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Bird Brainteasers: Puzzles, Games & Avian Trivia [Patrick Merrell] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Bird-watchers and puzzle fans alike will delight in this collection of word I'd give this little book 4 1/2 stars if I could.
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I plan on continuing to spread the Gospel According to Pete Thayer!! Robin H - Hi Pete. The new disc worked great! Many thanks for your personal attention in the matter! I so enjoyed talking with you. Rick P - As per your instructions on your webpage regarding upgrading your software, I have enclosed the version 3.

I had originally purchased the program for my wife who is an avid birder but I have also become very interested in birding due to your exceptional program. It is an extremely great piece of software and I am looking forward to receiving the upgraded version! We got the birding software you sent us and did a reader giveaway. Lots of people begging for it, from kids to retirees. Thanks for sending it to us.

Francis C - I received the 4. It is absolutely spectacular and working fine. Much superior to the 3. I'm no expert, but I'm fortunate enough to be able to travel to some interesting places where I have to try to figure out what's out there. Most recently it was hummingbirds in Arizona. Thanks for an outstanding product. Keep up the good work. Participants are always impressed with your software.

I sure like your work and continue to use my Thayer software all the time--great stuff! I even used it to present to a 3rd grade class at a school in Coon Rapids, MN. Our grand-daughter is in this class. The kids loved it!!!! Terri U - Thank you for the quick reply! I have learned so much from your program taking the quizzes before I travel.

I am particularly interested in the quizzes for the birds in an area where I am traveling to. I bird by ear extremely well and I owe it all to your program. Many times I am faster at IDing a bird than the local birder that is showing me my target birds from other states. My grandkids think I am a bird whisperer because I pish or use your calls to bring the birds in.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Andrea Z - Thank you for your considerate response. The situation was indeed strange. After receiving your offer of replacement disks, I tried loading the software again. This time, it loaded from one of the DVD players but not the other - very strange. However, the bottom line is that I now have a working program that I am anxious to start using. It's rare to have one's problems accepted as true and addressed in so rapid a fashion.

Toni M - Thank You! Rhonda B - To the developers. Bravo on creating such an outstanding product.

Birding with Dee Episode 1: Silhouette Quiz

Ira G - I just now had the opportunity to try that link you sent to me. The directions were very clear and easy to use. It worked like a charm and I now have my sightings list in my new version of the software. Thank you very much for your attention to this issue, and for your fast and friendly response. It is like having a bird book only times better! Ken C - I really like the improvements to your Version Ed J - Everything is fine. Thank you so much.

Good Birding and thanks for the best product ever. Martin and Penny P from Australia - Thank you very much for your very detailed and helpful response — it is much appreciated. In the circumstances it is probably best that we download the Thayer Birding Software so that we start doing our homework on American birds as soon as possible before we get there. We can then take it with us on our laptop. We are very much looking forward to our trip as this will be our first visit to the US!

With all best wishes and thanks for your excellent customer service. Sally W - Thanks for the free v4. What fantastic software this is. I have used it for a long time now. I am now in Florida where the big birds live. There are Sandhills "singing" at me right now. Goodland High School - Thank you for the wonderful product and being able to upgrade.

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I have several bird programs, by far Thayer is the best And just in case you might be interested: When he comes to visit we look at birds. I take photos, I live in the woods. He loves to duplicate the bird's sounds. He just loves it. So it is a great fun teaching tool for young folks. Larry Moss - Thank you very much for the new version of eViewer. I installed it and listened again to the recording of the Carolina Wren, which has particular importance to me since I used it as the theme for my new Woodwind Quintet "The Woods" which just came out on my CD called "New Paths".

I thought you might like to see how a contemporary composer and very amateur bird watcher uses your wonderful guide. The opening of the piece begins with a transcription of that call down a few octaves, and scored as a woodwind cluster. It later appears slightly slower, the way the Carolina Wren I was listening to in our garden struck me. Richard M - I'm not an avid birder. But several of my friends are and they have commented on my increased knowledge when I'm using your software to test myself.

Thank you for helping me learn bird identification. Jim T - Thank you for handling my request so quickly.

I use the program every day. As a matter of fact I will be talking to 2 classes of children in February, and I plan to use your software as my main presentation tool. Once again, thank you and Good Birding. I ran the bird activity. We used your software to display a flash card quiz of 17 common birds. They also built bird feeders from milk cartons, learned about bird feathers and then learned another 17 birds with funny names like Laughing Gull.

The computer pictures were great. The kids loved the sounds and could even identify 5 birds by sound only. Everyone could identify 34 birds when they were finished. It was all done with ease - thank you, thank you. One person came by that had been told "you have to go do the birds, its really great! Cyrus M - Thanks so much for your help, it's really refreshing to have a company so dedicated and involved in customer support.

I'll install the new disc as soon as I get back from Micronesia. Well this is one for me. I attribute Birds of North America to making me an expert in sound identification. Frequently as the cold winter blues set in and I long for a spring morning, birding at Point Pelee National Park, my local hot spot, I have a cure. To me your software has been far more important to me than any bird identification book could be. Department of Zoology - Miami University - You have a tremendous product and I require it for all my Ornithology students.

You have a very good product to say the least! The disc came today. Great, great customer service. Jennifer W - Our family lives in a log cabin on a mountain in PA with tons of wildlife. I've been looking for a program like yours for a year! I was very excited when I ran across it this weekend! Jake R - I really enjoyed this software. My family and I used it to identify all kinds of birds that we saw. I personally think this software is really great The photography on this leaves other birding programs in the dust.

The images are amazing! I can see each feather on each bird!! The Petey application is hilarious! I used it to scare my friend half to death! Oh, what a blessing! I received my new copy of the software in the mail yesterday; it's brilliant!!! I am also very happy to report that the screen saver issue appears to be solved. Thank you so much for your assistance and the high quality customer service you and your staff have provided. Brenda H - This is an incredible program.

Recently one of our photographers did a multi-media presentation of the annual bird count and sent his photos to me first to identify, using your program. Nothing makes people angrier than when a newspaper misidentifies a bird or a wildflower. Everything went perfectly and your birding program is wonderful. We called an Eastern Towhee that was calling back to us from the trees. The kids, 3rd graders from Swansfield Elementary school loved it.

I was asked what a Towhee looked like. I replied, "He looks like a robin wearing a tuxedo.

Species names in 13 languages

My husband is an Australian retired wildlife biologist and has found the CD very useful in learning our North American birds. Dale K - I really enjoy doing business with you, and customers service like your's is sadly becoming rare these days. One of my regular customers came in, excited to tell me of a beautiful Predatory Bird that had found her bird bath. The only problem was, she looked through all her books, and guides and could not identify it.

So off we went to the old laptop, started your program, navigated to the color tab and at the drop of a hat, was an American Kestrel. It was "Her Bird". She was so delighted, and I must say for the first time using the program I was just as delighted. Ron Austing captured a beautiful shot. Needless to say, my customer bought one DVD for herself and two others as gifts. Jan S - I just recently activated the Thayer screen saver feature.

I am absolutely knocked over by the quality of the pictures — they are terrific. To all your photographers and to whoever selected the pictures — great job. I waited a long time for you to put this product on the market and the wait was well worth it!!! I have two computers one that I use at work that runs on I am finally getting the update for I teach in Shishmaref, Alaska on northern side of the Seward Peninsula, we are more famous for erosion linked to climate change rather than birding but I am trying to get my students more interested because as we warm up we may see invasive species I found some House Sparrows Passer domesticus that probably came over from Siberia, keeping an eye on that guy or as the island erodes see species quit using our island as habitat due to competition.

Your software helped me identify some birds that I didn't have identified before and allowed me to correctly identify some I had misidentified. The quizzes have been great and I really like the feature of being able to download "quizzes" from Victor Emanuel Nature Tour's list of birds for their different trips to Alaska [Forums]. Any date when this might be ready? I'm feeling that the Earth is realy a little village when I receive a service as good as yours with people staying km away I am completly in awe of all the features.

Well worth what I have paid for them. Keep up the good work! Betty F - I'll certainly tell others about the fine service. I already tell them about your products. Ray P - By the way, I love your product and your excellent support. It helped us know what owl calls to listen for when we were camping in Southeastern Arizona last year. It is thrilling to see my mother, who is over 75 and still camping and hiking like most 50 year olds, be able to record a new bird.

Sherry S - I love this program and have it on my iPhone [birds songs and images].

Here you enter the game!

