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The Noisy Mind. Are you suffering distorted and illogical thinking? Sometimes, we just can't get past our irrationality, but there are ways to get around ourselves.
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See the silliness in habitual human behavior.

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Listen with an comical ear. The world is brimming with fodder for laughter. You are teaching your old brain a new trick. It will take time. Practice mental clearing by consciously stopping your thoughts for one minute. Pick out all the different sounds you can hear. Focus on noticing the details of a small area in front of you.

Notice how you are breathing.

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See if you can even out your breathing and heart beat. Tomorrow, increase your practice to two minutes. Each day, see how much longer you can go without thinking. Enjoy the moment of peace. Find these and other tips for giving taking control of your mind in the book, Outsmart Your Brain: How to Make Success Feel Easy. And unlike many other things you can do to control a noisy brain drugs , it's actually productive!!! How you can relieve the stress of secrets without breaking trust. Your voice is important - learn how to make sure it is heard.

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The Mental Noise and How to Overcome It

When these anxiety-filled thoughts enter our minds, our minds immediately begin drawing connections and associating those moments with every other bad moment in our lives. Essentially our brains are wired to play connect the dots, leading us to think one tiny instance of negatively causes countless more.

Neff and her fellow psychologists refer to people who fall into this pattern of obsessing over negative thoughts as ruminators or over-thinkers. Women tend to overthink more than men—but everyone is susceptible to relieving their past woes. Neff writes, "The more frequently this happens, the more likely the individual is to engage in this over-thinking pattern in the future. In the same article, Dr. Neff remarks that the first step to calming your frantic mind is admitting that there's a problem.

Sure, you've heard that a million times, too—but the key is recognizing just how much overthinking is impacting your day-to-day life.

How To Be Free of A Noisy Mind

As temptingly easy as it may be to bury yourself in unhappy, anxious thoughts, the best course of action is acknowledging when you're heading down a negative path. Once you've admitted that your busy brain is starting to ruminate on a lifetime of negativity, you'll be better able to remember that what's happening is completely natural.

Keep in mind that our brains are designed to entice a bit of worry and lead us to overthink—so feeling an overwhelming sense of doom and gloom each time you recall that embarrassing email you sent last month is perfectly natural. Getting together with friends and sharing your feelings and worries might seem like the perfect way to both distract yourself and calm your mind.

Yet chatting about your restless, negative thoughts will only make things worse. According to Real Simple , when we talk with friends, we can leave with an even more dismal mindset.

Do you have a noisy mind?It just might be ruining your life! Part 1 - Breaking Free Boundaries

Though friends are great sources of comfort, they also tend to dissect and rehash every detail of old situations—which is exactly what exacerbates overthinking. This constant mental chatter also makes us miss opportunities, due to insufficient attention to what is happening around us. The mind is a useful tool, but it also needs to be controlled. Wouldn't it be great if you could achieve a state where you can think when you need to, like solving a problem or making a plan, and then after that just switch off the mind?

Learn how to calm down the nonstop chatter of the mind, slow down its restlessness, and make it more focused, peaceful and calm. You will also learn simple working techniques to stop overthinking and gain inner peace and tranquility. Switching off the mind brings on a state of inner peace. It is a state sought by all spiritual traditions and teachings, and which is of great importance to both spiritual seekers and people who wish to improve their life.

Stop reading for a moment and see if you can stop your mental noise. Just stop thinking, watch your mind and notice what happens.

You will find you are thinking on stopping your thinking, which means that you are still thinking. After a few seconds you will probably forget that your objective was to watch your thoughts, and your mind will continue its incessant mental activity. This shows how restless the mind is, and how it lacks discipline. Sometimes, on rare occasions, you might experience a brief period of inner peace, without mental noise. This happens involuntarily, when your attention is completely absorbed in some interesting activity or when watching a beautiful and inspiring landscape or picture.

At these times you get a short glimpse of inner peace. Shutting down the mental noise voluntarily, when you wish to do so, is not achieved by reading books. This ability develops gradually, and over a long period of training the mind through concentration exercises and meditation.

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