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It is our responsibility to decide our destiny! Therefore, our destiny depends upon whether we live in harmony with God, following His moral teachings. Another book was opened, which is the book of life. 2 Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.
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Your book has been an excellent tool for introducing the person and work of the Holy Spirit. These folks are really open hearted and hungry to grow in the Lord and, especially in the Word. We are now using your day devotional as a springboard for learning how to grow in the relationship. It was very inspirational and helpful, and a true eye opener. We are very appreciative and thankful for this booklet. Although a few of my friends had been raised with the knowledge of the Holy Spirit, some including myself had not.

We were so thankful for the wonderful teaching. I found Life in the Spirit to be an amazing booklet of encouragement, uplifting teaching, and pertinent scriptural references. Even in my mid-eighties, I still look for ways to draw closer to the Lord. Life in the Spirit. Live Each Day as a Spirit-filled Warrior.

Faith To Move Mountains. Encounter the Holy Spirit. You might learn just how much God is in love with you. You might fall completely and totally in love with your Heavenly Father. You might learn that God desperately wants to be in every detail of your life. You might hear God speaking to you clearly throughout the day. You might not want to ever leave His Presence again. He wanted a better and a blessed life.

He wanted to change his destiny. Jabez decided to call on the Lord to change his destiny. He went directly to the source of all blessing and favour , the Lord himself. He knew that God could transform his life completely. He did not seek promotion and favour from men. He did not look to friends or relatives or influential people to show mercy on him and help him to prosper. He looked to the Lord Himself for the blessing of his life.

Jabez called on the Lord to shower His blessings upon him. He wanted God to remove every curse from his life. He wanted the blessing of God upon his life. He wanted the favour and the goodness of God upon his life. He knew that the blessing of God would remove every wretchedness and misery from his life. The blessing of God would enrich every area of his life including the spiritual,physical, material,social etc.

He did not want a stagnant and stunted life. He wanted a life of ever increasing usefulness and influence. He wanted to grow and expand in every area of his life. He wanted the Lord to enlarge his borders and territories. He had an expanding vision and dream for his life and he wanted God to prosper the work of his hands. Jabez wanted the presence of God in his life.

He did not just seek after the blessing of God. He wanted the very presence of God in his life. He did not want the Lord to remove His Hand from his life. I struggle with worrying about my future. I want to know God as a father.

Joseph Prince - God's Favor Will Cause You To Reign In Life - Classic Sermon

God will heal you, and fill the empty place in your heart; all you have to do is ask. Dark times come to all of us. They are a test. God wants us to stay in faith and keep believing that He will make it right for us. Stop saying negative things to and about yourself, and instead say: I am loved by the Creator of the universe. God has a fantastic destiny in store for me. O Lord my God, I will give thanks to you forever. I hope that helps a little. Thank you so much for your encouragement and kindness. The verse you shared is one of my favorites too and uplifts me as well.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us all and giving us hope. This was exactly what I needed to read right now! Thank you so much! I am a child of the most high! Victory in Jesus name!! Infact this message has push me to the next level in life. What a faith you have build in me. Why do you think the Living God Inspired you to write His heart through you? The Living God will continue to bless you and your family and honor everything concerning you. Thank you for this.

God uses many messengers to carry His message; this is just my little part. May I just suggest to everyone to listen to this beautiful song. It never fails to bring tears to my eyes. You should probably delete this. Both of these videos appear to be for the same song, so folks can take their pick. Thank you for sharing!! Hello and Praise the Lord for this web-site. I feel alone the members are just jealous and crazy. I know God led me to this website and I love your encouraging words. They are just in time.

Came off a fast and the devil has been reeking havoc since. Please lift me up in prayer and thank you for God does use the internet for His Purpose!!!!!! CB, God might have you where you are because those people really need your help… or to allow you to grow in strength and patience in preparation for a new challenge. Either way, I pray that God will make some changes soon, so that you can have some support, peace of mind, and joy in your work!!

Your faith will allow God to perform miracles!! It means that we have a bad economy, Brenda. Say a prayer for them, and keep doing your best at your own job. You are gifted in the uplifting department. I believe I even failed 2 breakthrough test. The devil really rattled my mind….

Lost most of my friends, and even a few family members.. I am not worried any more.. I believe my breakthrough has failed to happen YET because I wanted it to much. It was as if it became an idol for me.. I believe that is why we get tested.


God’s destiny for your life will come to pass | Bizarrely Blessed

God wants to bless us, but not if the blessing will cause us to stop keeping Him 1st place. God does use bad things to make us better. It really lifted up my spirit. He rewards radical faith with radical blessings, so get ready for unprecedented favor!! Im not doing well at school and im praying that God helps me pass. Thank you for posting this it really reminded me of how much God loves me and how great he is it even made me cry. May God bless u thank you so much. Being 18 is hard, Precious. Here is one to try:. Those in school that are negative toward you? About every 10 years your life will shift and you will lose people and find even more.