What a great advantage when birding! Charles B - Thank you for your support of Thayer birding software. I received the updated version and everything works fine. I appreciate your help and support.! We are new to birding, and having the ID Wizard has been essential to learning and identifying new birds. I love it when a plan comes together.

You told me in no uncertain terms that if I set up a computer in my store for customers and used the demo software I'd sell it. Boy were you right. I put in a computer with a large monitor and loaded the software. I set it up for my state and easily made a custom list which scrolls pictures and calls of birds as the screen saver. That really catches their eyes. In two days I sold out the 4 copies I had in inventory.

If a customer started playing with it, they bought it. I showed them a few of the features like the ID Wizard and then just let them try things alone. Talk about a product selling itself! I appreciate you being able to rush me more copies. It's only Dec 17th and I won't be surprised if I sell the next shipment you're sending before Christmas! Thanks for having a great product. We received it and have began using it.

It was a gift for my wife and my 6 year old grandson who loves to bird watch. It is nice to know there is still honorable people and companies out there. I find myself in complete agreement with Thayer Birding when they claim " A comparable product covering European birds costs almost twice as much.

This program is certainly worth the cost of a couple of nights at a fancy restaurant! Read the full Review Edward S - Your latest version 3. Several terrific features, such as being able to compare two birds at once, picturing nests and eggs and providing fun assignments. Thanks for a great product! Love your software, and now I love your support, too! I live on the North Shore of Massachusetts, and have a place in Kennebunk, Maine, so am hoping to view some new birds during migration season.

This is the first time I've used V3. Thanks again for your timely solution to my problem. I've enjoyed this software for many years and appreciate all of the effort that you and your team put into it. Birding is my escape from the corporate world and this present economical state. It's nice to know that someone was willing to put in a lot more work on an already quality product without asking their current customers to pay for it.

Reviews of Thayer Birding Software CD-ROMs

In fact, it's really not heard of much anymore. I, for one, am thankful. The economy can take away my savings, but I see birds as a gift from God to help me remember that money is not what brings true enjoyment to our lives. Thanks for making my bird watching even more enjoyable. Thanks for the gift of great bird info. Both include information on over North American bird species, over 2, photos, over audio songs, and over range maps.

What makes the software a great learning tool and the reason for its inclusion in this section are the quizzes you can build to test yourself. One can create a 'custom list' with specific birds of interest, then use this list to create various styles of quizzes to be tested on. Specifically, you can create quizzes that test yourself on bird songs. For instance, using v5. This created a list of 49 Warblers found in the Southeast.

I then used this list to create a multiple choice quiz on the 49 warblers, selecting only sound to be tested on as opposed to being tested on a picture, picture and sound, video, and range map. Realize both versions of this software do much more than what is explained above and probably warrant a broader review. Because this section is on learning bird vocalizations, only the bird song quiz aspect has been discussed. Also note there are differences between the software versions.

There are other differences as well but they are not applicable to this section. You guys are great and I love your program. The new version, 3. BTW, my wife and I lived in Naples from to Great birding down there, especially out at Corkscrew Swamp. We would just sit there on the benches at the walkway intersections, and the warblers would just about land on your hat! What a wonderful and peaceful place. We retired this year, moving back home to Mass.

Birding is just a wonderful way to connect to nature, where ever one is. Thanks for making it so much more enjoyable. I had the Custom List screen saver BC birds with songs running as people arrived. To demo BNA, I worked my way through the program's features. One lady brought her laptop and followed my presentation click-by-click. She interrupted me, however, when I launched Raven Spectrogram. She was so surprised, she wanted to know how I obtained that program -- she had never clicked the spectrogram link before!

I always use Swainson's Thrush to illustrate the value of spectrograms as I think they really capture the upward spiral of that particular bird song, something which is not evident in the wave form. I showed the participants how I add my own photos to the Comments section, and the steps required to create a custom screen saver many people liked that feature. I stumbled during the screen saver demo as this is something I've done only a few times , but after a quick jump to the Help File another demonstration opportunity , I was back on track. Finally, to further illustrate the type of help available on your website, I played your Export to IPod video, and then played a bird song via my BlackBerry.

I also made my own video to illustrate how the link from BNA to the Patuxent web site works. I used videos as no Internet was available in the lecture hall. It's Portland's first time to run the program and I am happy to report that I made it into the group of 12! As the Japanese would say: I should include my cats, too. They enjoy listening to the bird songs! I'm glad you created a Mac version.

