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Want to add to the discussion? Hell yeah, the joke above me made me genuinely laugh. Anybody could have signed that, anybody!


Sincerely, Your Son

Please quit spewing misinfo. And Redditors are very good at doing that. Now we are a family again. He was not happy. Just move on to the next picture. Can't trust the father to be real. Yes what my son says is true, I own the steam. You are worth it, I have seen it with my own two eyes, but it means we cut and save. This might be the most important thing you ever do. I want you — no, I need you to understand this.

This is a lot of weight to carry. I have handed you a small portion of that weight. I need to know that your shoulders are strong enough to carry it. Your son sounds like he has one amazing mum who will do the very best for him no matter what. I am a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. I crossed tracks with behavior analysis when I chose to work in the field of autism.

But this comment is not to talk about me. I love this blog, I really do. I try to tell the parents that I work with all the time that I am on their side… but I have been let down before, too, so I know people do not always stick to what they say. I work so hard to try to prove to these parents that I mean what I say. Because, like you said, they are entrusting me with the well-being not only of their child, but also them and their family. It is not easy for us, which means that is it way more challenging for you. I can only hope everyday that I am making a difference in their lives, no matter how small.

I would be honored if you gave me permission to repost this on my website https: All authorship and rights would remain yours, and we would post a link to this original blog. Can you please send me your contact information or email me at tiffany thebehaviorstation. Thank you for sharing these words. We cannot do our jobs without you!

Drabble idea: Angus grows up and has a child.

I just did it again with your words! Found your post on Huffington post and as a Speech Language Pathologist working in Early Intervention, your thoughts peaked my interest. I do not know what it is like to be in your shoes but I do try to understand, in fact I probably get too emotionally involved with my kiddos and their families. I had to come read several of your posts because I felt compelled to know more about your story.

I can tell you that I feel some of your fear and anxiety. As well as I often worry about the kids I work with. I pray that I am doing the best I can for them and their families. Anyway I just want to say that you have been heard and I am sure your therapists know how you feel because as a therapist I feel the same way. Ms Masterson, I wish you well on your difficult, amazing, and inspiring journey with your son. I just wanted to offer some perhaps serendipitous information, in the outside chance that it may be of relevance or interest — regarding a rare form of autism known as Pitt-Hopkins syndrome.

Per that article, there are only about known cases of Pitt-Hopkins syndrome, which is associated with a particular genetic variation.

Welcome to Reddit,

If you feel that this comment is not relevant, or not otherwise of interest, please feel free to remove it. As the husband of a Speech Therapist who works with many special needs children I assure you that she and many others care about the children and the families of the children she works with. Does she spend 24 hours a day with them like you do? But I will tell you she is at school from 7: Her typical week-end is spent at the kitchen table writing reports and developing therapy for her speech students.

As my son and I were Chsitmas shopping these last few weeks my wife was at the kitchen table, again, doing whatever it takes to best serve her students. I assure you cares for her students and their families. Do we have the burden of the cost that your bear? She must continue to pay for her ongoing training and licensing. She must pay for virtually all her supplies, the school provides very little.

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I do not exagerate when I say this has run into the thousands of dollars. Did I say she is on a public school salary? She has foregone many personal opportunities to help her students — she, and her family, have made sacrifices so she can serve her students. I can assure you, the financial cost is not insigificant — but, she still does it, and would not do anything else. Does she bear the emotional load you do? But let me assure you — she does bear an emotonal load, not for one child, but for scores upon scores of them.

This by no means is meant to lessen the value of your emoitional involvement as a parent of a special needs child.

Dwight Twilley "Rock Yourself, Son" ("Sincerely" LP)

I know the emotions that comes with being a parent. But, I will admit that I can not put myself in your shoes. She, as I am sure you are, is on an emotional roller coaster all too often. Does she deal with the administartive nightmare that you do.


All too often, Therapists must act like lawyers. All too often therapists must be more concerned about this aspect of their job than providing the needed time with the students. Some rules are meant to be broken. The Opposite of Yelling June 10, Jax A whirling dervish of hilarious energy, Jax was adopted from China in , when he was three years old. Look a Girl Up.

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