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Obesity is cause of certain prevalent illnesses like diabetes. In fact, more non-obese people than obese people have metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and other chronic disease. But type 2 diabetes is increasing at the rate of four percent a year. Metabolic disease results in malnutrition, especially when the majority of calories consumed are from processed foods.

Processed foods are foods coming from jars, bottles, packages, it also includes fast and junk food. Metabolic diseases are preventable and are attributed to the quality of the food we consume; whole foods vs. And it includes fast food and junk food. Sugars in food increase fat in the liver, increasing the risk of metabolic syndrome. The obesity epidemic began in the late 70s when the nutritional focus was on heart disease. We thought the problems was too much meat and eggs and milk.

After the removal of saturated fats, the food was left tasteless which was a problem for the food industry. In order to make the food palatable again, more sugar was dumped into the food supply. Sugar and refined carbohydrates cost less than protein. The food industry profited greatly by decreasing food production costs — meanwhile metabolic diseases went up. When the liver is overwhelmed with too much fructose, the liver has no choice but to turn the extra energy into liver fat, which can lead to metabolic disease. Sugar should not be in the first 3 items on the list of ingredients, if it is, it should be treated as a dessert.

There are at least 56 names that the food industry uses for processed sugars. Calories should come primarily from your food intake rather than by drinking.

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Making a conscious effort of acknowledging where the sugar you are consuming is coming from will result in a decreasing of overall sugar consumption and allow you to dictate where you want to be consuming sugar, for example a dessert. Indulging yourself to a delicious dessert once a week is ok, as long as it is not an everyday indulgence.

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Make it worth it! But bad for your health. Our hormones are affected by what we eat.

La Venganza Es Dulce (1934) - COLOR - LATINO - El Gordo y el Flaco

Once we understand how this works we can make our hormones work for us rather than against us. Ghrelin is the first short term hormone and it comes from your stomach.

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Once you have eaten, ghrelin levels drop, but this does not necessarily mean that you will feel full. Although your stomach is full, you will not realize you are full until much later. This is when the second short term hormone comes into play; peptide YY. It is recommended to take your time while eating to allow peptide YY to tell you brain that you are satisfied. Insulin is the first of the long term term signals, which is made in the pancreas. The final hormone is called leptin , which is made in fat cells. Leptin helps regulate your appetite this way.

The first problem is posed by processed sugars and processed foods on hormone regulation. Too much sugar creates too much insulin, which overwhelms the liver and causes it to store fat. Increased blood sugar puts us at increased risk for large vessels diseases like diabetes, cancer, etc. The second problem is posed by the vicious cycle that is created by excess sugar in our diet that is wreaking havoc on our health.

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An increase of glucose results to increased insulin levels because of the increased sugar in bloodstream. This increase of insulin blocks the leptin signal starvation hormone from reaching the brain — our brain does not receive the message of satiety, we do not know when we have had enough. Without leptin signal, your brain thinks you are starving so you continue eating and consuming more sugar, creating more insulin- thus the vicious cycle continues.

Buying locally sourced produce will support your community and local farmers markets. Diabetes is bad for two reasons, the first being that high blood sugar damages small vessels and secondly, high blood insulin promotes inflammation and large blood vessel disease like coronary heart disease and carotid heart disease to cause stroke as well as putting you at risk for developing cancer.

Alcohol and sugar act similarly in the body. They are both metabolized exclusively in the liver and in excess they both lead to liver fat accumulation and therefore both can cause metabolic syndrome. Sugar and alcohol are similar also because they both impact the pleasure center of the brain in the same way and make you want to consume more. You would not give a child a beer but will not think twice about handing them a juice or soda; the fructose in the drink acts like alcohol in the body. A solution to help reverse these effects is to restrict sugar to control insulin spikes and to release leptin which in turn will regulate your appetite and level out blood sugar levels allowing you to keep weight in a normal range.

We also need to just slow down! We need to slow down our eating to give our hormones to chance to regulate when we have stored enough energy and to properly send signals to our brain. Practical tips for reversing the trend towards obesity, disease and metabolic syndrome include: Remember, if it comes out of the ground it is good. It generally has low glycemic levels and high fiber. If not, analyze what processes it has gone through. Fiber reduces insulin, meaning less energy storage which makes the peptide YY satiety signal occur faster.

La Venganza Es Dulce (Spanish, Paperback)

Try avoiding all processed foods and sugary beverages. Your diet should be primarily composed of real and whole foods. Doing so will promote your health and reverse disease. By adjusting your sugar intake, hormones will be working for you rather than against you.

Maintaining an energy balanced diet means that you can still occasionally indulge in dessert; planning ahead and making it a weekly event will decrease the chance for deviations. Lastly, take it slow! Plan your meals, take your time, eat with friends and just enjoy your food. One easy way to cut out the processed foods is to take the 10 Day Real Food Challenge.

This occurred without any reduction in calories in the diets of the test subjects. In English, many things are named after a particular country — but have you ever wondered what those things are called in those countries? Many words formed by the addition of the suffix —ster are now obsolete - which ones are due a resurgence?

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