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Leepike Ridge has ratings and reviews. Betsy said: I am a traitor to my sex. I must be. All evidence clearly points in that direction. If
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Before he wrote the bestselling Cupboards trilogy and Ashtown Burials series , N. Wilson delighted readers with his first unforgettable action-adventure story of survival. Thomas Hammond has always lived next to Leepike Ridge, but he never imagined he might end up lost beneath it! The night Tom's schoolteacher comes to dinner and asks Tom's mother to marry him, Tom slips out of the house and escapes down a nearby stream on a floating slab of packing foam.

The night and stars lull Tom to sleep, and when he wakes, he has ridden his foam raft all the way to the ridge, where the stream dives underground. Flung over rapids and tossed through chasms, Tom finally hits shore, sore but alive. What Tom finds under Leepike Ridge—a dog, a flashlight, a castaway, a tomb, and buried treasure—will answer questions he hadn't known to ask, and change his life forever.

Now, if only he can find his way home again. Wilson's first book for young readers is a remarkable adventure, a journey through the dark and back into the light. All the characters weren't hesitant in their …more I do too. All the characters weren't hesitant in their responses i couldn't put down the book.

It was sad when Jeffrey turned bad though and Phil dies. I thought Phil was going to marry her. But in the end i think Reg was the better choice. See 2 questions about Leepike Ridge…. Lists with This Book. Jul 29, Betsy rated it it was amazing. I am a traitor to my sex. All evidence clearly points in that direction.

First I fell head-over-heels gaga for Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Girls didn't always get the jokes. The House of Power struck me as particularly fun. Blank stares from my female co-workers. Now I've read "Leepike Ridge" and if I am not physically shoving this book down your throat it is only because I have faith that this THIS book must surely be the exciting boy-centered tale that's going to win over mutual genders.

There's a practical tale of a boy finding a new father figure Add in the fact that the writing itself is remarkably good I used an unprecedented six colored tabs on cool sentences in the first chapter alone , the plot riveting, and the book itself a kind of Hatchet meets Holes and you've got yourself one heckuva debut novel, my friend.

And if I hear anyone so much as yawn in its direction, heads are gonna roll. Things could be better. Two years ago Thomas Hammond's father died in a plane crash and since that time the boy and his mother have lived quite simply in their weirdo home on top of a rock. Now Elizabeth, Tom's mom, is looking like she might marry the dweeby schoolteacher, Jeffrey, who's been courting her and her son is not pleased with the situation. In a fit of pique Tom finds a bit of styrofoam packing material and proceeds to lazily ride it down the local stream. Then he falls asleep and before he knows it the foam is sucked into a series of underground caverns with Tom just barely clinging to his life.

And then, THEN he finds himself stuck in a world where there is no escape, no light, no food, and no comfort. As Tom finds two unlikely allies in his new prison, Elizabeth remains certain that her boy is alive and finds herself facing a crew of men intent upon locating the treasure they're so very certain lies wherever Tom might be.

Wilson's slick, you know. The kind of author who can get away with introducing his hero's age by writing something like, "Tom had traveled around the sun eleven times when the delivery truck brought his mother's newest fridge Anyone can write, "Tome was eleven" but "Tom had traveled around the sun eleven times"??? Basically what we're dealing with is an adventure novel with a soul. It's easy enough to look at this book with a clear man vs. Being buried underground only to reemerge through your parents' bed, for example.

Well that's just rife with the kind of psychoanalytic stuff teachers just go goofy for. I suppose I could work myself up and write a paper on how this book melds myth and action and creates something that's both new and familiar, but I'll leave that to our future scholars, if you don't mind.

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It's fun to compare academic adults in kidlit. Konigsburg does it, for example, it feels like she'd much rather be talking to the over set anyway. Yet when Wilson does it, it feels just that he isn't talking down to kids but at them as equals. This book is that difference. There's always going to be a debate over whether or not kids are going to read such n' such a book if it's "good".

I like to think that "Leepike Ridge" has enough guts and gore and great writing and smart characterizations to attract ALL kinds of readers, no matter who they might be. This one is worth holding onto. View all 7 comments. Jan 14, Douglas Wilson rated it it was amazing Shelves: Nate does great work. Just read again after a number of years. Jul 17, Belphoebe Merkle rated it it was amazing.

