. At least twice he convinced him he wanted to begin a new relationship with him, had him sell all of his belongings and move to another COUNTRY and then take his shit and leave.

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Can anyone imagine being a young man in a strange country with nothing? His father told him to come to America, that he Ken had a job waiting for him. His son arrives, gives all of the money he had in the world to his father to exchange for American currency and then finds his "father" sent it to his "mother". He handed him five dollars. Then he has the balls to tell him there is no job and oh, by the way, you can't work because you're here illegally.

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They used these boys up, over and over and over and over. Honestly, it's a miracle they're even still alive. Most people would have killed themselves. Maybe if kids who have to live with this abuse pick up a few machine guns and go blasting in public, killing people left and right, maybe then people would listen. Is that what it takes? I don't know if this monster monsters I should say are still alive but if they are, and I don't care how old, how decrepit, they are, I'd see if there is any way at all to charge them to the full extent of the law.

Then I'd follow through with it. I'd make sure whatever I could do to them was done. Then I'd laugh in their faces. I literally feel like my heart is breaking when I think about what these boys had to go through.

What these men are still going through. Imagine living that kind of life. I can't and I read their story in their own words.

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  • Mother from Hell: Two Brothers, a Sadistic Mother, a Childhood Destroyed by Ken Doyle?
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I hope writing this helped them get past some of the demons. They deserve every single happiness known to this earth. Yet the way our world works, especially the good old U. Makes sense, doesn't it? The only reason I didn't rate this five stars was because there is no ending. We don't find out what happens to his "mother". Beyond her story being told against her wishes with this book that is. I also would have liked some pictures, even a few. There is a small pic each of Ken and Patrick Doyle but that's it.

I'd have liked to see this monsters face personally. Jul 02, Ruth Turner rated it it was amazing Shelves: I can't begin to tell you how bad this story is. Not the writing, the story. I finished the book in one sitting and I was left feeling sad and angry. The anger came from knowing these despicable parents continued with their manipulative abuse after these boys became teens, and after they left home.

Even as men the nightmares are still with them. More information at the website below, with a photo of their mother and one of their father. This true story really and truly shocked me beyond belief. Growing up with my mother being a senior social worker in the Child Protection department I was always reminded of the abuse that takes place behind many closed front doors but after reading this account from the Doyle's I put my hand up and say this has to be the worse case of child abuse I have ever come across.

I have read shocking and gob smacking stories but this story was an account of sheer suffering and victimization. I, as a rea This true story really and truly shocked me beyond belief. I, as a reader was confused on why this abuse took place so how on earth did Patrick and ken Doyle feel experiencing it?

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I felt pure confusion for the victim's because they were never really told by the beast who bore them 'why' they encountered such horrific treatment. They received a lifetime of agony from the one's who were supposed to be loving protecting and nurturing them into adulthood as parent's should. I read on and on waiting for the end to share the conclusion that the parents in the end were submitted to an humiliating, degrading, hard core punishment for their beyond humane crimes to be left with nothing. They were never charged which left me baffled and even more confused.

After finding the brave and strong Doyle's facebook page I came across pictures of them as adults striving to live life the best way they can and they even shared picture's of their abusing parents who wore evil on their ace like normal decent people wear and bare their eyes, nose and mouth on their faces. They, in this world got away with it. The mother did not even have the action of saying a mere 'sorry' with her own filthy mouth before she died and passed a message on through her priest to them which further made me thankful that I do believe in an afterlife and have faith she and their vile father will be dealt with justly inevitably with the Lord who always brings things to account.

I have not rated with stars because their is nothing I liked about this story, it wasn't amazing I didn't think it was okay and I didn't dislike it.

Mummy from Hell

This is a book based on real lives that experiences real pain and no book star rating is worthy of the respect I have for Patrick and Ken Doyle for having the courage to share such intimacies of their childhood that have affected their adulthood and I pray they find contentment and peace after such madness. Jun 09, Love rated it really liked it.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I had a hard time getting into this one. I did however feel it flow easier with part two. Different writer I guess. Now on this mother if you can call her that. Who could do such things to a child?

She even beat her unborn fetus.. How could you hate the baby before he is even born? At one point one of the boys mentions that she hated just those two children because the looked like their father? She hated her husband so much? All the hospital I had a hard time getting into this one. All the hospital papers say their father is the one that took them for treatment. He should have taken those kids to the USA when his sister suggested it. She ruined their lives.. Then for them to rob their son of everything he owned when he had 7 children to feed..

These type books make me hate people. I never thought I would hate anyone. I value my children so much. I don't know how anyone could do such things to anyone let alone their own kids. View all 3 comments. Jun 07, Sabrina Rutter rated it it was amazing Shelves: Gifts and box sets Penguin Shop Flipper gift picker. For the young and young at heart. Mummy from Hell Two Brothers. Kenneth Doyle , Patrick Doyle.