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Murder at Augusta: a Darwin Summers Golf Mystery - Kindle edition by James Mr. Koeper was masterful by incorporating the rich history of The Masters in a.
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William Keating, remains in federal prison. Masters said Corbitt wasn't aware Dianne Masters' body was in her Cadillac when he dumped the car in the shipping canal, Tuite said. He said Keating had virtually no role in the murder plot and subsequent coverup, contradicting trial testimony by several witnesses and a boast Keating made to an undercover agent that the crime would never be solved.

Corbitt had contended in a statement he made to the FBI in that he didn't know the body was in the car. He said Masters wanted to commit insurance fraud and claim the car was stolen. Police found the Cadillac when authorities were looking for cars dumped in the canal as part of an insurance fraud scheme.

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The officer struck the woman with a baseball bat after she left her car and the police officer later threw the bat from an airplane into a lake. The letter was turned over to the FBI, but Tuite said they are not investigating the allegations.

A Masters in Reverse Psychology

Masters was known as a master fixer, cultivating relationships with corrupt cops, prosecutors and judges through bribes and payoffs. He and two police officers owned a house of prostitution in the south suburbs. Masters began plotting his wife's murder after hiring a private detective named Ted Nykaza, now deceased, who wiretapped the couple's telephone. He's content; his assistant, Jake Maddox, is not.

Murder at Augusta (Darwin Summers Mystery) by James Koeper

The excitement's gone, so are the headlines, and Jake's considering a new line of work. That is until a beautiful young woman, Margaret MacIntosh, visits the estate.

Her father is accused of murder, and she's come to convince Summers to take his case. Jake passes on the bad news: Summers doesn't do much of anything anymore if it doesn't involve golf.

Peggy Hettrick murder case

But Margaret won't take no for an answer, and she and Jake launch a plan to lure Summers from retirement. The bait is golf at Augusta National Golf Club, one of the country's most exclusive golf clubs and home to the most prestigious tournament in golf, the Masters. Sprained Ankle by Julien Baker.

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