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Only seven years bad luck to go. Not 47, as I had been assuming. Only I could celebrate breaking a mirror, I realised, as I shovelled up shards.
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According to this superstition, breaking a mirror means seven years of bad luck unless you take the pieces outside and bury them under moonlight. From around the web The new way to profit through Indian real estate, safely! An Exclusive Real Estate Investment: Creative recycled newspaper art displayed in Jaipur. Miss Diva runner-up Roshni Sheoran gets a warm welcome.

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Sonu Sood was happy to get time off for Ganesh Chaturthi. Read Post a comment. It was so easy I thought I had cracked it. From now on I would do all my DIY with sticky-back hanging hooks. I could probably finish the house by using them if I really put my mind to it. Anyway, I thought this sticky-back hanging thing was the answer to all my problems.

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Then while I was out one day it gave up and the mirror fell off the wall and smashed to bits. I came home, stared down at the sharp, glittering pieces and the thought entered my head: Only seven years bad luck to go.

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Not 47, as I had been assuming. Only I could celebrate breaking a mirror, I realised, as I shovelled up shards of glass.

I have broken a mirror — only seven years bad luck to go!

They had to come. I wanted to get on with it. I raced up there to find her grazing happily. She looked up, chewing a mouthful of sweet spring grass languidly, as if to say: Yes, either that or the horse is alive, fast asleep and fat as a barrel after stuffing her evil old face with prime Surrey grass. Or, in an alternate explanation, the damaged soul seeks revenge against the one responsible for its injuries.

Why is it bad luck to break a mirror?

The means of revenge varies, but often includes the loss of a close friend or the death of someone in the household [source: The idea that broken mirrors can bring bad luck most likely stems from the ancient Greeks, who believed spirits lived in reflective pools of water. In fact, the fate that awaited Greek mythological figure Narcissus may have grown out of this belief.

7 Years Bad Luck, So They Say. (Breaking Mirrors)

Narcissus fell in love and it was his undoing; so besotted was he with his own reflection in still waters that he pined for himself or, by some accounts, the visage of his late twin sister until he died [source: Regardless of the way it started, the notion that breaking a mirror brings bad luck is prevalent in cultures around the world, ranging from Greek and Chinese to Indian and American. Whether you subscribe to the superstition or not, breaking a mirror is bad news — if only because of the mess it creates.

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