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Editorial Reviews. Review. "SWOOOOOOOOON! This book just stole my heart, captivated my "Full of sugar, spice and everything nice, Trucker is a light and safe romance full of steam, humor, redemption, love, and happily ever . Angel can not believe her luck; not only is Travis hot but he is also sweet and considerate.
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She writes about the bakery in such a vivid way that I could almost taste the cupcakes. I love the cheerfulness of the place and the close way everyone works together. The easy friendship, playful banter and funny mix-ups are what's making this series great. I truly enjoy reading Kira Archer's mouthwatering Sweet Love stories. Oct 13, Tanya Vought rated it really liked it. This is my first read by this Author and it won't be my last! Sweetly, Deeply, Absolutely is sweet, sexy and fun!!! Oct 17, Lenore Kosinski rated it liked it Shelves: But in the end, I just wasn't captivated.

Now if I can just figure out why.

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OK, on the good side is Jared. I thoroughly enjoyed his charming, flirtatious, playboy self. He was hilarious when he was trying to be all charming with ever https: He was hilarious when he was trying to be all charming with everyone, and he was just playful and adorable. He just felt like the definition of incorrigible.

On the less good side was Jenny. As you can tell from the blurb, there is a pregnancy scare. And while Jenny and Jared basically have the same view on life and relationships ie fun and casual , when it comes down to the possibility of a baby, Jenny does not give Jared the benefit of the doubt. She can see herself changing, but she basically assumes Jared won't, despite what I thought was a lot of evidence to the contrary. So I was not impressed with her. Jared may have needed to grow up, but it was a lot of pot and kettle if you know what I mean.

And she was not very nice in her assessment of him. So in the end, I just didn't really like her that much. I also didn't get a great feel for who she was, sometimes she felt like a caricature, but that could be me. I seem to be having a problem with my heroines lately, and while I have no problems with a casual fling kind of girl, I just didn't feel that depth from her Just didn't work for me. I loved how she went for what she wanted, and how bold she was with Jared I was like "you go girl! It's probably just me.

I was intrigued by the other characters. I'm not sure if I was enough to want to read their stories though Not when I have so much else on my plate. And most of that would have probably had it at a 3. I needed an epilogue or something. I know, greedy greedy, but what can I say?

I like to see where things are going. In the end this book was worth it just for the Jared adorableness. Oct 03, Erin Kelly rated it liked it. The books are set in and around a bakery, and if there is anything I love as much as romance, it may be cooking. Jenny has always been a bit of a wild card, and while she gives lip service to laying low this summer, almost immediately she meets a hottie that makes her want to revert to her old ways. My Thoughts- Both of these people are a little too young and haphazard for my taste. I felt like I was reading about the hot people from high school who finally get scared enough to face reality because of a hook-up.

I had some trouble identifying with the main character because she was so confident and a bit judgmental toward the hero. I liked the secondary characters, which makes me think that I might like the rest of the series better than I liked this one. The Good- This was a fun read that provided a nice weekend break. I especially enjoyed all the scenes having to do with the bakery and the sweets.

The writing was good, and the plot clicked along well. Perhaps this is more geared to someone in their early twenties. As a mom who has been married for over 15 years, the problems just made me feel like an older sister who wanted to sit the heroine down and give her advice. Oct 15, Bette Hansen rated it it was amazing. I enjoyed this one so much! The story was fun, sweet, and definitely sexy.

Jenny Boyd is in town with a month off from the culinary school she attends in France. Looking for a little fun and games during her downtime, Jared Crew seems like the perfect partner in crime. He's a carefree, go with the flow kind of guy.

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  8. Since they both shared the no commitments philosophy there are no worries about getting too serious. That is until things get real serious real fast! A very entertaining read that ever I enjoyed this one so much! A very entertaining read that everyone should enjoy. I highly recommend it. And then some more. Add some swooning too and you got the perfect treat. So, now, they have to figure out how they will deal with whatever shows the pregnancy test. They are free spirits, love to live in the now and are the masters of their own universes.

    Their attraction is instant and undeniable. Moment after moment that Life gets them together overflows with sizzling passion and a powerful love that grows even stronger as they go on. I beyond loved every minute of reading it. The story and the characters had me from the first moment and the connection they all shared turned me into a muss inside.

