Manual Mental Healing - Das Geheimnis der Selbstheilung (German Edition)

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Clemens Kuby lüftet das Geheimnis seiner Selbstheilungsmethode! Dabei handelt es sich weder um Mystik noch um irgendwelchen Hokuspokus. Kuby, der .
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Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Dabei handelt es sich weder um Mystik noch um irgendwelchen Hokuspokus. In diesem Buch fasst er seine Methode auf authentische und systematische Weise zusammen. Read more Read less. German Due to its large file size, this book may take longer to download. Kindle Edition File Size: Customer reviews There are no customer reviews yet. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a product review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Jutta Walter German Edition. Extra Tech News Library.

„Mental Healing – Gesund ohne Medizin“ Webcast mit Clemens Kuby & Brita C. Dahlberg

Dabei handelt es sich weder um Mystik noch um irgendwelchen Hokuspokus. In diesem Buch fasst er seine Methode auf authentische und systematische Weise zusammen. Every child is gifted for some subjects more than for others, so cooperation between children would help all to finish school with success.

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This is not the intention of the system, but to create an underprivileged class of cheep workers. The somewhat altered systems are using some democracies, with political parties between the voters can chose.

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The consequence of this is a continuously diminishing voting attendance. In present the government is dependent on money-makers, but also on people electing it. The low engagement in elections shows that people are not content with the party system in the present time democracy. To change the existing system some fundamentally new ideas are needed, essentially in economics. When the harmonic cooperation of the workers with the commercial and technical management will be established, the labour unions in the present form will be obsolete.

The Growth of World Economy was till now the only way to further prosperity. What was the meaning of Growths? It was increased production of goods and money measured by the Gross National Product. The money appearing in the Gross National Product is partially gained by speculations of a relatively small group of people irrelevant how high the amount of money and therefore not significant for the Majority. We defined Stagnation as regression, but that was said for the case of stagnation in evolution. The simple growth, like it is meant here, is Stagnation because it shows no fundamental change in economy.

Limited resources on a limited planet bring the growth inevitably to a stop. Further prosperity is only possible by reorganisation of the economy. Two essential alterations will be done: With regard to producing energy , earth is not a closed system, as it is in the case of raw materials. Our energy sources we use are fossil accumulators of sun energy. These fossil fuels are running out in about years and we must look for other sources of energy. The energy for the future must be brought in from outside directly from the sun, or indirectly from wind, water or geothermic sources, and not by biologic accumulators of sun energy.

Even burning wood, especially grown for this purpose, is wrong because it could be utilised more economically. The same is the case by using crops for conversion into liquid fuel. In both cases the arable area needed for growing vegetable food is wasted for growing crops of secondary importance. Woods are important for absorbing carbon dioxide and release oxygen.

Rain-forests can do even more — deliver fruits. The priority will be given to agriculture growing vegetable food. Now it will go in the direction of converting deserts to arable land. The desert will also be used for converters of sun- to electrical-energy. These two uses will be combined. In the shadow of the collectors absorbing heat, agriculture will be possible, supplied with water by pipelines from sea water desalination plants, also operated by sun energy.

Supply of raw material for the industry: Instead of exploiting natural resources and diminishing them by dumping the worn out products, recycling will be stringent. Planed obsolescence brings quick money, but such products will be not saleable. On a limited planet, like in a space craft, long-living products are needed and recycling them is the only possibility to continue prosperity without growing. All squandering of recourses will be stepwise diminished and replaced by recycling. Metal, glass, plastics, paper and also electronic products are just now recycled in a growing scale.

Production of Carbon Dioxide by burning fuel to produce electric energy is reducing Oxygen in our atmosphere. Carbon Dioxide is also blamed as a possible, not proved, cause for global warming. Newer the less, the owners of atomic plants take it as an argument for further use of this dangerous energy production. Meat for human food is in its production squandering of resources: Instead of diminishing hot house gases, as the rain forest does, cattle produce these gases. A study, made by the UN Nutrition and Agricultural Organization, comes to an astonishing result that agricultural meat production gives rise to more hot-house gases than all cars, airplanes, trucks and ships together [27].

Ammonia damages underground water and causes acid rain. From these arguments meet consumption should be dropped. There are also other arguments for rejecting meet as human food. Meet for human food is from the stand point of nutrition unnecessary and unwholesome. Besides all these arguments, the ethical aspect is the most important.

