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The Federal Rules of Evidence (Fed. R. Evid.) govern the introduction and use of evidence in federal civil and criminal actions.
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Federal Rules of Evidence — Edition

Promulgated by the U. Supreme Court and amended by Congress from time to time, the Federal Rules of Evidence are considered legislative enactments that have the force of statute, and courts interpret them as they would any other statute, employing traditional tools of statutory construction in applying their provisions.

The rules are designed to secure fairness in Judicial Administration , to eliminate unjustifiable expense and delay, and to promote the growth and development of the law of evidence so that truth may be ascertained and proceedings justly resolved. White Motor Corporation , F. But the rules are not intended to result in an exhaustive search for a total and complete understanding of every civil and criminal case that comes before a federal court.

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Rather, the rules are meant to assist lawyer-adversaries and common sense triers-of-fact in resolving particularized legal disputes. Accordingly, the rules give courts authority to adapt the laws of evidence to circumstances as they arise. In enacting these rules, the Supreme Court and Congress did not intend to wipe out years of Common Law development in the field of evidence. To the contrary, the Federal Rules of Evidence largely incorporate the judge-made, common law evidentiary rules in existence at the time of their adoption, and where the federal rules contain gaps or omissions, courts may answer unresolved questions by relying on common law precedent.

Like their common law predecessors, the federal rules govern the overall admissibility of evidence, the limitations of relevant evidence, the definition of prejudicial and cumulative evidence, the admissibility of Hearsay , lay and Expert Testimony , the nature of evidentiary presumptions, the grounds for authentication and identification of documentary evidence, and the scope of evidentiary privileges, like the work product, attorney-client, and doctor-patient privileges.

The Federal Rules of Evidence apply to 1 the U. Courts of Appeals ; 4 the U. Claims Court; 5 U. Although the rules do not specify whether they apply to the U.

Federal Rules of Evidence

S Supreme Court, that Court has applied the rules as if they do. More over the search function from the older additions has been significantly improved If you practice criminal law, defense or prosecution, get this app! Having the current rule with its comments is so much better for me. Our book has the old wording next to the new great for people that are used to the old wording but this is my first exposure and the comments separated and at the end of the book.

This resource makes finding and understanding the rules much easier. Although this only covers the Federal Rules of Evidence, most states adopt similar rules and organization. This App is useful for both civil and criminal attorneys, and even petitioners and those considering filing a small claims case.

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Definitely worthwhile for those interested in law. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.


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