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These questions and responses deal with the challenges that the demanding discipline of meditation presents especially to new meditators. Fr Laurence teaches meditation as a way to enter the desert experience. The daily reflections highlight particular Gospel themes and their continued relevance for today. While Fr Laurence suggests Lent as a good time to begin meditating, the book can be used to enter into the desert experience through the three liturgical years and in any liturgical season. This book touches the basic theology of Christian meditation that, at the core of our being, in our heart, is the mind of Christ.

Fr Laurence shows us a simple way of reaching that centre, a path through all the noise, distraction and agitation of the mind to the silent, still centre of the heart where we experience the transforming love of God. A simple teaching, an opening prayer by John Main, followed by contemplative music and quiet chimes lead you into a timed period of silence. Chimes and music then lead gently you out of meditation. The timed silence is available in periods of 20, 25and 30 minutes. These talks are an excellent introduction to meditation.

They help you prepare for meditation. John Main brings your mind to a state of peacefulness and concentration and points you in the direction you should be facing in meditation, which is centrewards. This handbook is a step-by-step guide for presenting an introductory course on Christian meditation over six sessions.

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It offers all the necessary materials for running the course, including links to online recordings, so that meditators can be confident to speak on the teaching. BOOK x These talks focus on meditation as a way to balance in a stressful and confusing world. Laurence Freeman sees meditation as a necessity in every human life; it brings together mind and heart and restores harmony within the individual.

The talks were given at retreat for priests in Malaysia The core teaching of our tradition of meditation is presented here in a contemporary way in three talks: This DVD deepens our understanding of meditation and is useful at retreats and training programmes.

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Door to Silence: An Anthology for Meditation

This book is composed of three yearly cycles of weekly teachings by Kim Nataraja. These weekly teachings form a series that builds up into a solid foundation of the tradition in which we meditate. The articles can be used as the teaching element at a weekly meditation meeting, or form part of the discussion after the meditation. This book is an in-depth and richly illustrated exploration of Christian contemplative spirituality from New Testament times to the present day. It reveals the life and teachings of the greatest Christian mystics through the centuries from Jesus to modern day mystics such as Merton and John Main.

Christians, who would like to meditate and to do so in the context of their own Christian faith, will be encouraged and inspired by these talks. Laurence Freeman gives a deep understanding of meditation as a way of prayer with roots in the early Christian church. Meditation, based on the imageless prayer of the early desert monks, integrates our two centres of intelligence, the head and the heart, so that work and prayer are not separate but flow one into the other.

This, Laurence Freeman says, is the state of continuous prayer. Laurence Freeman encourages meditators to start a meditation group. In so doing they will deepen their own practice by sharing and being of service to others. In this handbook, he offers simple suggestions and practical ideas on how to start a group, sustain it and nurture it along the way. Experiencing this love in meditation, he says, will change our attitude to success, possessions, power, and will set us free to love God, neighbour, and self.

A regular practice of meditation, Laurence Freeman says, opens us to the love of God within ourselves. This brings us to harmony and integration with ourselves and we see love as the ultimate meaning of life. These talks help us understand meditation as a way of deepening our relationship with Jesus. Repeating the mantra moves us out of habitual self-fixation and focuses our attention on the presence of Jesus in our heart. A mutual recognition develops and we move into relationship with him leading to a union of lives. They give a broad and deep appreciation of the tradition in which we meditate.

The talks are available online and can be downloaded individually. The range of contributions in this book covers all the aspects of the essential teaching of Christian meditation. This resource could be used for deepening your own understanding, nurturing a group, or as inspiration for giving a talk. The early Desert Fathers and Mothers had much to teach us about dealing with the anxieties, uncertainties, and sense of isolation.

Rowan Williams draws on their wisdom to reflect on questions that deeply touch our modern lives and encourages us to enter into the challenges and simplicity of the desert to find healing for our fragmented condition. Fr Laurence shows how the practice of meditation leads to true happiness. This is the test of our art of happiness.

