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Trucker and Pup [Drew Hunt] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. For months, office worker Kevin Lawrence has carried a torch for Joey.
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Someday he hopes to meet the kind of man he writes about. Faye Kennedy on May 20, Ok people this one is a must read..

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I fell into love with both of these characters. Joey and Kelvin's story was absolutely beautiful to read.

Hunt is an amazing author. Sweet Joey is wanting to please his master but he's been in an abusive partner before. He's always admired trucker, Kevin having a secret crush, but with his ex still lurking around he's terrified. Leaning back in the saddle, Joey was certain his passenger was sporting wood. The two made slow progress towards the back entrance to the block of flats, Kevin needing to lean quite heavily on Joey, the latter finding it strangely appealing.

Turning Kevin round to face him, Joey stared down at the smaller man. Well not often anyway.

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Joey mused as he picked the bloke up. He wondered what would happen with a man who was naturally submissive. Finally reaching the third floor, Joey gently set Kevin down as he fished out his key.

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Joey could even detect the faint odour of lavender furniture polish. After setting Kevin on a stool in the kitchen, Joey went to the fridge to confirm his suspicions. Not finding what he was after, he depressed the pedal on his waste bin and pulled out an unopened packet of bacon. Joey noticed it and immediately went to reassure his guest.

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It seemed to suit Kevin, those chocolate drop eyes of his looked so much like those of his dog, Bertie. Joey hoisted up his burden and carried him into the bathroom.

Trucker and Pup is my favourite of Drew's stories so far and the transformation of the characters is very compelling! From discussions, I know that Drew considers Trucker and Pup his favorite.

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Although he thinks that since it's one of his most recent works, his feelings may be shaded. Tim's Brody Comes Home story is complete on Nifty: His next story will feature the high school lad who worked part-time in the flower shop.

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I read Trucker and was at first a little confused as the subject isn't something to which I'm attracted. However, the quality of writting pulled me in and had me captivated until it's finish. I'm glad I read it because of the depth of the characters. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.