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I live in Poland and Polish is my native language. I am a mathematician and an enthusiast of English. I learned English very My dad inspired me to listen to The Beatles. I listened to them I learned many songs by heart. I sang the songs to.
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She repeated the menu perfectly — twice — and answered your questions as best as she could. It may not be pretty, it will definitely be hard, but I will continue to try. Do you find it easy to learn new languages? Any tips that will help others learn? Tell us in the comments below. Indian Jo Jo Fitzsimons. Once upon a time in a land far, far, away London , I used to be a lawyer.

In September , I swapped my Blackberry for a backpack and set off on a one-year adventure. Over 3 years and 50 countries later, Indiana Jo has become a resource to help you craft your own travel adventure to see the world on your terms and to your budget. Sign up today for free and be the first to get notified of new articles, new competitions, new events and more!

Blog of the week 31 March. Use simple words It's no use trying to impress me with your expansive vocabulary. For example, I ordered a coffee in Spain and got this: But do point out significant exceptions Simple words rule, unless, of course, there are significant exceptions. Write it down I find it much easier to understand something when I read it compared to when I hear it. Related Content Most Popular. Editors Picks Just for you Most Popular. Back to the top. Walk past a friend, colleague or one of your kids, and fake a sneeze while simultaneously spraying them with a bit of water.

Expect to be called a totally disgusting person. Add a drop of lovely smelling essential oil to the water for extra confusion. Put a fresh leek in the hand wash basin at home or work, and then tell your housemates or colleagues this: Please can someone go have a look?! Note that this prank is only likely to work where people understand English well. You may not be very popular for a while. Put foamy shaving cream, or real whipped cream on your hand, and wake your kid up by tickling their nose with it. It is most effective on a computer where most of the icons they use are on the desktop background itself as opposed to on the bottom task bar.

Take and save a screenshot of their desktop with the icons. Set this screenshot as their background image.

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Now delete all the working icons. When they return to their computer, wait for the curses when no amount of clicking on the icons works. This one will also work well anywhere people meet. Take a paper cup, and write the following on it in black pen: Expect some truly interesting responses. Write in large letters on a large and noticeable piece of paper: Tape this notice on a door that should be pulled to open, and watch the hilarious struggle of those clever souls who actually read signs. If you happen to visit Poland, or if you work for any Polish company, knowing the above Polish prankster phrases can really lighten up your day.

Showing you have a sense of humor can go a long way to cement good relationships in any situation. These phrases are at your disposal for free, as well as are these core Polish words , which you will learn how to pronounce perfectly. Now, as a bonus, test our super-learning technology, and learn the Top most useful phrases in Polish below!

Read on to learn how you can be eligible for large enrollment discounts at PolishPod Help us by being a language guinea pig! Listen to this video above with embedded cutting-edge, frequency-based learning technology that enables you to learn large amounts of data in record time. Learn all the Polish New Year wishes online, in your own time, on any device! Can you relate to the year passing something like this: Quantum physics teaches us that time is relative, and few experiences illustrate this principle as perfectly as when we reach the end of a year.

To most of us, it feels like the old one has passed in the blink of an eye, while the new year lies ahead like a very long journey! However, New Year is also a time to celebrate beginnings, and to say goodbye to what has passed. This is true in every culture, no matter when New Year is celebrated. So, how do you say Happy New Year in Polish? Let a native teach you! At PolishPod, you will learn how to correctly greet your friends over New Year, and wish them well with these Polish New Year wishes! Like in many other countries, in Poland the New Year starts on the first day of January.

But for Poles, the night preceding this day is the more important one. Across the country, people host loud parties and banquets, which include lots of good food and drinks shared with a group of friends and family, of course. According to an ancient prophecy, at midnight on the night of the turn of the 10th century the Leviathan, or Lewiatan, imprisoned by Pope Sylvester, was to wake up and destroy the world, spewing sulfur and fire.

Thus began the tradition of noisy, happy celebrations. Just as in the legend, today Poles continue to celebrate the occasion with much grandeur. People welcome the New Year with champagne and fireworks, setting them off not only at outdoor events organized by the city, but also in the streets in front of their houses.

