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It may involve the art of producing illusions as entertainment, using the use of sleight of the Magic always give glory to the magician; miracles give glory to God. . Related reading: What Does the Bible Say About Sorcery?.
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True leaders aren't made by business schools - they make themselves, seeking out the knowledge, skills, and experience they need to succeed. Read this book and you will learn the principles it takes most business professionals a lifetime of trial and error to master. Great condensed overview of the important concepts in business, with a reading list to consult if you want to dive deeper.

Kaufman does a great job of distilling complicated ideas into memorable lessons. No complaints with the material or performance. However, I found myself want to take notes, which I couldn't do while listening to this in the car. As a young entrepreneur and university student I believe this book has in it not only the keys to a successful business but to a life that is productive and of meaning. I have read this book 3 years ago and I downloaded just to refresh the memory, it's good book but just the heads up here there is no learning of anything unless your knowledge of business is zero, goes against the schools and it doesn't learn you anything at all.

For example I have had my Final exam on The elasticity of the supply and demand, it's big topic and the book dedicates 10 seconds to it. If you like to hear all the economic in one book go for it. If you're expecting this to be a substitute for an MBA course, you'll be disappointed, and rightly so. If, however, you are looking for an excellent summary of a great deal of critical business, psychology and marketing concepts, that any aspiring entrepreneur or successful business owner should know, then this is the audiobook to get your hands on.

It's 13 hours, but i'll still be giving it another listen in a few months or so, a testament to it's quality. Master the Art of Business the most enjoyable? Minuses - 1 The author starts off with an attack on MBAs and a justification for the book. That is not necessary and doesn't resonate well. I very nearly gave up on it for that reason, so skip the first chapter.

Pluses -1 The author has done an enormous amount of good research. Overall a good purchase - I bought it on audio and kindle. I bought this for my daughter, but I decided to listen to it and I was suddenly flooded with business ideas!! I'm 53 years old and I am now on the cusp of some great ideas!! Master the Art of Business? For me, it was the author's prologue on how he got to this point in his own journey.

Sounded a bit robotic, but nonetheless, a good narrator. Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting? It's 13 hours, so I could not. Plus it's something you need to listen to and then digest. This information is rich; it's valuable.

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The most important component to any MBA is the student. How hungry are they? Chapter 1 first 10 Min, Amazing.

After the Intro is done and dusted, WOW amazing wealth of knowledge. I really Enjoyed it. It is an hour of moaning about MBA programs. Master the Art of Business again? Plenty of relevant material to educate the business owner and there staff with no formal business education. Very well arranged progression of topics and concepts. Only reason I gave it a 4 star was the completely unnecessary and relevant beginning which goes on much much much too long about how useless a regular MBA is. Skip this, it adds nothing to the content.

The real meat of the book is excellent. I will be buying the hard copy for visual reference to accompany the audiobook. Would make and excellent base for the developing staff basic business training. This audio book is packed with plenty of useful information on critical business concepts.

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Additionally, Josh provides a wealth of references that can be used to further investigate a particular concept in more details. Great resource for anyone who runs a small business or is seeking to understand the fundamentals of running a business. Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? I recommend this book for it's functional information. Would you be willing to try another book from Josh Kaufman?

Why or why not? I would hesitate to try another book by Josh Kaufman, unless it had a different narrator. Unfortunately, his clipped voice and unusual pronunciation made it difficult to concentrate on the otherwise interesting subject matter. Listening to this book is a personal battle between loving the content and trying to tune out the talker. I probably should have gone old-school and bought the printed version, or at least the ebook.

It's rare that I listen to audio book and then run out and buy the dead-tree edition. But I will with this one. And now, behold, the hand of the Lord is upon you, and you will be blind and unable to see the sun for a time.

What Is The Biblical View Of Magic?

And a number of those who had practiced magic arts brought their books together and burned them in the sight of all. And they counted the value of them and found it came to fifty thousand pieces of silver. Graduate work at Moody Bible Institute. His books are inexpensive paperbacks that are theological in nature: Read them in the archive below.

If you like what you're reading, you can get free daily updates through the RSS feed here. Thanks for stopping by! As an amateur card magician, I am wondering if doing illusions for fun is categorized as a sin? Almost showing their fast hand skills for slight of hand. It is impossible to glorify God and not do as He commands and He says to avoid these things. From my research, Pyrokinesis is the purported psychic ability allowing a person to create and control fire with the mind. There is no conclusive evidence that pyrokinesis is a real phenomenon.

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You cannot justify pyrokinesis in any way at all. What truly is the destestible magic? As in is the type of magic hoodeeny did where we all knew it was an illusion. Is that the type of magic God is condemning? Or is there another type of magic? If so what is the line between just illusion like hoodeeny performed and magic that the Egyptian magicians used? Abe Lincoln was a management genius. To bring the party and country together, Lincoln convinced the candidates running against him to join together to form his cabinet. The result was a ragtag group of men — who previously hated each other — working together to successfully navigate the country through its toughest period.

The biggest takeaway from this book is how to handle different types of people — a skill few people take the time to master. Lincoln had a magic ability to organize people, and Team of Rivals does an amazing job explaining how to replicate his skills. The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln.

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I suggest that all investors read those chapters and reread them every time the market has been especially strong or weak. The intelligent investor is a realist who sells to optimists and buys from pessimists. I find them dull. But they are important. The Wealth of Nations should be your first source when it comes to understanding economics. Not reading this text would be like a Bible scholar not knowing about The Exodus. The natural effort of every individual to better his own condition is so powerful, that it is alone, and without any assistance, not only capable of carrying on the society to wealth and prosperity, but of surmounting a hundred impertinent obstructions with which the folly of human laws too often encumbers its operations.

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Copywriting is your ability to transfer your knowledge of a product, service, or idea onto a sheet of paper for the purpose of selling. Part of the process involves understanding what your audience needs, what they want, what motivates them, and what stirs their emotions. When it comes to copywriting, The Adweek Copywriting Handbook is the gold standard. The author, Joseph Sugarman, is a famous direct mail marketer. Before the internet was around, direct mail marketers wrote letters to potential customers.

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  • Using only a sheet of paper, these marketers had to convince strangers to send a check for a product they had never seen before. Sugarman was the best in the business. Your readers should be so compelled to read your copy that they cannot stop reading until they read all of it as if sliding down a slippery slope. However, most people are awful networkers. Carnegie published this classic in It has since become one of the best-selling nonfiction books of all time. Practically every great business leader can quote a few sentences from How to Win Friends and Influence People.

    Most universities have this book in the curriculum. Without direction life is meaningless.