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The Shimizu campus where the Graduate School of Marine Science and Technology is located is a perfect natural setting for oceanography research, with a.
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The Shimizu campus where the Graduate School of Marine Science and Technology is located is a perfect natural setting for oceanography research, with a stunning vista of Suruga Bay. The campus boasts excellent facilities such as a research institution, marine laboratory and marine science museum, as well as a number of vessels including the research ship Bosei-maru and the smaller Hokuto and Minami-juji.

The aim of ocean development should be to nurture the oceans as the most important industry for the human race. To this end, as set out in the Basic Act on Ocean Policy, we need to promote conservation efforts on a global scale while ensuring sustainable utilization of the vast resources and energy supplies of the oceans.

The oceans are full of mysteries and have provided much inspiration for poetic outpourings over the years. Yet there is still a great deal to learn about our oceans.

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They are trying to use this letter to decipher whether you have realistic expectations of graduate school and know why you are choosing to apply here. Educate yourself on the institution at least through its web pages and by reading a few publications of its faculty.

Why study a Masters in Marine Sciences?

Dramatic writing has its place, but not in your essay. Saving the oceans and feeding the world from the oceans are not realistic graduate goals. Aiming at pieces of those issues e. Naming faculty members whose work particularly interests you is a good idea.

Explaining why is an even better idea. Choosing and naming only a single advisor as a target has obvious risks that should be reduced by prior communication with that person e. One way to compose an effective essay is to choose two to four people in the unit or program to which you are applying as an imaginary audience and explain why you want to work with them. Go ahead and list them afterward as non-exclusive examples of people with whom you might work. There is no more important decision that you will make in applying to and entering graduate school than choosing your advisor.

Indeed that choice should be a primary reason for applying to a particular school. If you have no idea who your advisor might be, you have not done enough research into graduate schools and you likely are wasting the money you put into the application. The above recommendations are pretty generic for marine sciences graduate schools and graduate schools in general. On a 4-point scale, we expect most successful applicants to carry a GPA above 3.

GRE scores much below 70th percentile generally require some counterbalancing evidence of skills or abilities.

Required Core Courses

We will not admit students without an identified advisor, and your conversations with that advisor should give both or you a clear idea of where your support is coming from. Sometimes it is unclear whether to apply for a Masters or PhD degree, especially if you are interested in proceeding through a PhD program. For many students, an M. For students intending to get a Ph.

Sometimes students start in one degree and shift to the other during their program, and these shifts go in both directions. Do not be shy about exploring these intentions and options in your application letter and communications with potential advisors. You may even apply for both. As an institution, we have no bias against M. Tuesday, 02 October Time: About graduate students live in residence at UBC. Learn about the UBC student residences available for graduate students, the application process, waitlist logistics, and more in this 1-hour webinar presented by UBC Student Housing and Hospitality Services.

Virtual Office Hours webinar Date: Thursday, 04 October Time: Join our Virtual Office Hours to learn more about academic requirements, the admissions process, and more. Ask your questions in advance when you register.

Please note that we will not be able to provide answers to questions that involve specific personal information. For on-leave, extension, continuing or part time if applicable fees see UBC Calendar. All fees for the year are subject to adjustment and UBC reserves the right to change any fees without notice at any time, including tuition and student fees.

Based on 8 graduations between - the minimum time to completion is 2. All calculations exclude leave times.

Marine Science Graduate Programs & Schools

Enrolment data are based on March 1 snapshots. Program completion data are only provided for datasets comprised of more than 4 individuals. Rates and times of completion depend on a number of variables e.

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Research Supervisors This list shows faculty members with full supervisory privileges who are affiliated with this program. Allen, Susan Elizabeth Oceans and Inland Waters, Prediction and Climatic Modeling, physical oceanography, coastal oceanography, forecast models, coupled bio-physics and chem-physics and all three models.