With this great program it is really easy to identify birds. Our birding skills will improve tremendously. Research Center, Beltsville, MD. It is part of USDA Getting back to the bird calls, I downloaded them to my Ipod and got a small, round speaker for it. The Oriole actually dive bombed us. John M - Thanks for a great piece of work - I enjoy it greatly. The quizzes are great fun. I downloaded the bird songs and images to my iphone yesterday and last night a friend of mine, who is not a birder, described what sounded like a catbird to me.

I got my iphone out and showed him the picture and played the song. You have provided a wonderful service to the birding community. We thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to learn more about birds. We were promised videos and audios and we ended up horribly disappointed. The videos were poor quality and much of the time the sound was nonexistent. We returned the product. I must admit we were a bit leary after our first experience, but after popping the CD into our laptop we were immediately enamored with the program.

In fact, we were so captivated with the product that on arriving back home we upgraded to the Guide to Birds of North America. Now we are doing our best to tell our friends and family about the CD. Guide to Birds of North America is the most amazing product. As a professional wildlife photographer and writer, the CD comes in handy for identifying birds. We just click on where we saw the bird, its size, its habitat, its color, and our choices are immediately narrowed down for us.

We love finding new birds and figuring out what they are. In addition to the bird identification feature, we thoroughly enjoy the sonograms and excellent photos too. Another fun thing about the CD is Petey the Parrot. Petey has the most adorable expressions and he is beneficial as well. Petey is amazing and fun. The CD also includes fun quizzes for all abilities. Making a trip to the Salton Sea? Click on Salton Sea and you can be quizzed on the birds seen there. There are also quizzes on Christmas Bird Counts from around the country, and if we want to build a quiz for us on the birds of Colorado or any state in the U.

There are many more quizzes, but they are just too numerous to mention. Once we decide on a quiz then we need to determine how we want to take the quiz. We can choose from multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, flashcards, and pick one. All the versions are fun and worth a try. The more we practice the better we get. And the choices continue Language can also be changed from common name to scientific name, which is even more challenging. Additional options such as using pictures in the quiz, pictures and sound, only sound, and video, are also available.

In addition to keeping a bird list, we can make custom lists as well. It is a true treasure and reasonably-priced too. Graham N Wildlife Ecologist - I've really enjoyed your software and find it very useful. Actually, it's my month-old daughter who needs the copy. We recently upgraded to a new computer with Windows Vista and were dismayed to find out her birds wouldn't work on the new computer!

She loves watching the quizzes, and we were pretty proud that she learned what a chickadee says and what a cardinal says fairly quickly. We were flabbergasted when, one day when she'd left the quiz on but was sitting at the table across the room, that she apparently identified a bufflehead by sound! So you see, it's quite important that we get the new version as soon as possible. Thanks for sending the new version quickly, everything about it looks great. I appreciate your offer for the newest upgrade at such a reasonable cost.


Your customer service approach is wonderful, especially these days, when typically after a new purchase consumers tend to be ignored. It is the only way I finally learned the bird songs. I did not think I was going to be able to do it. It's as hard as learning a language. I started out trying to learn the bird sounds by listening to the Peterson's Tape Diskette. With your CD I was able to associate the bird with the sound by looking and hearing at the same time. I started with multiple choice with sound and picture and then with just the sound and then finally with just the sound and you have to write in the bird name.

I didn't write the birds name in but I know which bird it is and I click on the answer and most times I am right. If I don't know I click on hint. I find writing the birds name takes to long. Also by taking the birding quiz for New York State I learned the identity of birds I didn't know because they are downstate on Long Island and are shore birds.

If I ever go down there at least I will know what I am looking at. Thank you for helping me learn the songs and I cant wait to get out there and listen and see some birds this spring. This latest version is even better than that. You have created a product to be proud of and I have always exhorted birders to buy your product, as a preliminary to going to North America. Much more so now, believe me. I cannot thank you enough for your resolution to the problem I was having and particularly, the prompt manner in which you did it.

Really; Thank you so much. I started very amateur bird-watching about five years ago, as I was preparing for retirement. It has turned into a passion for me, and my only regret is that I waited so late in life to get started. This brings me to your software.

I installed the first version, Birds of My Region, about two weeks ago and quickly decided that the upgrade to Guide to Birds of North America is a super bargain. The quality and variety of pictures of any one species are remarkable, and the Guide has an unbelievably rich array of other information about birds. Birding is not easy, though a great pleasure, and, after just two weeks, I know that your Guide will make my birding both much easier and even more fun. I have gotten immense enjoyment out of your efforts.

I played the Pileated Woodpecker sound and immediately got a response. When I played the sound the second time a flurry of wings crossed the deck. A very agitated woodpecker landed on the bird feeder and began rapping on its roof. I grabbed my camera and captured the irate bird. Did the same with the Baltimore and Orchard Orioles. Being able to download the calls will be especially helpful in our interpretive programs.

We'll be able to take the MP3 player out on the trail for the visitors to identify the calls. I have been using this software for over five years now, including numerous upgrades, and simply can't "live" without it! My initial splurge to buy the software has been paid off in years of quick IDs and information. My computer goes everywhere I go so I always have my birding "books" with me. I recommend this software to all I meet who enjoy birds. Thank you for a great product! It has been tremendously helpful in learning to identify bird species. I really appreciate the new license that makes it easy to upgrade my hard drives and have an install on each computer I own as long as I only use one copy at a time.

Since I'm a geek, I upgrade hardware fairly often. It is nice not to worry about reinstalling, though to your credit, an e-mail cleared things up right away on the old version when I upgraded my motherboard and did a clean install of Windows, -- your company is so responsive. I had no problem removing the old version from my old laptop and putting it on my new laptop this spring, either.

I mentioned that to some of my geek friends and they all agreed that this license model is superb and gives the customer a great value. Anyway, thanks for your kind reply and you have one loyal customer here. I certainly have gone back to our local Wild Birds Unlimited, where I bought my original copy of "Our Birds - California" and let the people there know how useful Thayer Bird guides are. I especially appreciate the audio that allows me to confirm ID's aurally. It is my primary bird guide, for sure. I used your program to do 50 local birds. Everyone there was amazed by the program.

Several have bought it. I am planning on using 3. It is a great teaching tool. We have used it extensively and my husband, who never used the older version, loves it. When we were at Cape May last week, the computer and software you donated was on display.

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  • He sat down and promptly gave a demonstration and an endorsement. As an amateur birder with only 2 years of experience, I can tell you that your software is a treasured resource. By combining sight and sound into one experience, I have learned very quickly and will continue to do so. I started with your Colorado edition and have upgraded to the North American licensing, in order to accomodate the migratory birds we often find at Barr Lake.

    We want to show the importance of urban natural areas as refuges for birds. I have three pairs of 1 kilometer transects and do each pair once a week. I use Birds of NA to study and record the songs of birds that I think that I will encounter or that I get confused over. I use a little handheld recorder to listen and compare to what I'm hearing in the field. When I get home I also check for songs and ID's that I was unsure of in the field that weren't on the tape player. Now that the field work is over for this year, I am using your software to make sure I am using the correct band code to enter my sightings.

    We have just installed a wall mounted flat computer screen by the front desk. During the day we use your software to play different looped quizzes so that people can see the pictures and hear the recordings. We can also demonstrate other aspects of the product with out having to stop the register program. Thanks for all your help and your wonderful product! As a store owner it is a great product that I believe in and can recommend with confidence to customers. As a naturalist, I use it constantly to conduct programs on all types of birding and bird ID lessons.

    Perhaps my favorite use over the years has been while leading birding trips to various locations around the country. A couple of years ago, our group had a three hour drive across Colorado. I fired up my laptop and loaded the birds of Colorado Trip Quiz I had created and we "quizzed" ourselves on songs of birds that we should hear at our next destination.

    The group loved it and it certainly made the time go by faster. Thanks again for such a wonderful product. I have shown it to everyone and it blows their socks off. For birders, the photos and song quality are unparalleled! I show it to everyone who comes to our area. Thank you for producing this marvelous resource.

    One of their favorite ways to study the birds is to gather around the monitor and take one of the many, many birding quizzes that are a part of the package. Thanks for a great product. I used it and a Sibley guide in and as a volunteer coach to prepare my son and another middle school student for the "Feathered Frenzy" event in the South Carolina Science Olympiad competition. Those three extra birds are not significant either way, but it feels good to give them some credit, and simpler to just add everything to the total.

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