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It’s apparent through their behavior — not just the “I love you”s, but the little things couples say that produce big results. Below, relationship experts share common phrases happy couples say regularly, and you’ll probably recognize and/or be inspired by them.
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I keep going back to them. Best part being your choice of topics.

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    5 Facts About Couples Who Live Together

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    What can we expect from couples therapy?

    Why should I travel with my partner? We will also be a confidential, kind and loving force, yet a disturbance nonetheless.

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    It is essential that you are both choosing to trust us as we challenge your concepts, beliefs and habits around love, relationships and intimacy. This way, we will all be in agreement to consciously create a beneficial exchange with the greatest degree of ease. The work we will be doing together is of a sensitive nature, and therefore, it is important to utilize conscious role assignments.

    Our intention with everything we say and do is to support the expansion and deepening of your self-intimacy and couple connection. For example, your emails will be read by both of us, regardless of which email address is used for correspondence. You agree that your intention is to share with your partner the insights you have gained from any private conversations so that your relationship container remains clear, transparent and free of secrets while we are working together.

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    We believe that there are times when it is beneficial to close a connection and consciously end your journey together. Other times, it is wise to reset and upgrade your connection so you can joyfully move into the next chapter of your story.


    The All About Couples Team. Why we do what we do…. Stephanie Fabela Relationship Intimacy Specialist Stephanie brings with her 18 years of coaching and body-mind integration experience.