Door to Silence: An Anthology for Meditation (Paper)

These talks dwell on three aspects of love: Learning to love ourselves goes hand in hand with learning to love others, and God. It teaches us who God is, because it is only by loving that we discover who God is. The regular practice of meditation, Fr Laurence says, teaches us to love by gradually leading us beyond self-centredness to other-centredness. Memorable stories movingly reveal how the sacred strains to find expression in every life, every place, every day. Laurence Freeman explores how we can learn to care better for each other and to realise that we are ultimately cared for.

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Meditation is caring for oneself; the discipline frees us from the tendency to slip into fantasy and opens us to divine love. This helps us cope better with the daily cares of life and enables us care for others. This book is about integrating the ego and the true self on the spiritual path.

Door to Silence: An Anthology for Meditation: John Main: Books

It deals with what helps and what hinders us in practising the discipline of meditation. Kim Nataraja offers practical ways to deal with our chaotic thoughts so that we learn to dance with them rather than flee from them. The seven deadly sins were first formulated by the Desert Fathers as the eight principal faults.

Drawing on their wisdom Fr Laurence sees these inner struggles as stemming from the human quest for God, and they can be overcome through the ascesis and discipline of meditation as a deep spiritual practice. Fr Laurence redefines faith for our modern age. Faith, he says, is more than belief: He shows how meditation gives us a new sense of the spiritual dimension that can transform the way we approach life and our view of ourselves in society. His fresh vision is richly illustrated from his life experience. The book takes us on a journey of rediscovery that will elicit a powerful response.

Fr Laurence explains how meditation can help us to experience the milestones of our life, from childhood to death, as stages of maturing in Christian faith. Meditation allows the ego to develop naturally, moving us in stages beyond the ego into our true self in Christ. Forgiveness, Fr Laurence says, is a process of letting go of the bitterness that hurt creates. Vengeance then is no longer an issue and forgiveness happens.

Laurence Freeman teaches a way of silent prayer that can liberate us from the present-day addiction to materialism and bring us to the depth of compassion. BOOK x pages. Organisational leaders operating at a level of global responsibility talk from personal experience about the practice of meditation and its place in their working lives.

They bear witness to the need for a truly enlightened approach to business in which spirituality informs leadership and where contemplation is inseparable from action. BOOK x mm 48 pages. Peter Ng speaks from personal experience: This practice clarifies our perception and enables us to set priorities. CP3 In this, the last book he wrote before his death, John Main turns to the source and focus of all his teaching about prayer — the presence of Christ.

The Spiritual Letters of John Main. Meditation and the opening of the heart. CP9 Laurence Freeman teaches a way of silent prayer that can liberate us from the present-day addiction to materialism and bring us to the depth of compassion from which mercy and justice flow.

A manual for Christian meditation. CP4 This is his classic book on how to practice Christian meditation.

Becoming fully alive through prayer. CP5 John Main leads people in the way of silence, stillness and simplicity which are so much needed in our modern world. Christian Meditation and Community. Christian Meditation for Priestly Ministry. The Way of Unknowing. Why Are We Here. Title text information This is an excellent place for you to add a paragraph and let your visitors know more about you and your services.

Easily edit by go to tab pages and content and click edit. This book is designed to provide inspiration, support and specific resources for creating and sustaining the practice of Christian Meditation among children, from first grade through to the eighth grade. Her spiritual journey and specifically practice of Christian Meditation has been influenced by an inner calling to teach children this form of prayer.

This book is particularly useful for teachers, parents and grandparents who feel the call to teach Christian Meditation to children. I hope you will see why a small, faithful meditation group has such meaning for our time. It is a work is of great importance. By changing the people who meditate together it also helps to change the world. Our world and our children need the silent power of contemplation woven into all social institutions. We need to moderate our frenetic and wasteful lifestyles.

We thirst for the healing and transforming power that only the spirit can provide. But when confronted with the reality of it, we can only break down and disintegrate or break through and transcend. Laurence shows how meditation opens the way to this breakthrough. In meditation, as we drop all immediate concerns and attachments and become silent, we experience loss and separation. We taste death, and our fear of it gradually loses its power over us leaving us free to see life's ultimate horizon. In that new vision we find meaning and the gift of wisdom.