Leepike Ridge

Really a fun read! Honestly, I don't just give Nate Wilson's books all 5 stars. Okay, maybe I do but not by default. They just all earn every single star. Leepike Ridge rushed into my life on a slab of Styrofoam and whisked me into the current. I hadn't been reading much due to being stuck in the middle of a less-than-favorite book and late nights of college study but Leepike wouldn't be put down. The characters were quaint but real. The setting was vivid. The tension built and built as Wilson masterfully executed Honestly, I don't just give Nate Wilson's books all 5 stars.

The tension built and built as Wilson masterfully executed a couple of villain POV chapters which ratcheted up the stakes drastically. Plus, in between Ridge's covers rests one of my new favorite scenes in literature: The brilliant irony of dialogue is real in this book. In the end, this book grabbed me, pulled me under, and left me gasping for breath right along with Tom and the rest of the cast. Five stars for that. View all 6 comments. Aug 18, Kate rated it it was amazing. I read a review that made comparisons between this book and Louis Sachar's Holes. This kind of comparison always makes me skeptical.

And I get it now. This one is worthy of that comparison -- and then some. And this book will definitely appeal to fans of Holes. Leepike Ridge is a book for every kid and every grown kid who played in refrigerator boxes, caught critters in the woods, and floated down creeks on homemade rafts. It's a fantast I read a review that made comparisons between this book and Louis Sachar's Holes. It's a fantastic story with a grand adventure, a heroic boy, bad guys that you love to hate, a loyal dog, and a hidden treasure.

The fact that it's beautifully written with magical, transporting descriptions is gravy.

If you know and like a boy between the ages of, let's say 9 and 13, Leepike Ridge would make a fantastic gift! This book was an adventure and I rather enjoyed it. Nov 30, Jean rated it it was amazing. This book starts out with a familiar "my mom is dating a man I don't like" kind of scene.

But there is a twist. For example, there is a hint that the house that Tom and his mother live in is really different - it is chained to the top of a rock and experiences frequent power surges that cause appliances to fizzle. But the twist that grabbed me was the writing. The descriptions were beautifully written. The author can really write a good sentence. Then comes another grabber. Tom, in trying to ret This book starts out with a familiar "my mom is dating a man I don't like" kind of scene.

Tom, in trying to retrieve a large piece of packing foam from the stream near his house, takes a notion to use it for a raft for a while. In the middle of the night. And he falls asleep. He wakes up as the raft gets sucked into a strong current and he struggles in the water until he finds himself in an underground cavern. I didn't want to put it down at this point, but I had to. And when I picked it up, I didn't put it down again until I finished it. The characters, including Tom's mother, are very real. The bad guys are suitably creepy, but the "good" guys have their secrets as well.

The action is well paced and the ending is a stunner. This would be great for boys, but I think girls would love this too. I can see this will be on many state book award lists next year. Nov 10, Abby Johnson rated it really liked it. For some reason, I thought this book was fantasy before I started reading it.

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I don't know where I got that idea. Young Tom Hammond was just playing with the giant foam piece from the refrigerator box. He was playing with it outside because he wanted to get away from his mom's new boyfriend. He didn't mean to fall asleep on top of it and float down the creek. And he certainly didn't mean to get sucked underneath the mountain and trapped in an underground cave. But now Tom is st For some reason, I thought this book was fantasy before I started reading it.

But now Tom is stuck with no food, no light, and no hope of escape. Although everyone up top thinks Tom is dead, Tom's mother believes that he's alive. And unfortunately a band of treasure-hunting bad guys are worried that Tom might beat them to an underground treasure.

If Tom can survive the dark and the wet, he just might find the treasure. He also might find out what really happened to his father. But first, he'll have to find his way out from under Leepike Ridge. I enjoyed this engrossing underground adventure story with a host of quirky characters. Feb 16, Heather rated it it was amazing. Many teachers and librarians are calling this book one of the best books written this year. Dec 13, John rated it it was amazing Shelves: Wow, what a great read! This is a really fun adventure story in the vein of Tom Sawyer and Treasure Island.

Wilson does a great job of making you turn the pages. I highly recommend this one for both kids and adults. Aug 20, Sarah rated it it was ok Shelves: So many people love it, though, that I'll have to try it again later. Feb 07, Jeremy rated it really liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

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