All across Poland people come outside to admire the fireworks, called fajerwerki, shimmering all around. Phones are constantly ringing, because everyone wants to call all their friends and family and be the first one to wish them a Happy New Year. Did you know that Poles love offering good wishes to each other at every opportunity? The pope named Sylvester I was the one who imprisoned the monster, and thus this day was named after him. This is pretty self-explanatory. Most countries follow a Gregorian calendar, which has approximately days in a year, while in some cultures, other year designations are also honored.

When do you celebrate New Year?

The point in time when a day ends and a new one starts. Many New Year celebrants prefer to stay awake till midnight, and greet the new annum as it breaks with fanfare and fireworks!

How to communicate with people who don't understand your language

In most countries, the new year is celebrated for one whole day. On the Gregorian calendar, this falls on January 1st. On this day, different cultures engage in festive activities, like parties, parades, big meals with families and many more. We celebrate all we accomplished in the old year, and joyfully anticipate what lies ahead.

Things Polish language has easier

Usually, when the clock strikes midnight and the New Year officially begins, people break out in dance! It is a jolly way to express a celebratory mood with good expectations for the year ahead. Also, perhaps, that the old year with its problems has finally passed! Originating in France, champagne is a bubbly, alcoholic drink that is often used to toast something or someone during celebrations.

These are explosives that cause spectacular effects when ignited. They are popular for announcing the start of the new year with loud noises and colorful displays! In some countries, fireworks are set off to scare away evil spirits. In others, the use of fireworks is forbidden in urban areas due to their harmful effect on pets. Families also like to meet on this day to enjoy a meal and spend time together.

In most Western countries, confetti is traditionally associated with weddings, but often it is used as a party decoration. This is the evening before New Year breaks at midnight! Often, friends and family meet for a party or meal the evening before, sometimes engaging in year-end rituals. How are you planning to give your New Year greetings in ? A toast is a type of group-salutation that involves raising your glass to drink with others in honor of something or someone. A toast to the new year is definitely in order!

Those goals or intentions you hope to, but seldom keep in the new year! Many people consider the start of a new year to be the opportune time for making changes or plans. Resolutions are those intentions to change, or the plans. New Year celebrations are a huge deal in some countries! Parades are held in the streets, often to celebratory music, with colorful costumes and lots of dancing.

Parades are like marches, only less formal and way more fun. At PolishPod, you can engage in forums with natives who can tell you what Polish New Year celebrations are like! Resolutions are those goals and intentions that we hope to manifest in the year that lies ahead. The beginning of a new year serves as a good marker in time to formalise these.

Some like to do it in writing, others only hold these resolutions in their hearts. Reading is a fantastic skill that everyone can benefit from. Apparently, successful business men and women read up to 60 books a year. This probably excludes fiction, so better scan your library or Amazon for the top business reads if you plan to follow in the footsteps of the successful! Otherwise, why not make it your resolution to read more Polish in the new year? You will be surprised by how much this will improve your Polish language skills! You will regret time not spent with a husband, a friend, a child, a parent.

Relationships are often what gives life meaning, so this is a worthy resolution for any year. This is a notoriously difficult goal to keep, as it takes a lot of self discipline not to eat unhealthily. Good luck with this one, and avoid unhealthy fad diets! Another common and difficult resolution! However, no one has ever been sorry when they saved towards reaching a goal.

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This is a resolution that you should definitely keep, or your body could punish you severely later! Smoking is a harmful habit with many hazardous effects on your health. Do everything in your power to make this resolution come true in the new year, as your health is your most precious asset. It can even slow down the progression of the disease. So, keep your brain healthy by learning to speak a new language, studying towards a qualification, learning how to sew, or how to play chess - no matter how old you are, the possibilities are infinite!

This is another health resolution that is good to heed any time of the year. Excessive drinking is associated with many diseases, and its effect can be very detrimental to good relationships too. Alcohol is a poison and harmful for the body in large quantities! An inactive body is an unhealthy and often overweight one, so give this resolution priority in the new year. If you stick with this resolution, you will lose weight and feel better in general. It is a very worthy goal to have! You can only benefit from learning Polish, especially with us!

Learning how to speak Polish can keep your brain healthy, it can widen your circle of friends, and improve your chances to land a dream job anywhere in the world. PolishPod makes it easy and enjoyable for you to stick to this resolution. Everyone knows that it is sometimes very hard to stick to resolutions, and not only over New Year. The reasons for this vary from person to person, but all of us need inspiration every now and then!

