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The past few years have rendered the buying power of black audiences undeniable, no matter how deep in the sand studio executives choose to bury their heads.

  1. Have Black Panther and A Wrinkle in Time got black feminism all wrong? | Film | The Guardian!
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Expressions of black success in Hollywood are in closer proximity to the mainstream than ever before: From the earliest conceptual stages to the advertising, this production has worn its cultural heritage on its sleeve. The writer of such modern protest anthems as Alright fits snugly in with a film steeped in a specific sense of black thematics and aesthetics.

Will Black Panther be Marvel's biggest blockbuster yet? | Film | The Guardian

Even more promising is the fact that a movie probably budgeted in the hundreds of millions has been informed by Afrofuturist styles. The costumes, designed by Ruth Carter, another black collaborator, split the difference between the usual capes-and-tights getup and the customary garb of the Maasai, Himba, Dogon, Basotho and Tuareg peoples.

In other words, it has to actually be good in addition to having arrived at an opportune moment in the zeitgeist. Fortunately, Coogler proved himself a skilled conjurer of blockbuster-scale emotion and thrills with the rousing Creed in All signs indicate that the young film-maker does indeed have the juice.

Have Black Panther and A Wrinkle in Time got black feminism all wrong?

In fact, the opposite may very well be true. Also, does it always serve black women to be seen as magical? Emerging UK film-maker Jenn Nkiru is cautiously optimistic: But a couple of films that have done very well is by no means a signifier that things have changed. But the proportion of black female film-makers, producers, distributors or even actors barely changed in that year period.

Will Black Panther be Marvel's biggest blockbuster yet?

Having little tolerance for the failure of black women is a critique of both the film industry and of black girl magic itself. It is a concern that film studios, aware that diverse audiences will pay good money to see themselves represented in their strength, will still not support projects that portray diverse characters in their complexity. It can have a huge impact on your mental health, leaving you with imposter syndrome.

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But it is former first lady Michelle Obama whom Mask credits for taking black girl magic global. Somewhat straying from its radical roots, Mask acknowledges that black girl magic β€” as with everything else in our consumerist society β€” is now a brand. Then April Reign developed OscarsSoWhite and all of a sudden everyone is talking about the lack of diversity.

On TV, there is a similar story: But Gould and Nkiru argue that we have actually gone backwards. For all the opportunities that black girl magic creates in film and on TV, ultimately Nkiru warns against creating another limiting trope: