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The Witching Hour () by Anne Rice is the first novel in the Lives of the Mayfair Witches series. It begins the tale of a family of witches, and a spirit that has.
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And so it doesn't continue to prey on your mind. You couldn't have helped Deirdre Mayfair, by the way. Carlotta Mayfair would never have allowed it. You ought to put the entire incident out of your mind. Don't ever worry about it again. Pulled from the bay and revived after drowning, the New Orleans native and restorer of old houses has discovered an unwanted talent for psychometry, picking up psychic visions off any object he touches.

Donning leather gloves to blunt the effect, Michael received a vision while clinically dead of others instructing him that he had some purpose to fulfill, but can't remember what it is he's supposed to do. He compels his doctor to track down his rescuer, hoping he might have spoken about his vision to them. Rejecting a promising career in research, Rowan has found her calling in trauma surgery. Raised by wealthy adoptive parents in Tiburon and recently orphaned, she recharges her batteries after a fifteen-hour shift by taking her yacht, the Sweet Christine into Richardson Bay and then the open sea.

The cabin of the yacht has been the location of Rowan's other favorite pasttime, taking select cops, firemen or first responders she picks up in neighborhood bars for recreational sex. Rowan has followed Michael's story in the tabloids and wants to contact him for far more than professional courtesy.

There are three people Rowan knows of that she's has killed by thought, most recently, her philandering adoptive father who threatened to leave Rowan's terminally ill adoptive mother unless Rowan slept with him. Michael's experience with psychic phenomena make him one of her people, while his rough and tumble build, blue eyes and worker's hands cloaked in leather have their allure to her as well.

Rowan takes Michael to her home and in addition to vividly describing the mystique of New Orleans and San Francisco, Rice demonstrates her facility for writing hot sex. When he saw her breasts through the thin covering of nylon, he kissed them through the cloth, deliberately teasing himself, his tongue touching the dark circle of the nipple before he forced the cloth away. What did it feel like, the black leather touching her skin, caressing her nipples?

He lifted her breasts, kissing the hot curve of them underneath--he loved this particular juicy crevice--then he sucked the nipples hard, one after the other, rubbing and gathering the flesh feverishly with the palm of his hand. She was twisting under him, her body moving helplessly it seemed, her lips grazing his unevenly shaven chin, then all soft and sweet over his mouth, her hands slipping into his shirt and feeling his chest as if she loved the flatness of it. She pinched his nipples as he suckled hers. He was so hard he was going to spill. He stopped, rose on his hands, and tried to catch his breath, then sank down next to her.

He knew she was pulling off her jeans. He brought her close, feeling the smooth flesh of her back, then moving down to the curve of her soft clutchable and kneadable little bottom. No waiting now, he couldn't. In a rage of impatience he took off his glasses and shoved them on the bedside table. Now she would be a lush soft blur to him, but all the physical details he'd seen were ever present in his mind.

He was on top of her. Her hand moved against his crotch, unzipped his pants, and brought out his sex, roughly, slapping it as if to test its hardness--a little gesture that almost brought him over the edge. He felt the prickly curling thatch of pubic hair, the heated inner lips, and finally the tight pulsing sheath itself as he entered. I did mention that The Witching Hour is , words, so, if you like the supernatural and erotica, Anne Rice has more. After three rounds of world class sex, Michael takes leave of Rowan to make a flight to New Orleans he'd booked his passage before they officially met.

Michael feels pulled to his hometown and after picking up no clues from Rowan or her boat, believes the riddle behind his vision lies in the Big Easy.


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Michael has many memories of the city, particularly a house on First Street in the Garden District his mother would take him past on walks and where a strange man watched him from the porch. Drunk, Michael heads straight for that house and sees the man again.

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The Englishman attempted to make contact with Michael in San Francisco, intrigued by his psychometric talents, and is operating under the impression that Rowan Mayfair hired Michael to do some work for her in New Orleans. Through much exposition, Lightner reveals that Rowan is heir to a vast family fortune here in the Crescent City and that house that Michael has been obsessed with--and everything in it--belongs to her. He convinces Michael to come with him to a motherhouse the Talamasca has in Metairie, where he is given a file to read on the Mayfair Witches.

Back in San Francisco, Rowan is awakened by a presence. She finds a man standing on the dock who dims away. In the morning, Rowan receives a call from Carlotta Mayfair. Miss Carl is unaware that Rowan's adoptive mother is deceased and has to notify her niece that her birth mother Deirdre passed away that morning. She warns Rowan to avoid New Orleans at all costs.