Click here for quotes that will also work well in a card for a special Polish new year greeting! Make decorative notes of these in Polish, and keep them close! This way you not only get to read Polish incidentally, but also remain inspired to reach your goals! Imagine feeling like giving up on a goal, but reading this quote when you go to the bathroom: Still undecided whether you should enroll with PolishPod to learn a new language?

Let the following Language Learning Quotes inspire you with their wisdom. Click here to read the most inspirational Language Learning Quotes! As legendary President Nelson Mandela once said: If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart. Let this year be the one where you to learn how to say Happy New Year, and much more, in Polish - it could open many and unexpected doors for you. Why stop with Polish - learn how to say Happy New Year in 31 other languages too!

If you are unsure how to celebrate the New Year, why not give yourself a huge gift, and enroll to learn Polish! With more than 12 years of experience behind us, we know that PolishPod would be the perfect fit for you. There are so many reasons for this! Just imagine how the world can open up for you! PolishPod brings you easy-to-learn translations and the correct pronunciation of Polish Christmas phrases! It takes place on December 25th and is usually celebrated with much food and fanfare! However, not all cultures celebrate Christmas.

Women who show you how they do it

In some countries, Christmas is not even a public holiday! People also frequently decorate Christmas trees, called choinka, and exchange presents. In some regions of Poland people receive presents from someone other than Santa Claus. Christmas Eve has always been a special day in Poland when extraordinary things are known happen. Today, Christmas Eve is still a special and magical day in a way, and is celebrated by most people, not just those who are religious.

There are many traditions that have survived to this day, and one of the most important is to prepare at least twelve different dishes for Christmas Eve dinner. Fish, or ryba, is the most common, prepared in various forms, such as baked, stewed, and jellied, and other common dishes including groats and cereals, salads and nuts. Each guest gets a piece of this beautifully decorated wafer and submits wishes to the other guests, one by one, breaking the wafer piece by piece. Based on the events of this story, if the sky is clear on the evening of Christmas Eve, in many Polish homes people will sit down to dinner only after the first star appears in the night sky.

In some regions of Poland, people receive presents from someone other than Santa Claus. In several regions of Poland, like Kaszuby, Kujawy and Greater Poland, the one who brings gifts for well-behaved children is Father Christmas, called Gwiazdor. But if someone was naughty, both of them—Santa Claus and Father Christmas—leave a wooden stick under the Christmas tree instead of a gift. Learn here how to pronounce it perfectly!

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Surprise your African-American, or West African native friends with this phrase over the Christmas holidays! Kwanzaa is a seven-day, non-religious celebration, starting on Dec 26th each year. It has its roots in African American modern history, and many people celebrate both Kwanzaa and Christmas! In countries where Christmas is not officially celebrated, but a Gregorian calendar is observed, this would be a friendly festive-season wish over New Year.

Hanukkah is the beautiful Hebrew festival over November or December each year. However, this will only be applicable in the Northern hemisphere, where it is winter over Christmas. Going away on holiday over Christmas season, or saying goodbye to someone about to leave on vacation? This would be a good way to say goodbye to your friends and family. An informal, friendly phrase to write in Polish Christmas cards, especially for secular friends who prefer to observe Christmas celebrations without the religious symbolism.

It conveys the warmth of friendship and friendly wishes associated with this time of year. This is another way of wishing someone well in the New Year if they observe a Gregorian calendar. Christmas is associated with many traditions and religious symbols in multiple countries across the world. It originated centuries ago in the West with the birth of Christianity, and the celebrations are often embedded with rich cultural significance. So, by now you know how to say Merry Christmas in Polish!

Next, learn pertinent vocabulary and phrases pertaining to Christmas, as well as how to pronounce them correctly. At PolishPod , we make sure you sound like a native speaker! Most happy Christmas wishes in Polish will include this word! In most Northern-hemisphere countries, Christmas is synonymous with snow, and for Christmas, the snowman is often dressed as Santa Claus. Snowflakes collectively make up snow. A single snowflake is small, white, light like a feather and icy cold! Their 20 Greatest Songs! A Collection of Roxette's Greatest Songs.

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