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Libraries in the Research Assessment Process. John MacColl. RLG Partnership European Director. OCLC Research. A publication of OCLC Research.
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A large number of UK libraries are participating in the Access to Research project, which gives public library users walk-in access to research articles from a significant list of major publisher partners. See if your region has a similar initiative! Schools, colleges, and universities pay millions per year to keep their students and academics up to speed with the latest and earliest research. If you have a good one nearby, you can sometimes walk right in the door and access their entire collection in the library.

So, you have to make the trip each time which could be a long trip. Once you graduate, check if your university library has digital access for alumni: Some university libraries even provide remote access to selected databases for alumni, or allow alumni to purchase that access at a reduced rate. This kind of coveted position is a great resume-builder, and while rare, provides full access to all the on-campus and e-resources of the institution or ability to get what you need through interlibrary loan.

Even better if you can affiliate your entire organization or institution. Your state or country may have done you the favor of building a national library with e-resources and giving everyone with a certain passport access to it. At least look in the national library website, where you can often find digitized books no longer under copyright and other free resources; some even provide remote access to research databases.

  1. Blizzard! (The Bradford Family Adventures Book 6);
  2. ALA User Menu.
  3. A nossa gente (Comédia do campo) (Portuguese Edition).
  4. Research | !LARKS Menu?
  5. Sherlock Holmes Investigates. The Barking Emporium.
  6. Homeless in Paradise: A Map of the Terrain?
  7. Flight From Fear: A Rabbis Holocaust Memoir (2nd Edition);

Is there an independent research library or subscription library near you? Check out what they offer. Independent research libraries usually allow researchers to use their collections for free in person. Otherwise, a subscription fee will gain you access to their databases. As independent research libraries generally focus on a single subject area, they are a good option for focused independent researchers.


Library Research Process

Sometimes, other kinds of heritage or memory institutions like museums or local history societies or scientific institutions like hospitals, medical societies, zoos, and conservatories , will have special libraries attached to them designed to serve the professionals working at that institution. These are fed through state, region, or country collections and have incredible data about treasures of large regions and their history. The Internet Archive and its Open Library is also another great resource for books: Partnerships with Authors Alliance, the Boston Public Library and MIT Press, mean there is an increasing amount of free and legal material available and not just books but also sound recordings, TV broadcasts, and films.

Many publications are available in a free-to-read archive either entirely, as an unformatted manuscript after peer-review, or as a pre-peer-reviewed version. Many disciplines have spun up their own bigger repositories by subject. The big name is PubMed Central , a repository for medicine that holds over 4 million free articles.

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A preprint is often quite similar to the published version: In any case with socArxiv, bioarXiv, lawArXiv popping up anew each month, this is a nifty hack for most newer research. It can often be found through a regular search engine, or through grey-lit portals like OpenGrey.

Library Liaisons

When you find something of interest, make sure to save it, either locally or through a service like Webrecorder. The primary infusions have gone to Academia. These sites are running on millions of dollars, have millions of users… and have millions of authors uploading and sharing their papers.

Publishers have sent takedown notices in the past to both sites when authors have uploaded non-depositable versions. While their future is unclear and their status controversial in the open access community, these academic social networks are highly popular among researchers and research followers today. Google Scholar is surprisingly robust for a free-to-use tool that searches a lot of academic content.

When you type in a query you get back results including free-to-read online versions of the article. Note that Google Scholar often finds more than one version of the same article , and when it does it tries to list the version of record first, which is often paywalled. This scours the open web for papers hosted somewhere, by someone, in PDF format.

Library Research Process | Elmer E. Rasmuson Library

Google Books provides limited preview access to many copyrighted books. Tips for PhD students. Last updated May 22, Classes and Seminars It is unlikely, however, that the orientation tour alone will give you skills sufficient to find, retrieve, analyze, and use the many complex resources your library makes available to you.

Here are some examples of what is being taught by U. Developing skills in library research Strategies for information management Mastering a particular computer application, like Zotero or LaTeX Collaboration tools Contributing to Wikipedia Newspapers and Newspaper Indexes In addition to topics like these — which are properly aligned with a larger conversation on scholarly communication — subject matter experts are often available for lectures specific to a program or department.

Library Liaisons Many libraries designate liaisons to serve as the primary point of contact for students, faculty and staff so that they can build and maintain strong relationships with academic departments. Research Guides In their role as managers of the data repository, librarians are continuously producing and revising research guides.

Research guides fall into three broad document classes: Skill guides — e. I hope that it also might be useful for other audiences and needs. Bhattacherjee, Anol, "Social Science Research: Principles, Methods, and Practices" Also see the Bibliotheca Alexandrina Research Methods Library , a large and comprehensive collections of research methods.

The resource includes free video and slide lectures on research-related topics. Some links are about other social science fields or education.

Classes and Seminars

For more examples of research studies in LIS search available databases articles in scholarly journals. Action research is used by practitioners to attempt to solve problems and improve professional practice in their own classrooms, libraries, etc. What Is Action Research? Action Research in the Library: Bibliometrics and altmetrics, cybermetrics, or webometrics. Bibliometrics reveal patterns of scholarly communication, the development of a field of study, and impact factors of scholarly publications. Bibliometrics University of Texas at Austin.

What is Bibliometrics and Scientometrics? Toolkit for the Impact of Digitised Scholarly Resources. Case studies are investigations of an individual, event, program, or other phenomena within a real-life context. Case Studies Colorado State University.