The doctor ignores her. Michael makes progress on the file of the Mayfair Witches, which goes back twelve generations and spans Scotland, France and New Orleans in an orgy of persecution, personal fortune, and madness, with "that man," who goes by the name Lasher, waiting in the wings.

Though Deirdre has slumbered in a twilight induced by drugs all of her adult life, there have been countless sightings by those around her of "a mysterious brown-haired man. Ann's Asylum claimed to have seen him--"some man going into her room! Now I know I saw that. Black orderlies in various hospitals saw "that man all the time. I know him when I see him. I call them up.

I know him and he know me and he don't come near me at all. There are the same old stories. There is even some talk of "a man around here" who doesn't want things done. The strengths of The Witching Hour and part of what has driven Anne Rice up the bestseller's charts over the years is her command of prose while trafficking in the supernatural and the sensual. Her attention to detail--whether it's describing a witch burning in the 17th century or a crumbling Irish Catholic church in the present--is so good.

Rather than ride a marketable genre to its obvious and boring conclusions, Rice paints vivid pictures of places and people. I liked how a family owned funeral parlor in New Orleans knows where all the bodies are buried and keep quiet about more than they'll ever reveal, and this is one minor character.

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I loved how Rice's characters who've come in close contact with the Mayfair witches are suffering from the same trauma as a motorist buzzed by a UFO; they've experienced something they can't explain and want answers. In another excellent stroke, Rice stumbles onto the conceit of renovating a haunted house, confident enough to cite novels about great houses like Great Expectations or Rebecca by name and in addition to crafting home design porn that matches her skin porn, raises compelling questions about whether new tenants and new fixtures are enough to drive out bad energy hovering around an old house.

The problem with The Witching Hour is that it's two stories: Rice doesn't like Rowan Mayfair much--the author's sympathies lie with her tragic men while her women seem to be asking for whatever misfortune is visited on them--and the neurosurgeon has a cunning that felt robotic to me. Rowan and Michael do spend a lot of time crying, but the machinery of their romance made me want to get back to the flesh and blood of the witches.

And , words is too damn long. Rosemary's Baby had a far more compelling story and characters trapped in a web of black magic and deceit and at 79, words, can be read in a quarter of the time. View all 36 comments. Mar 02, RunForTheRoses rated it it was amazing. I got this book for Christmas that year. I was blown away people. This was far an I got this book for Christmas that year. This was far and away my favorite Anne Rice novel, and any of the other sequels and prequels that go with it, and a major recommendation from me on great, compelling, lose-yourself type reading.

View all 16 comments. Lots of both, actually. I don't even know how to summarize what I've just finished. It's like trying to tell someone what happens in a George RR Martin novel. People threaten each other. Before I get to what cheesed me off, let me say that the middle third of this book was great. Unfortunately, the long-running cycle of Mayfair Witches seemed almost secondary to the primary plot -- a strange thing to say, yes, given that the series is called "The Mayfair Chronicles.

After pages, he's still not clearly defined. One would think that makes him mortal, but apparently not. Just one of several logic gaps. Ignore them as needed. It's a really long-term Cunning Plan tm. As for how Lasher's final transformation is to be accomplished It involves Lasher fusing himself with the fetus in Rowan's body, which then emerges in a bloody scene of horrific birthing though still vague in detail.

The whole thing is beyond serious recount. Clearly the author was going for some kind of Frankenstein tribute, but it didn't work. By this point -- somewhere around page -- I just didn't give a fuck. And who's to blame for my not caring? Michael is a classically-styled nice guy, but that's ALL he is. His niceness is boring as hell. But despite my personal feelings toward this sort of hero, Michael's woobie behavior might have been tolerable had the heroine made up for it.

Rowan has mysterious healing powers, but she can also kill people with her mind. That sounds great in theory -- except she's a moo of the first order. Excuse me for disparaging her self-righteous spews of whinge. Looking back, I can only say the book's true focus wasn't on witchcraft. I wanted to read a page book about an inbred line of witches The result was a book that felt like two different concepts forced into one unwieldy whole -- not to mention the book was pages too long.

The family compendium was quite interesting, but the rest was a borderline snooze. To conclude, here's a picture of Robb holding an armload of puppies. I feel better already. View all 54 comments. One of my top 3 favorite novels of all time. Anne Rice gets a bad rap for being pure shlock, but what most people who haven't read her don't realize is that she is obsessed with history. She studies a particular time period, learns everything she can about it, and then creates characters and sticks them in it.

