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Legacy Knights deck list with prices for Magic: the Gathering (MTG).
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Did you not see the Vial Knights thread in the forum already? It seems like this is the exact same thing. Maybe you should move your discussion to that thread. It's a Knight card and Haakon lets you play it from the grave ad infinitum. It's probably better than Damnation in the deck. A lot of other card choices seem sub par.

Why only run one Wasteland in the GW build? Why not run four? Why not run four in ALL of your builds? Why does the RW version run Bonesplitters instead of the Sword package? I could continue, but I think the point's been made. Like I said, maybe you should discuss things in the established Knights thread. I also intend to write up a primer on the knights which was missing in the established thread.

Why does the black version not run some urborg, tomb of yawgmoth for black fixing. IMO phyrexian crusader does not belong to any knight decks. Buy All the Dual Lands!!! Buy All the fetches! Create tons of EDH Decks!!! Eat Nothing but Oats!! Get her Pregnant only Once! Continue my legacy son!!!

The first time you see this, copy it into your sig and add 1 to the generation. In your black and white build, have you considered Entomb? I know you have Buried Alive, but Entomb costs one instead of three, and is a bit faster. You've got too many white cards for dark ritual to be useful. Also, you mentioned in the primer that you're exploring Mono White Knights in addition to multicolored knight decks, can you post your mono white decklist?

Ultimate Knights (Legacy MTG Deck)

That's the one I'm most interested in, since that's the deck I play. Please read and feel free to send me feedback. Quote from Jace, the Mindsculptor. Last edited by pqrqcf: Quote from Silex Flint.

Sarafan knights

You noted that Knight of the White Orchid has a nice interaction with Path, but you're running Swords in the decklist, why? I've played a casual version of this deck for a while now, sans KotR, and you really want the land accel that you get out of Orchid. That card cancels out the free land you give them, and we really don't want to give our opponents life, now do we? Good point, and thanks for pointing out the contradiction, i played StP becoz I could use it on my own creatures for much needed life.

During decktesting I realized the game is usually won with very few life left due to e fetches and early damage I received while setting up e knights n stoneforge offense. I also do not really mind giving opponents extra life points as once I can easily overcome that once my defense n board position is set. Knight of the White Orchid is good with Path, but you want to play Orchid defensively to gain tempo, not as a ramp play bigger spells earlier. If you use Path, you're also helping the opponent out, and there's a good chance his late game spells are better than your late game spells.

Comments on the original post for the BW Build; It has been my experience that you want more speed with this deck. Another added bonus is to kill your Haakon with a second copy when targeted by RFG effects. You really only need to dump Haakon or a changeling card.


You're knights will be vialed in or played from your hand where they will be safe from grave hate, besides it doesn't really matter where everything but Haakon are played from as there really is no added advantaged of being in your hand or grave. Lastly, without Buried Alive you won't need Dark Ritual which doesn't support most of the cards we are using opening up 4 spots in the deck.

Comes down turn one, after a board wipe Haakon can fill your board with a bunch of these guys to regain tempo, and with Exemplar not only does she become your beefiest knight but her level up cost profits from indestructibility. You get to kill everything your opponent throws at you, you can even use it to kill your own guys to dodge RFG removal, and when you have a knight with toughness 4 or more thanks to Exemplar it can act a Giant Growth of sorts.

Crib Swap should probably be sideboarded, no more than 2 main board as for 1 mana more it is better to Nameless Inversion twice than cast one Swap most of the time. Vindicate is going to be your go to card to handle what Nameless Inversion and Crib Swap do not. You'll want to knock out rival Vials, Swords, Lands, etc. You're going to want to destroy lands.

The Papal Knight’s legacy

Stillmoon Cavalier , Whether you love or hate this card is up to personal opinion. Don't get me wrong it is still a great card with protection from two colors, flying, first strike, fire breathing, and excellent casting cost. However, it seems to fall short as it competes for your 3 drop with Exemplar and Haakon. You want to have a couple of guys on the field rather than waiting until turn 3 to drop cards.

If you aren't playing both Haakon or Exemplar than it is probably worth keeping. Phyrexian Crusader same as above, competes for the 3 drop and doesn't really offer much to deserve a spot over other knights. Finally, consider Dark Confidant.

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  • [Deck/Primer] Knights in Legacy.

Also, while Bob isn't a knight getting to draw 2 cards a turn is going to be helpful. You can even shut Bob off with your Nameless Inversion.

Arkham Knights - Legacy [GDJB]

I actually like the idea behind Vial knights and I've been toying with some concepts online, and while I appreciate the post and the effort I think for a permanent primer your decks need to be far more fleshed out. The one of Disenchant in the board makes almost no sense to me, what was the reasoning behind it?

Also, with the Student of Warfare in Legacy I just don't see it getting there. You're theoretically spending full mana for your first two turns to even make him viable against something like Zoo, and he's then one mana of their's away from smoked. What you're doing then is Draw go, Draw go; seems bad. Last edited by Cougrrr: What about poor mans equipment tutors like Quest for the Holy Reilc and Steelshaper's gift?

These might be good here, if you don't have access to a Mystic. W search your library for a Sword on turn one might be a good play, if you don't have a Vial or a Student. Or on another turn when you can make good use of mana spend the extra to tutor. I'm guessing Steelshaper's Gift is probably better than Quest. Last edited by nudnic: Please take a look at my trade. You have some very valid concerns on the Puresteel Paladin deck, concerns that I also have.

I haven't really gotten the chance to test it out yet I'm also working on Tezzeret Affinity , and this is kind of an experimental build. If you have any questions, or you do not agree and would like us to opt you out, please contact us using the contact form. I accept the terms of use.

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