    And that only made it more beautiful and precious. Thank you Kira for that! And I hope there is a next book where there would be parts of Jenny and Jared since the gorgeous last chapter had me craving more of them. Their turn deserves more than one book! Oct 19, Elizabeth Neal rated it liked it. Two people, both allergic to commitment, meet up at a bar. The attraction is intense and obviously leading toward one hot night together. There are some complications though.

    Jenny, home for a month from her Paris pastry school, is visiting her brother, Rick, and his wife, Gina, and will be working at Sweet Treats Bakery with Gina while she's there. She's having a girls' night out and, determined to behave for once, tells her friend, Gretchen, to rein her in if it seems she might revert back to h Two people, both allergic to commitment, meet up at a bar. She's having a girls' night out and, determined to behave for once, tells her friend, Gretchen, to rein her in if it seems she might revert back to her usual ways while dancing with tall, sexy, and gorgeous.

    A man that looks somewhat familiar, but she can't place him. Jared, hanging out with his friends for some relaxation and drinks, remembers Jenny. They met at Rick and Gina's wedding and while Jared was aware of Jenny the whole night, he also received the do not touch my sister warning from Rick, one he reluctantly adhered to. He hasn't stopped thinking about her and, even though he knows he shouldn't due to Rick, he wants to continue where they left off. Jenny, upon seeing him again realizes now why he looked so familiar, but still can't stop herself from wanting to enjoy some time with him.

    Jared and Jenny get their chance to spend time together when Eric and Nat announce their pregnant and, thanks to a gift from his parents, are leaving for vacation for a few weeks. What this means is they need Jared to help oversee everything, as he has done before, and since Jenny is already there, they'll have a chance to get to know each other. Their attraction continually grows and it isn't long before they succumb to temptation. They also both realize, without admitting it to each other, that one night is not going to be enough, they want more.

    They just didn't expect that more to come in the form of a broken condom.

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    Will Jared and Jenny, both having always avoided commitment, give a relationship a chance? If so, is it for the right reasons? Or only because of the possible result of the product failure? What happens when Rick finds out? Will Jenny return to Paris, leaving Jared and any possibility of a future with him, baby or not, behind? Will Jared start realizing everything in his life is temporary and start making changes to show Jenny he truly wants the long-term with her?

    Is their a HEA in store for them? One-click now to find out what happens when play time is over and these two have to start adulting. Now on a personal note, I loved the first two books. This one, I liked it and yet, I didn't. So since I'm torn on how to do this review, I'll break from my usual style and categorize what I liked versus what I didn't.

    That both characters have a promiscuous past, as opposed to it only being the guy, as is usually the case. I also like how the possibility of a baby becoming a part of their lives made both of them mature a little and realize they needed more out of life. I like how once Jared saw Jenny that night at the bar, any interest in other women left and all he could see, could think about, was her. What I didn't like: As I stated above, both Jared and Jenny have previously indulged in numerous random hookups with a variety of people in the past.

    However, it seemed as if Jared's was more in our face than Jenny's. I'll give one example of this Jared admittedly had a crush on a regular customer, Anna, at Sweet Treats who essentially paid him no attention. Now, as he sees her again after meeting Jenny, he questions what he ever saw in her because in his eyes she pales in comparison. Now with that being said, he makes a bet with Jenny on whether or not he can get Anna's phone number.

    What in the heck? You just made out with Jenny, want to be intimate with her, and yet now you're flirting with another woman and trying to get her number and bets on it with Jenny. Oh and if he wins, Jared gets another taste of Jenny. Yeah, let's involve another woman so that he can kiss Jenny again. This is so idiotic and completely unnecessary. So Anna becomes a focal point, for some reason, of the story because Jared, to win the bet and attention for the bakery, offers their services to make Anna's sister's wedding cake.

    Now Anna texts and calls him at various times throughout the remainder of the story and he seemingly jumps whenever she does. Even when one of those calls is the morning after he and Jenny spent the night making love, the same night the condom broke. Also, in front of Jenny, he's flirting with women customers. I get that some people are just friendly by nature, but there is a difference, especially when the woman you're sleeping with, or want to, has a front row seat to your flirtations. It was disrespectful to Jenny and I don't understand how she didn't junk punch him for it. And last but not least, I will also mention that, as we're made aware of in book two, Jared and Gina, due to a lot of alcohol one night prior to her marriage to Rick, made out with Jared.

