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This stuff can apply to a loss of job, a circumstance/opportunity, relationship, or anything else that you just need to get over. Yes, even when you.
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My personal relationships were still somewhat unsatisfying and often conflictual, my self-confidence was low, and physically I struggled with pain and chronic illness.

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How Do I “Just Get Over It?”

When things go wrong in our lives, our tendency is to try and move on as quickly as possible. So if we're over it, why is it that our bodies still feel so bad? Why the sinking feeling in our stomachs, the tightness in our throats, the heaviness in our chests? If we're going to get over it, we must have peace between what our bodies feel and what our minds tell us, and this can only be achieved if we are willing to feel real emotions.

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My quest for health and happiness became most productive, when I discovered that the real progress was happening when I actually experienced real emotion and received real empathy. For me, our emotions are what connects us. Our stories are different but our emotions are universal. As I continue to heal and help others to do so, I find that the real relief we all crave, can only happen when we actually process real emotions ; i.

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I have also realized that often in talk therapy, we are crying and frustrated, which looks like sadness and anger, but are often, not a real processing of sadness and anger. We must have the courage to actually feel our emotions, and recent discoveries in neuroscience, are validating what we, somatic therapists, have known for years. The problem is everything we feel is not an emotion.

When we talk about how we feel we are using our logical minds to explain.

Feelings are perceptions of what is happening in situations that have evoked emotion. If we are perceiving, we are drawing conclusions and deciding how we are. Damasio cites pertinent brain research, that proves the existence of a reactionary, time lapse, as we go from experiencing an emotion to having a feeling.

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Neurons are the brain cells that transmit information. Emotions happen in our bodies within the exact instant in which a situation is occurring. Feelings lead to, and require words, but emotions happen in the now. Feelings require the use of our intellectual brain. If we take into account everything Damasio is saying, we can conclude that once we explain an emotion, it no longer qualifies as an emotion.

In simply moving on, we allow our minds to try to convince us that we're fine, when our bodies are quite clearly not buying it. If the mind wins, and unfortunately, it almost always does , the body will bury the upsetting emotions, and in doing so, both the body and the mind will suffer. Emotions keep our minds healthy because they supply our brains with the truthful information we need in order to make sense of our lives. Emotions keep our bodies healthy because we feel them in our bodies, and when we can't access them, our bodies become tense.

Unable to disconnect from it, and attached a lot of emotion to the event.

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This person has, from that day, been living nearly every minute in that constant state of fear and panic. Wanting desperately to be rid of the terrifying thoughts, the flashbacks and the nightmares. Not understanding why this is happening.

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And absolutely no idea how to be free of it……as much as they try. Their Unconscious Mind has completely programmed this constant thinking and believes it is keeping the person safe…. Today there a several types of PTSD being diagnosed that have many different symptoms and require different levels of treatment. My example above is a very simple explanation that will hopefully give a basic level of understanding.

There is much talk nowadays about Mental Health Awareness. We are regularly hearing about the high levels of Depression, Anxiety, PTSD and others in society and how much of a problem it is.