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Atone definition: If you atone for something that you have done, you do something to show that you are | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
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Gina Haspel must atone for her past to become CIA director

Haspel herself is expected to say she has learned from past mistakes and would not go along with any future order to use waterboarding, sleep deprivation and other forms of torture. CIA veterans would also see her confirmation as a sign that the agency had been officially absolved of its misdeeds in the war on terror.

Gina Haspel is a competent, experienced and highly qualified intelligence professional. The Usage Panel is a group of nearly prominent scholars, creative writers, journalists, diplomats, and others in occupations requiring mastery of language. Annual surveys have gauged the acceptability of particular usages and grammatical constructions.

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At the centre of Midgard lies Isa, home to mankind and, at its centre, the Elder Tree. When a devastating attack wipes out the protectors of the tree, the Chieftain uses his dying breath to protect his legacy from harm. Beneath the bows of the Elder Tree he was slain, leaving behind his daughter Estra and a mysterious gemstone of unknown power.

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