    We are never given the extent of it because neither remember it, they just assume they had sex. So yeah, Jenny will now spend the rest of her life with Jared, never knowing for sure either way whether her sister-in-law had sex with him. I know this happened before he met Jenny, but what woman wants to live with that? I hate when those type of connections are included.

    They're unnecessary and no one, man or woman, wants a permanent reminder in their lives like that of a previous lover in their significant other's past. Carolyn Boyer Great review Sep 13, Sandi Thompson Great review! Sep 15, Aug 30, SBee Reviews rated it it was amazing. Speaking of avoidance, Chad knows a lot about this, which is why he is in this small town to begin with and not back home rubbing elbows with his parents and their business connections in Charleston.

    Learning the ropes before the Sheriff retires, Chad does his rounds and goes through the motions enjoying the pace of life there, but he is still waiting for his chance to get to know Tabby more. I absolutely loved this story from beginning to end and getting the parallel peek into Emberly's life at the bakery just before Jackson re-appears back in town. View all 4 comments. Aug 29, Mariana Lee rated it it was amazing. I wish I could give this book more starts The characters are brilliant and well developed, the plot is captivating and interesting. YUM, forget all your previous book boyfriend, Chad is in a league of his own.

    Tabby is a fantastic character, she is what we all want to be deep down. Who loves a girl that does everything to turn her life around and goes after what she wants? Who loves a couple that has intense chemistry and has such an instant connection? Once Chad makes the first move, how will the journey go? I adored the love story in this book, I loved the couple, I enjoyed the ending.

    The beginning was a little slow for me but once it picks up I was hooked. View all 15 comments. I adored almost every little thing about it. It was well written. It was well paced, and I was never bored or felt the need to skim. The plot was entertaining. Last, it was all wrapped up in a lovely little bow of an epilogue. What can I say about Chad? He was pretty much a perfect book boyfriend. An ex-military man turned small town cop.

    He was sexy as f-ck. He was sweet but knew when to be a bad boy. He had the patience of a saint, and he was all about Tabby. What more could you ask for? I probably would have given this book 5-Stars if it hadn't been for Tabby. For the most part, I liked her character a lot. She was a good friend. That said, she just kind of grated on my nerves a wee bit when it came to some of her interactions with Chad, and how every time her Uncle said anything to her she overreacted.

    It was just a tiny niggle though and didn't affect the way I felt about the story overall. I really want to read more about Emberly and Coco. I also got a kick out of Jimmy a bad boy in the making? I even felt a bit sorry for Daisy although as a heroine might be a hard sell unless she didn't actually sleep with Tabby's ex.

    There were quite a few sex scenes in this one and they were suitable smokin'. Nothing too kinky though, just handcuffs. This wasn't a particularly angsty read. The couple had a few ups and downs, but nothing over the top. Like I mentioned above, it was a pretty sweet and easy peasy type of read. Somewhat insta although they meet and don't start dating until a year passes. Neither were virgins thank god. There really wasn't much mention of the hero's sexual past. He didn't come off like a manwhore, nor was it mentioned if he had slept with any other women in the year between meeting the heroine and starting to date her.

    It was MY impression that he hadn't since he mentions he was taking the time to get his life together. Same goes for the heroine. There wasn't any OW or OM drama either. Would I recommend it? What type of readers would enjoy this book? I think this one would perfect for those that like their romances sweet and drama free. As well as those that like their heroes charming and their heroines sassy. This one gets two HUGE thumbs up from yours truly.

    Eyvette Abreu Awesome Review Eve: Sep 13, D Sep 13, Jul 19, Wendy'sThoughts rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Tia Louise Fans, Romance. Once upon a time there was a little girl who was left to be on her own. There was no reason given and when she was old enough to ask why People, who had the misconception of painting her with a negative righteous brush, told her things which labeled her in her mind and the community.