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Concerning the respect to all living beings and during the further mental development, the problem will solve continuously. Even now, nutrition slowly turns into vegetarianism. Arable land gets increasingly used up and needs fertilization to bring any yield. Industrial fertilizers need a lot of energy in production, and because of it will be exchanged by natural ones.

It is indispensable that organic waste be composted not burned. The agriculture producing vegetables and fruits will be more and more oriented to fresh consumption. Industrial processing of food needs a lot of energy and material metal, glass, additives and others , and impoverish the food destroying vital components.

Just now people start turning from consuming industrially processed food to clean fresh food. Some people blame money for all evil and think it should be repealed.

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But money is only a sort of energy, and can be used for good or be misused. So only the misuse of money should be forbidden. Speculations with the prise of goods, as food, row materials or energy, will be ruled out. Such speculations bring money to rich persons, and take it from the Majority. Just now international efforts are done to permit the purchases of food, row material and energy only to users, or appliers of these goods.

Such laws will diminish and stabilise the prises. It will be possible to invest money only in production of material goods.

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Institutions like banks will not exist, because they make money from money, not belonging to them. When their speculations get wrong, the government, that is all people, must pay for it to prevent the crush. In future such institutions will be banned and such activities prohibited, because also a squandering. The absence of speculations brings the prices of goods and also money to stability; inflation, as a consequence, goes to zero.

Inflation on one side is lowering the debts, also that of governments, but diminishes the purchasing power of people, and so contra productive. The human who "consumes" the planet and wears it out, is a run out model. Efforts of the people who had undergone MQE will make our planet wear-resistant, and this process is just running. In the sense of money the banks stay between the people of a country and the government. The owners of banks, factories and generally people having money that is the Minority have a big power to govern.

They can even blackmail the governments with their debts from banks and private investors. This situation is a plutocracy and not a democracy. During the harmonization of economy, society will be harmonized too. Already some states, also in the western world, think that the Gross-National-Product is not, and can not be, the measure of success, and therefore they tray to establish a Happiness Factor , a factor of feeling well. The states will try promoting the requirements to gain the Gross-National-Luck [28]. Bhutan , a small kingdom in the Himalaya , has some articles in its Constitution , showing that a major change has started in the society , and that fore is worth mentioning even it happened on the other side of the globe [29].

The moral principles of Buddhism are contained in the Constitution: Buddhism is the spiritual heritage of Bhutan , which requires the principles and merits of peace and of non-violence, sympathy and tolerance. About the environment and self-responsibility of every inhabitant the Constitution says: Every citizen of Bhutan is a trustee of natural resources and environment of the kingdom, for the benefit of today's and coming generations. The fundamental obligation of every citizen is the preservation of the rich biological diversity of Bhutan.

His obligation is also to avoid any form of ecological destruction, including noise, visual and physical soiling and pollution by introduction and support of ecologically beneficial practice and rules. The royal government will: Assure protection, preservation and improvement of the untouched environment for the protection of the diversity of species; Prevent environmental pollution and ecological destruction; Guarantee the ecologically balanced, sustained development of the country and simultaneous furtherance of entitled economical and social development, and guarantee a secure and healthy environment.

This Constitution, for a country of a high ethnic diversity, assures equal chances for all. In the preface stays, in general sense: We create today, a new, on the respect and equality founding state, with the principles of self-determination, dignity, improvement, solidarity, harmony and justice, by the distribution and redistribution of the social product. We create a state in which strive for good life prevails, with respect of the economical, social, legal, political and cultural diversity of the inhabitants of this country.

In the common living together everybody should have excess to water, work, education, health and housing. To make "good living" possible for all inhabitants of this multiethnic state; Natural goods and public services can not be private property; For the first time Pachamama, the Mother Earth, was incorporated in the constitution as a philosophical-juristic category, for securing the common well fare; Important branches of economy as oil, gas, telecommunication , transport, water and electricity are human rights and therefore common property; Democracy is decentralised by extra-parliamentary, communal and indigene autonomy, and by space for self responsibility.