Bede Griffiths is considered to be one of the greatest mystics and thinkers of the century. In this anthology we find his unique combination of Eastern insight and Christian wisdom throws light on many problems facing the world today. The Modern Spirituality Series presents selections from twentieth-century spiritual writers in a form suitable for daily reading and meditation.

This book helps adults who care for children to share in their openness and longing for God in the silence, stillness and simplicity of Christian meditation. An invitation at the end of each chapter encourages the reader to respond not only to the content but, more importantly, to the experience of sharing the prayer of silence with children. The book will help practicing meditators who are looking for a way to introduce meditation to children.

It will also encourage those who have not practiced meditation to begin in the interest of children. These conferences were first given in the Abbey of Gethsemani and have since proved an excellent introduction to the way of meditation in the Christian tradition. Dom John Main begins by describing his own spiritual journey into this way and goes on to show how it is a way open to all who wish to "open themselves fully to the wonder of God, to the enduring present. This pocket-size book is Laurence Freeman's little 'manual for beginner' on meditation. He gives the beginner an introduction to Christian Meditation and the ongoing meditator a reminder of what the basic teaching is.

The topics covered are: There is also a valuable and detailed appendix which includes John Main's favorite quotations from the New Testament. This is the second collection of letters to Meditators written by Lawrence Freeman. The theme of the book is taken from the last letter, which describes the pilgrimage of two hundred Christian meditators and their Buddhist friends to Bodhgaya, India, where they shared three days of meditation and dialogue with the Dalai Lama and his community.

Community of Love John Main, O. In these talks to Oblates of the Priory in Montreal, Dom John reveals how monastic silence, stillness and prayer can call out a response in the spirit of everyone who "truly seeks God. Door to Silence John Main, O. Like the Word Made Flesh series, it is filled with wonderful insights and teachings which Fr. John shared at similar conferences. This is the Spanish translation of: Sarah Bachelard, an Anglican priest and theologian, explains that there are critical times in our lives, moments of profound loss, grief and fear in which our frameworks of sense seem to collapse and no longer enable us to convey meaning to overwhelming events or even to life itself.

She suggests that the practice of meditation and contemplative living may help us endure and integrate such turning-point experiences, and bring our life and identity into a deeper wholeness. In this book Fr. Laurence shows that the basic experience of contemplation is the experience of faith and that we all need to develop this in order to become fully human.

We are all capable of it - indeed we are designed for it. One of the world's leading practitioners of Christian Meditation, Paul T. Harris has gathered together the questions he has heard most frequently asked by interested newcomers to this flourishing, rediscovered method of specifically Christian meditation. Based on his vast experience of leading workshops in Canada, Europe and the U. In doing so, he has produced a comprehensive, practical handbook for beginners and teachers of beginners on the history, theology and practice of Christian meditation.

Among the questions addressed here: Spiritual awareness and growth are high priorities for many people today. Meditation is the path to growth, the way to deepen our own commitment to life. In the tradition of meditation the space for the expansion of our spirit is to be found in silence. Through contact with the Life Source we can begin to understand the mystery of our being and to realize our potential to enter into fullness of life, fullness of love, and fullness of wisdom. The practice of meditation is quite simple, but it requires discipline in repeating a mantra again and again.

Once rooted, it flourishes. This book's content is drawn from many of the talks that Fr. John gave to the weekly groups that used to gather at his monastery in Montreal, Canada.

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They were delivered to help people enter the experience of silence. The lessons gathered in this work offer a practical prayer companion for every stage of the contemplative pilgrimage. Why would the Prior of an established Monastery in London give it all up to go off and set up shop in an old house in Montreal, Quebec?

An Anthology for Meditation

And how was it so many people, seeking a new dimension in their lives, journeyed to the Priory he founded in Montreal, discovered John Main and were forever changed by the discovery? The answer lay in John Main's own journey. From the forward by the Dalai Lama "Fr. Laurence has written this book, Jesus: The Teacher Within, in full Christian faith, explaining from his own experience how relating to Jesus Christ and his teaching, combined with meditation, can illuminate the spiritual life I feel sure that readers of this book, especially those who seek personal transformation and inner peace, will find much to ponder and apply here in their own daily practice.