    They meant "No Harm" but the harm was done. This girl grew up into a bright, defiant teenager, taking a stand against the assumptions and gossip her town and preacher uncle thought of her. She took the reins of her life, the rumors and stares be damned. Now a grown woman, Tabby Green was use to how this town thought of her and she was tired of it. She was also tired of being used by a guy who whispered hot sexy things in her ear and then found him having his tongue down another woman's throat. She decides in the moment to make another bad choice and is now in a situation that just adds more fuel to the town gossip fire And to annoy her even more And why is she thinking that might be the best idea she's ever experienced Chad Tucker couldn't believe his eyes And he needed to make himself tone down his staring This Tabby Green was something else and holy hell, he really, really wanted part of it.

    Chad had to remember why he was here in this small town. Chad was a man looking for release; release from the pain and stress of not understanding why his sister was no longer here. He wanted the release from the uptight, society pressures his family thrust on him. Coming back from his time in Marines and landing a sheriff's position in this small town was just what he desired But Hot Damn, he also wanted a chance with Tabby Green and she was having none of it. For more than a year she was staying away. Chad could barely get a hello or nod. He finally got his opportunity and when it presented itself, he took full advantage.

    Sweetly, Deeply, Absolutely

    Read this and you'll be cured of any need for smokin' hot smexy times. We get all the banter, sweet and naughty all wrapped up in an Andy Dandy gift. The best of this story, though, is all the heart. Each of these people carry pain and insecurities.

    Tabby had to fight all her life the labels and assumptions the town and her preacher uncle gave her. She knew she was so much more then that and believed in herself to follow her own path. She was a solid friend and wanted to live free.

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    Chad was someone who needed to work through his own loss. He knew what he didn't want. Tabby showed him what was important and he was able to fight for it. Tia Louise has always delivered for me. She mixes all the standards of romance with her own special talents of giving more I just love her ability to give the more. These books are stand alone and can be read without the other When We Touch https: When We Kiss https: Cannot Wait to Meet these two!

    July 19, You would think a woman with a name of Tabby Green She would be all sweetness and light She has the credentials, a Preacher's Daughter Oh, what you say, that means the opposite So what is Perfect Chad Tucker doing being interested in her He is as close to the town's Super Hero as you can get Has the Military Cred, now is the Deputy Sheriff Has no business getting close with Tabby But you know when Metal is near a Magnet And the Pull is so Strong, it Moves to Connect on its own Tabby and Chad try to fight the sparks and chemistry but as they say That's what seems to happen For more Reviews, Free E-books and Giveaways.

    View all 3 comments. No OW drama, maybe a bit and very short, but his ex was a decent woman, who already moved on and supported H's new love. Respect, that this author didn't take the easy trope and avoided many popular CR tropes incl. I would rate it even higher, but It's how the h called hero's dick Plus indirect promotion of Mangum condoms View all 12 comments. Aug 31, Malene rated it it was amazing Shelves: When We Kiss made me feel so good. Oz has worked hard to become the sought-after billionaire everyone knows him to be.

    He goes after what he wants and makes no apologies for it.

    Best Romance Novels of the Last 10 Years: Edition : The Booklist Reader

    Was this over-the-top and borderline stalkerish? However, I also understand this is fiction and the crazy ride that Miles and Mallory embark on is simply fun to read. If you have read anything by Alexa Riley in the past, you will know the types of exaggerated heroes she conjures up. Her heroes are larger than life, possessive bastards and I love it. All in all, Everything for Her was a lot of fun to read. I found myself often stopping while I was reading this book to simply take in how much I was loving every word.

    I love books that make me feel this way. I feel like this author stands out and has developed a unique writing style that is enthralling. Full of wonderfully written secondary characters, a hero in hot pursuit, a heroine who does not see him coming and moments that will simply melt you — this book had it all. View all 22 comments. Dec 29, Bibi rated it it was ok. Most AR fans were in any one or even all of these 3 states the minute they heard Everything for Her would be a full-length novel. Will the plot align with the cornerstone of all AR books?

    That is, insta-love, virginal h, Alpha male. Can they pull this off? Enquiring minds wanted to know. All things considered, this book was done expertly, without forsaking the essence of an AR read. However, it was a fairy tale. A fairy godfather tale, to be exact. Which isn't necessa Waiting. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing except when the story borders on the saccharine. To be clear, the story was neither lacking nor poorly structured rather, I found the theme uninteresting.