She rarely disappoints me. And her prose is beautiful. You can sit down to read and realize that 2 hours have passed having not even noticed. This book is about a woman named Rowan Mayfair, One of my top 3 favorite novels of all time. This book is about a woman named Rowan Mayfair, who was given up for adoption at birth.

She has lived a very normal, successful life and become a doctor, knowing nothing of her birth family or the circumstances of her adoption. And then her birth mother in New Orleans dies. Suddenly Rowan finds herself haunted by an apparition that she cannot explain.

She is approached by an old man named Aaron Lightner who tells her that he is with an orginazition called the Talamasca. He explains that they exist to watch and study paranormal and supernatural events, but do not interfere. They have been watching the Mayfair family for hundreds of years. After this book, the Talamasca was merged into Rice's primary ongoing serial, "The Vampire Chronicles. The familiar of the Mayfair family is a very powerful spirit named Lasher. He is passed down to the first-born daughter of each generation.

Now that her mother is dead, Lasher has moved on to Rowan. Rowan decides to head to New Orleans to attend her mother's funeral and meet the family.

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VERY thrilling, exciting, white-knuckled reading ensues. This is the first book in "The Lives of the Mayfair Witches," a series which originally spanned only 3 books. But when Rice decided that it was time to end all of her ongoing serials, she merged these characters with those from the Vampire Chronicles and ended them both together. View all 5 comments.

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Nov 03, Liisa rated it did not like it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. What a queer little book although at pages, little isn't the right word! This was my first attempt at Anne Rice and I fear it might well be my last. Halfway through "The Witching Hour" , I was absolutely enthralled.

I loved the idea of The Talamasca. At that stage of the story, I would have loved knowing it was a real organisation and applied for a job. I revelled in learning the entire Mayfair history. Anne Rice has a gift for choosing the words that bring it all to life. I could imagine t What a queer little book although at pages, little isn't the right word! I could imagine the house on First Street and see everything as the characters walk through the Garden District.

So why only one star? Firstly, I thought it was too long. And that really is the crux of my complaint. How it all ends.

Witching hour (supernatural)

In a word, pitifully. For me, it not only belittled her character and relationship with Michael but made a mockery of it. None of it rang true. After wading through this, all I am left with is a feeling of being cheated. View all 21 comments. Oh what a wonderful time I had revisiting my first Anne Rice book! I love Southern Gothic and for me there is only one book that beats this one in the genre. Rice's epic tale has it all; mystery, rapture, romance, destiny, history measured in dynastic generations, omens, and decaying mansions teeming with secrets.

When you add in Rice's lush prose and fascinating characters all the variables are present for an atmospheric and engrossing read. There are too many fascinating characters to talk ab Oh what a wonderful time I had revisiting my first Anne Rice book! There are too many fascinating characters to talk about in depth here.

We get the rich, scandalous and incestuous Mayfairs as well as their sinister demon Lasher. Lasher is an accommodating spirit who offers attention and affection in times of need, but at a price. We are also given Irish-American priests, nosy Catholic Nuns, black servants and portentous cousins.

I certainly can not talk about the characters without mentioning Aaron Lightener. Aaron is an English gentleman representing a paranormal secret society whose roots go back to the murky medieval depths of the Knights Templar. How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts. The awkward case of 'his or her'.

Identify the word pairs with a common ancestor. Test your visual vocabulary with our question challenge! Definition of the witching hour. Learn More about the witching hour. Share the witching hour. Resources for the witching hour Time Traveler! Explore the year a word first appeared. First of all I want to thank you for an enjoyable read. This time constantly changes and to my understanding spells were cast when astrological alignments were favorable for the certain spell, which all could effect the actual time of day. What are your thoughts on that?

My thoughts on a time of day that ghost activity is higher; is on the fence. I have had experiences during the day with shadowy figures appearing in photos taken during the day. I feel like the energy presence could just chose to interact or not. Based on that logic, yes, the witching hour would move throughout the day depending on what you needed! I would like to clarify to everyone. I am a pagan witch and the crap you see in movies is well crap. The true witching hour is from However; they are wrong and have been.

Most of the witchcraft texts I have recommend planetary hours for workings, which have nothing to do with I suppose it just depends what people are taught. So I wrote a post about the folklore around the so-called witching hour. Writing content that readers actually want is probably the fastest way to make your blog […]. Jack pulls Marianne into an embrace. He feels warm in her arms, and she buries her face in his […]. That says a […]. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Want more folklore in your inbox?

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