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Like the soil eroding at the shoreline, the ebbing tide steals from me, my own self worth.

ROGER WATERS: "The Tide Is Turning" (HD)

A relentless onslaught of feeling inadequate, of feeling incompetent enough to bring to fruition, what has been given by the universe. This is the fourth draft of this piece A tightrope is erected between consistency and quality and like two amateur tightrope walkers these halves attempt to meet in the middle. Meanwhile the ebbing tide continues to suck in all attempts to maintain any semblance of self worth. But there is a point at the peak of the ebb, at the lowest moment in the entire phase, where I feel I can longer endure, if I were not to attempt one last time to write and make it all the way to the end.

At this fragile moment I write, it is not a decision born out of choice but rather despair, I must write, there is no excuse left, the tide has carried them all with it, into the depths of the sea.

A Bit Of Detail

And so I write. I write to be consumed by it.

Two cousins

Hoping nothing of me survives, only so that I may never have to go through this infernal torture again. I write until the words gush from the depths of their slumber, like a reservoir door opened after a night of pouring rain. This is where the ebb ends and there is a respite from the hollowing of the self. As I write the tide turns, each keystroke adding more strength to the return of the flood. The tide builds, it builds and it builds upon itself. Like a shipwrecked sailor I cannot fathom how it does so, but is does. Passages are stacked upon passages by a will of their own.

I wait for the tide to build like an orchestra warming up, tuning itself, setting a pace. Conducting itself, the verbs, the adjectives, the nouns line themselves up into various sections and the movements begin to write themselves.


The Tide Rises, the Tide Falls

And yet I wait for the tide to build. I wait for the melody to reach a point, where it can no longer be contained, where it must be let loose, where it must burst forth from the instruments, the walls of the hall into the world. There is nothing left to do but gird myself for the tide. And the tide returns with a force that often scares my fragile self.

Frances finally accepted his proposal the following spring, ushering in the happiest eighteen years of Longfellow's life. The couple had six children, five of whom lived to adulthood, and the marriage gave him new confidence. In , he published Evangeline, a book-length poem about what would now be called "ethnic cleansing. In , Longfellow decided to quit teaching to devote all his time to poetry. Both books were immensely successful, but Longfellow was now preoccupied with national events. With the country moving toward civil war, he wrote " Paul Revere's Ride ," a call for courage in the coming conflict.

A few months after the war began in , Frances Longfellow was sealing an envelope with wax when her dress caught fire.

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Despite her husband's desperate attempts to save her, she died the next day. Profoundly saddened, Longfellow published nothing for the next two years. Later, he produced its first American translation. When the Civil War ended in , the poet was fifty-eight. His most important work was finished, but his fame kept growing. In London alone, twenty-four different companies were publishing his work. His poems were popular throughout the English-speaking world, and they were widely translated, making him the most famous American of his day.

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From to , Longfellow published seven more books of poetry, and his seventy-fifth birthday in was celebrated across the country. But his health was failing, and he died the following month, on March When Walt Whitman heard of the poet's death, he wrote that, while Longfellow's work "brings nothing offensive or new, does not deal hard blows," he was the sort of bard most needed in a materialistic age: I should have to think long if I were ask'd to name the man who has done more and in more valuable directions, for America.

Aftermath Ballads and Other Poems Christus: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, one of the " Fireside Poets ," wrote lyrical poems about history, mythology, and legend that were popular and widely translated, making him the most famous American of his day. Poem for the fiftieth anniversary of the Class of in Bowdoin College. How beautiful is youth! Book of Beginnings, Story without End, Each maid a heroine, and each man a friend!

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Leave this field blank. A Romance Kavanagh: The tide rises, the tide falls, The twilight darkens, the curlew calls; Along the sea-sands damp and brown The traveller hastens toward the town, And the tide rises, the tide falls.