Some you will hang on to, some will drift away. Many setbacks 20 hrs chronic Lyme suffering many years. Thank you… for the last couple of days I have been asking God to speak to me directly and to guide me during this challenging period in my life and you know what? May the Good God continue to use you as a vessel of hope for so many people and I pray that your sermon will reach as many people as possible!!

This is Rhema word for me. I am in the thick of a difficult situation that I see as a spiritual attack on my destiny that God has blessed me with. An opportunity that He blessed me with, someone is trying to shut the door on and destroy. I asked God to speak to me what He wanted me know about this situation and somehow I came across your message. I am overwhelmed by how timely and powerfully it speaks to my situation. For the Lord of Hosts has purposes and who will annul it? His hand is stretched out and who will turn it back?

Hi i am chammy and I am so broken right now and feeling hopeless. My life is totally ruined right now. But upon reading this post i was enlightened and i highly believe now that God wont never leave us. This is the answer to all my doubts. Chammy, I was there, I lived it for 4 years, but I stayed in faith, and God has rewarded me with explosive blessings. He will do it for you, too; just hang on a little longer, and He will get you to your destiny!! I loved this writing. Stumbled on this block and felt God was speaking to me. In spite of being a believer there are times when one feels depressed and feels like giving off, 4 hours after reading thsi I felt relieved , saw some vindication.

This post was awesome, everything you said was confirmation of what God has been downloading into me. I am a former prodical and the Holy Spirit just did a mighty transformation in my this past year. It truly is never to late, God owns time so He can catch up anyone into now time for His purpose and leave nothing wasted, even our bad choices He will use for good. God is just so awesome, I love Him so much.

Thanks for the post! I love your blog! I am waiting on the Lord as well and He has confused me. I am praying every day and he tells me not to apply to jobs. He has told me that someone will call me and offer me a job and that my enemies will become my footstool. I love Him so much but I am waiting on that person and he told me it will happen this week. I really feel sometimes that the Lord just want to test my faith. I also believe he has a huge plan for me. Nor the patience of Job. Again, I want to thank God for his faithfulness, please keep in your prayers. God bless you for this post.

God has been speaking to me a lot During these times of wilderness. He told me to get rid of my friends and I did. He told me that I will get a high-ranking job at this company yet I got fired. He still has not changed his stance and keeps telling me I will get an high-ranking job there. I do believe that I will get a job there but worried what people will say since I got fired.


I have not heard from them yet he says I will get this job which will glorify his name. God has been good, he has restored my health but I am just so confused as to when it will happen. Until that time comes, find a new job and do the best you can at it; God will bring you the promised job in His perfect timing. It can sometimes be hard to tell when it is God telling you something and when it is your own mind saying it. And, if that call does come, you will be all set. Let me know how it turns out!! I know it is His voice it is just that I feel that he just delaying it.

All the bills are paid, it is just that he said this week. I will keep you posted. Keep me in your prayers. I know that you want to obey His will, so keep in mind that, unlike human beings, God never has to delay anything; He controls everything, and knows the future, so His plan is always perfect, and does not need to change. Because God is never wrong, if what we think we heard from Him does not happen, that means that it must be that our own perception of His message was wrong.

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I prayed to God and He told me to be still and that someone will approach me with a job. I feel like I do everything right and yet, here I am with no job. I know the Lord cares and loves me but he keeps telling me I will go back this year. I really feel so lost Again, the Lord has provided and I have no debt. Please God hear my prayer.

The crucial thing here is not to see the passing time as a problem, as if it is somehow wasted. Every day that God gives us should be used to improve yourself and advance the kingdom!! Spend time every day in prayer and Bible study. Join one of the sites where people ask for prayer and pray for others.

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Find an elderly neighbor who you can help with housework and errands. Show God that you can prosper where you are, and He will bring you to the next level. I dont really know what made me click this website,but im glad i did,i feel a little lifted. I have been going through alot these last few months,i lost everything,im now homeless with two children. Please pray for my financial needs,im hurting so bad.

God if you hear me and hear my prayers lord please help me out of this situation,please answer my prayers Thank you Jesus,Amen And Thank you for speaking God words to me. Focus on believing every moment that God will bring you out of this; radical faith brings radical blessings!!

I appreciate this post, and at the worst time in my life, lost my health, and financial problems. I thought God was done with me, but was told by my a ministry person.. And yes he will drag us to save us, break us to save us, we have to embrace the pain of discipline, but in the end we will be so happy. I had the worst time of my life by far up until January, and God has rewarded my faith by restoring and expanding my life beyond all expectations; He will do it for you as well.

Radical faith leads to radical blessings!! I really appreciate it.. Plan for our lives.. I am holding on every day because every day is extremely challenging.. This post was just for me,just exactly what I needed at this point in my life.. Thank you Lord…thanks to the author.