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This fragrance is released from their bodily fluids, and the fluid is called " Alraune Nectar ". It acts as a powerful aphrodisiac and stamina enhancer.

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When male human prey approaches, they use their vines to bind him, and drag him inside their flower. And then, once inside, they have sex with the man after making him drink plenty of nectar, and they savor the man's semen, which is their treat. A figure of an alraune that took in a man. They're always making nasty watery sounds. With the stamen and pistil together and joining again and again, at last they've become one flower. Afterwards, men who they are fond of will always be inside the flower, continuing to be joined with them, almost as if the men themselves had become part of the alraune.

The inside of the flower is overflowing with their nectar. Since the man's lower body is always being soaked in nectar, his penis can always be swelling inside the alraune, and the man himself never runs out of lust or stamina. When it grows cold, alraune will close their petals and endure the cold until spring.

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In this case, an alraune with a man will store up enough nutrients necessary for reproduction and for keeping her man alive by then. While her petals are closed, she keeps having intercourse with the man repeatedly in order to produce seeds. Honeybees gathering Alraune nectar. The brains of men who smell them are stimulated, and they end up heading towards the fragrance, but they will find a hot and bothered honey bee and alraune covered in nectar, and then they'll be attacked by them, and the man will have sex with them furiously while getting covered in nectar.

Sign In Don't have an account? Encyclopedia Entry A plant type monster with the form of a beautiful woman covered in enormous flower petals that inhabits forests. Honeybees gathering Alraune nectar As for their nectar, besides forcing the men they capture to drink it, it is also treasured by other monsters. They're especially often attacked by the honey bee which mainly feeds on nectar. The honey bees will go to the alraune's flower and gather nectar almost like they're having sex, but the alraune do not resist.

The reason why is that by having sex with honey bees, the alraune's nectar ripens, and releases an even sweeter fragrance, which is then even more attractive to human men. It is also the name of the female lead character. Various supplemental statements from Kenkou Cross have clarified that alraunes can move about by pulling up their roots and using them to walk.

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Their husbands can even hold desk jobs due to this, though their wife may distract them from work. Subspecies Liliraune Barometz Image Gallery. By [ [1] ]. I'll try to explain myself as best I can here. Last chapter, some wannabe critic possibly a troll among the readers wrote a very Being me, I thought it was bound to have some form of helpful criticism in it somewhere.

Sadly, it was just a whole bunch of slander no matter how much I tried to discuss it with the reader. Despite no immediate effects, that little bit of slander made me lose sight of why I use the same style of writing in every single one-shot and why the rest of you guys enjoy them so much.

My body gets chills when I notice the shadowy form of an unwelcome visitor patiently waiting outside the shower door. I stand there frozen with apprehension, straining my brain to think of some way for me to escape this impossible situation. Before doing anything else, I quickly grab my towel hanging over the door and dry myself off in record time. I wrap the towel around my bare waist and think about any other options besides the most obvious one. Finding none, I take a deep breath and brace myself for the worst.

I was hoping to shower with you, but I guess it's too late. I pause for a long moment to determine if there's any truth to those words but sadly, there isn't. The disappearance of the shadow lets me drop my shoulders and finally relax for now.

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I slide open the shower door and take my time drying off the rest of my body. It seems that whoever my surprise guest is, she's patient enough to leave my clothes intact and not rummage through them like some girls I know. I don't know where to start off with this new girl.

There's just too many things to worry about and I haven't even laid eyes on her yet. From our short conversation, she seems to be rather interested in getting intimate. Despite my situation, getting cozy is the last thing on my mind. Sighing, I get dressed and step outside. All of the pent-up tension that I had coming out of the shower instantly vanishes as soon as I see who my would-be assailant is. Leaning against the wall in the hallway with icy-blue eyes is my next-door neighbor, Lucina or 'Lucy' for short. The smirk on her normally aloof face tells me all I need. Despite knowing that I'm not interested, I didn't think she would actually try to catch me in the shower.

I really should have asked her to give back the spare house key I lent her once we started high school. However my dad obviously wasn't having any of it.

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Home is the only place where I can just be myself and unwind from all the daily drama I deal with, so why do I need to have even more drama in my life? There's something important I need to deal with. It's not worth it to fight a pointless battle. Even if I'm always thinking about you? That maybe one day you'll love me?

Suddenly, I wrap my arms around Lucy as we hold each other tight while my house shakes violently. After a few minutes the tremors stop, but we are still locked in an embrace for safety. Lucy looks up at me with a hopeful gleam in her eyes and inches her lips closer to mine, vying for a kiss. I simply turn my head so she kisses my cheek instead. I was only thanking you for protecting me If I let you kiss me, then how far were you going to take it? Would I still have my clothes on by then? Let's check on my garden! Haven't you told your dad about it by now?

He'd probably laugh a couple years off his life if I told him. You know how he is Our conversation ends on that note as I rush out to the backyard to check on my precious garden. It's been a hobby of mine for some time now, and I would be devastated if anything happened to the flowers that were just starting to bloom with the coming of summer.

However, the sign of shredded plants is anything but comforting. I frantically follow the trail of pieces until I enter the heart of it all: Practically everything that was here is gone now, leaving this strange flower as the sole occupant of my garden. I fall to my knees, exasperated by the thought of all the progress lost in that small tremor.

My thoughts are scattered between grief, frustration, relief, and everything else that could apply here. Apparently, I am so deep in thought that I don't notice the flower bud start moving.

Vines of the Alraune

With a whirring of vines, I feel myself being lifted into the air as the bud starts opening. I regain my senses just in time to see a gorgeous woman emerge from within the blooming flower.

She's covered in long vibrant green hair which compliments her pale jade skin tone by comparison. There's nothing but vines covering her body, leaving little to the imagination, but the most curious thing is that I can't see any lower than her hips. She notices me right away and smiles charmingly while bringing me closer for me to meet her purple-eyed stare.

Could you repeat that? We love you with all of our heart. The woman's smile deepens as she puts her arms around me in a loving embrace. I feel my legs dipping into some pool of nectar from her flower, but I'm still too confused to react. Your gentle care for us made us feel alive, to an extent. We shared our love for you between each other and desperately wished for some way to express it physically. A few days ago, we found it in the form of a magical seed that was planted here.