Before the General Assembly, the president of Bolivia , Evo Morales, has reported about his ten commandments for saving the planet, mankind and the life on it. Finish with Capitalism; Give up wars; The world without Imperialism and Colonialism; Water as the right for all living beings; Clean and ecologically beneficial sorts of energies; Respect for Mother Earth; Elemental services as Human Rights; Consume only what is needed and prefer local products; Respect for cultural and economical diversity; God living for all people.

Global solutions exist for different aspects of life. Some of them are positive, as for instance quick transport connections for people and goods all over the globe, or personal digital communication between the majority of people, assuring quick and broad exchange of news and knowledge.

Unterwegs in die nächste Dimension

On the other side, Globalization in economy needs a lot of transport being wastage of energy, but profitable, because of cheaper production in the third world countries at the present time. Global enterprises, with their huge concentration of money and executive power over the Majority, are rivals to democratic governments. Negative aspects of Globalization prevail and are dangerous for harmonic life in society. Globalization and General-Consciousness or Network are global and have only apparently a similar scope. The difference between Globalization and General-Consciousness or Network: Globalization is an economical construction, connecting stiff all parts of the world by global enterprises, for the benefit of a Minority.

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That fore, the Globalization is a closed system, with negative influence on economy and development of society. General-Consciousness or Network is an open system, with free connections, based on Consciousness of harmonic people all over the world. In the time of Globalization, the General-Consciousness of more and more people is necessary in society to overcome the disharmonic, negative overall situation. Obviously, Globalization in economy will not exist in future, because it is destructive and disturbs society. General-Consciousness or Network has the potential needed for Harmonization of the society, and to assure a good and happy life for all people.

Risk and Rest-Risk , discussed here, should be understood as a situation produced by a Minority, intentionally for profit. Rest-Risk is a construction of the owners of nuclear power plants, chemical, biochemical, pharmaceutical and other industrial production plants, and their products, suggesting a high improbability of it. The explanation by the Minority why risky situations must be accepted is that without Risk or Rest-Risk no prosperity could be achieved, even the supply of some goods or energy could definitely not be secured. In the past and in the present, technical and economical developments with Risk and Rest-Risk are attractive for a Minority because of hunger for power and high profit, in spite of danger for health and life of all people.

Such standpoint of a Minority testifies its immorality. The corresponding and necessary development is to gain the Ethic and Moral Standards. It is evident that there is an absence of Ethics, because governments in some countries see the necessity to establish ethics commissions. The deficiency of Ethic means deficiency of old virtues: Without these virtues a stable society is impossible.

Risks for health from alcohol, smoking, drugs, tined food, eating meet and similar, we can avoid alone, every one by him self. Risks endangering fundamental needs for life, as for instance pollution of air, water and food, can be removed only by cooperation of the people in the Network or General-Consciousness. When by removing the Risk from one problem another Risk arises — the only possibility is to avoid this problem completely.

This is a responsible, moral and ethic decision.

Particularly is this demand unconditional by nuclear power plants , not secure in any direction, and extremely dangerous for human health and life, for a whole nation, or even for the whole planet. One can not have a clear view how horrible the damage in the case of accident could be. In spite of that, an immoral Minority in many countries takes into account the Risk and Rest-Risk for all, and will build further nuclear power plants for their own profit. For calculation of Risk, insurance companies multiply the probability of accident with the resulting damage.

In the case of economy, industry, and energy supply, the Risk could be mostly covered by insurance. Because the damage in the case of reactor accidents is always immense, unpredictable and incalculable, insurance companies practically are not able to insure nuclear power plants. Permanent Risk in obtaining electricity from nuclear energy lays also in the Solar Flares , Coronal Mass Ejections with energies from some hundred millions nuclear bombs. The Solar Flares are an emission of electrically charged particles emitted with high velocity.

When coming to the atmosphere they cause a high charge of static electricity in the high voltage supply lines. This can cause damage in transformers, and even in data transfer lines, computers, satellites and airplanes. This is especially dangerous for nuclear power plants. In Quebec , Canada , March , the electric-supply lines broke down totally during nine hours, caused by solar flares. Solar flares caused in Sweden an extensive break down of electricity supply. In South Africa high-voltage-transformers burn through, and parts of the country have been without electricity supply for months.

To avoid the proneness to solar flares, and also to snow, wind and corrosion, the high-voltage over-land supply lines will be replaced by underground cables. This measure would only partially diminish the Permanent Risk caused by Solar Flares. The proneness of computers, transfer lines, satellites, etc.