    The poor orphan Annie meets Henry Higgins sort. I never did like Annie. Therein lies my issue. It appears it's inherently difficult for authors of the Con-Rom genre to veer off script. I particularly wanted AR to do something different from the usual. To date, they've published upward of 65 books as listed on GR , yet, not once have they deemed it possible to gift the reader with a female who wasn't in financial dire straits or a virgin.

    What was the point of writing a full novel which was derived from their norm? Substitute Mallory with any of the previous female leads of an AR book and you wouldn't be too far off. Why is it difficult for AR to create a female lead with layers, complexity, friends more than one , a thought process, wit, self-confidence, and an awareness of the world they inhabit it's called Google, ladies, use it. Do you see my dilemma? I mean, making love , breed excuse me, I meant impregnate , obsess over my bad.

    How about having a conversation? What is the Dow Jones average? Your thoughts on Brexit? Can we harness your wealth for a purpose other than buying me clothes? I love a fairy tale as much as the next woman but sex and the buying of clothes and the punching of other men who look at me does not a love story tell, IMO. So, what if Oz paid her fees and obsessed over her? And ensuring she was safe by employing personal bodyguards? That she never had to pound pavements or scroll the online ads for a job? A pulsating love story, but one done with dimension and depth. Sadly, this did not deliver.

    Altogether, an average read reminiscent of the usual which didn't quite work for me.

    See a Problem?

    Please feel free to read this as I fear my opinion is the minority. View all 59 comments. This one was just good for me Maybe my expectations were too high or something. I found that it dragged a lot and I was bored. I think the authors could have cut down on the time it took Mall finding out the big secret and spent more time with Paige and Mile's groveling. I hate a heroine that gives in literally hours after view spoiler [finding out most of her life and achievements of the past 5 years were a lie. The beginning was super slow, the middle part picked up, but then we went back to the super slow that dragged on and on.

    I also didn't find Mile's particularly alpha like a typical AR hero. In fact, I found him and Mallory a little on the bland side. AND, because I feel in a particularly picky mood today, I will say I also didn't like that view spoiler [they only had one child hide spoiler ] Ya, Ya, picky much Eve? What can I say? I view spoiler [like lots of babies hide spoiler ] I was just underwhelmed. So I AM looking forward to that one View all 77 comments. View all 6 comments. I freaking looove this blurb! December 27, Pre-order: After graduating at the top of I freaking looove this blurb! And then you realize it wasn't fate at all… I've wanted to care for and protect her since the first moment I saw her.

    View all 3 comments. Dec 30, Geri Reads rated it it was ok. Alexa Riley has been one of my go-to authors whenever I want a quick, sexy, super steamy read. Everything for Her is their first full length novel, and this book had everything long time fans could want in an Alexa Riley book. Super steamy sexy scenes? That said, I wish I enjoyed the story a lot more. I found myself a bit put off by the hero's stalkerish and possessive nature. There are times when I find myself e Alexa Riley has been one of my go-to authors whenever I want a quick, sexy, super steamy read.

    There are times when I find myself enjoying a possessive hero but there is a thin line there. Unfortunately, Oz was just too much. I felt like he crossed the line by taking away a lot of her choices. He provided her with everything she needs without her knowing it was him but a cage is still cage regardless of whether it's made of gold or wrought iron. There are certain things that the hero did which made me uncomfortable.

    I get the fantasy of having someone there to give you everything you could dream of. I wish I just couldn't turn off this other scenario in my head where instead of a billionaire, the hero is just a regular guy who still lives in his mom's basement. Imagine that guy doing everything this hero did. And having a hot billionaire do it instead of your run-of-the-mill basement dwelling stalker doesn't make it less so. The whole thing would have been much better for me if the heroine had more choices or acted more independently instead of just accepting everything the hero did.

    She did feel deceived, and rightfully so. But her acquiescence was too easy.

    Sexy Audiobook

    It didn't end up all that bad. Alexa Riley has such an easy writing style that reading this book was painless. Plus the smuttastic steam was phenomenally hot, as usual. And the sweetness towards the end is vintage AR. I have no doubt AR fans will love this book even if I didn't. Despite my misgivings, I would recommend this book to fans of insta-love, over-the-top possessive, obsessive heroes. If you love this type of fantasy in your book then Everything for Her is definitely written for you.

    ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. View all 27 comments. This book was mostly everything the hype said it would be. It was passionate and intense. I loved everything about it. It was a little nuts to tell you the truth, but in a nice way. He said so many sweetly intense things to the heroine. I can't quote them all.

    To do so, would mean I would have to include most of the dialogue. They are sweet together and this was a full length story finally. However, I have to sheepishly admit the truth, I felt it had too much unnecessary information and scenes. For me, the whole drama at the beginning with her discovering the truth was necessary, but after they get together, I felt like many of the other scenes were superfluous.

    At one point, I was just tired of reading about the office drama and other small events like her getting dressed. Honestly, it was starting to sound like a Harlequin at that point and not an Alexa Riley story. These are my only issues with this book, and the only reason why it lost a star. It had an nice epilogue. You know when you have a failed alpha book. This may be a good comfort read. Now, I am so very glad I preordered her next full length book. These two are going to be EPIC! Chemistry is off the charts. Completely safe without any issues here NONE!

    Totally random thought here, I often wonder why fictional couples, who want large families, never adopt!? Seriously, these two had a lot to give a sweet unwanted child. Just my random thought. View all 16 comments. Dec 21, Maya rated it really liked it Shelves: ARC received in exchange for an honest review. After so many short novellas from this author and after so many complains about them being so short, we now get out satisfaction with Everything For Her. If you've read at least one of this authors books then you know what to expect.

    Having so many pages to gush about the writing, the romance and the angst is a perfect Christmas gift. I loved the story from the start to finish. There really wasn't anything that I didn't like, honestly. And that happens maybe one in a five hundrets books for me. There is a reason I'm such a huge fan of AR and they didn't let me down with this story. The hero is so amazing. But I'm going to be honest, had I met him in real live, I'd run for the hills, since he is so OTT and obsessed with his woman. But that's exactly the reason he makes a perfect book boyfriend.

    There is truly nothing that he wouldn't do for her. I admit, his original plan of how to get Mallory backfired at him and left him for a few days in agony but besides that, what an amazing hero! Also, as far as Mallory's character goes, she's just so cute and charming in her own way. She's super smart and really worked herself to the bones to get to where she's now. Since she's an orphan, her life wasn't all roses and sunshine. That made her a fighter. And once she loves, she loves deep. Her bestfriend Paige is an awesome character and together they make a great team.

    When the truth came out, all seemed to crumble for Mallory but she found a way to move on. The only thing that I didn't like about this story is the question what happens to Miles's father. I think we'll get the full answer to that in Paige's story. Can't wait to see what happenes between her and Captain, as she calls him. All in all, I think AR should stick to full novels. Now that we've got them, there's no turning back to the short stories.

    View all 31 comments. Mar 27, Kelly and the Book Boar rated it did not like it Shelves: Find all of my reviews at: To begin with, this is about a stalker who gets the girl. It made me think that I probably should create a GoFundMe page in order to get the psychiatric help I obviously need. He has a signature scent. To all my friends who love her stories. View all 47 comments. Dec 28, Alba and Her Secrets.. Who doesn't know Alexa Riley by now? Let me tell you something about them, just in case. They are two amazing women that write smutty, OTT short stories.

    They are pretty famous on the novella genre but now, finally, they gave us what many have been asking for: And it was great start on this new stage in their career. Now this is no exception to what is normal in AR's stories: Oz has been obsessed with Mal since he first laid eyes on her and he has drawn her path to him since the beginning.

    Mallory falls for him too but there are obvious obstacles between them. Well, this is definitely AR style! These two ladies do not disappoint with their first novel, especially if you enjoyed their short stories before. Oz is their typical alpha but now we get to see the whole thing. Miles is determined to claim Mallory, he puts himself in her path, she starts working in his company without her knowing anything about it and it's impossible for her not to fall in love.

    So I had peach cobbler for lunch. Of course, as you can imagine, the chemistry between the main characters is off-the-charts! Alexa Riley knows how to write the sexy times!

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    Miles is a dirty talker and Mal is a sassy heroine! The man always takes care of his sweet Mallory ; The sex is quite frequent but it mixes well with the whole love story and all the other moments we get with the other characters. I take care of everything. He did seem, to me, like a full-on stalker sometimes. It's different when that happens in a shortie: