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A warning about a “new killer insect” that is able to spread a It's a giant water bug, a creature that is found in North America, South Africa, and.
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I have been in FL for 25 years. I have always been an outdoor person. Most of these things are timid creatures, and opportunistic hunters. This means you are more than likely large and dangerous for them to attack. I actually live in Florida and I had no idea that we had bears and boars here. I've seen plenty of gators and a couple of sharks, you just need to be aler but it's a beautiful place to live in:. I hate snakes and spiders. I used to share my home with several black widow spiders without knowing it!

That was a little bit of a shock to find out. Most land-based harmful animals don't really scare me, but things in the water do. As a Suth Carolinian, I am used to very murky water at the beach and I hate not seeing what I'm about to step on! I've had some nasty run ins with stinging critters before. Pretty much all of these animals seek to avoid human contact, if they can, and encounters are pretty rare in most cases.

You avoid risk of injury by following basic common sense.

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Interesting look at such animals, though. Never been to Florida yet so thanks for the warning if I ever visit there. Voted up and useful, interesting. I think I'll stick to black bears, mountain lions, rattle snakes, black widow spiders, and great white sharks here in California. I really don't like the thought of gators and Burmese pythons. Yes, very good point. Boars are more common than some of the animals listed and dangerous, as you say.

They aren't indigenous to Florida brought by the Spanish , but neither are Burmese Pythons. I might merge Burmese Pythons with the snakes section and add boars to the list, when I have time! Thanks for all this great information. Florida is a beautiful state but it's good to be aware of the dangers one could encounter.


Beware of New Killer Insect from India-Fiction! - Truth or Fiction?

Thank you to the 2 commenters who highlighted the error in the snake section, which has now been amended. I love this one, of course. I have had encounters with all of these and the brown recluse is the scarriest. I had a bite on my hip and didn't realize what it was until I lucked into a walk in clinic with a poisonous bite specialist on duty. The treatment was gruesome. New residents are often shocked to see their first 8 foot gator. Remember the adage about Florida swamp land? Your new house is built on a swamp and someone forgot to tell the animals that they aren't welcome anymore.

As far as snakes. Does it really work or are we whistling past the grave yard? Absolutely amazing creatures, none of which live near me, thanks goodness,except for bears Lol. Very interesting and good information. I live in Florida, and I'm glad you wrote this to help people know that this state has more than alligators to watch out for.

I was warned away because of the jellyfish from swimming outside my Florida auntie's home. This is a great hub. I'd think we'd all know not to mess with the alligator! I had no idea that Florida had both bears and panthers. I thought the Adirondak mountains had all the eastern bears. Absolutely fascinating and packed with interesting facts.

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Looking forward to reading your other Hubs. California wildlife is pretty tame compared to Florida's, but we make up for it with taxes and unemployment. A totally different beast, you might say. I read the news the other day, some kind of parasite in the water lead to two children death. It is rare and eat the human brain. I like this hub and I vote up, useful and interesting. Hoping to read more from you! Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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To provide a better website experience, wanderwisdom. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. For more information on managing or withdrawing consents and how we handle data, visit our Privacy Policy at: Spiders Florida is home to two particularly dangerous spiders—the brown recluse and the southern black widow.

The Brown Recluse The brown recluse spider also nicknamed the fiddleback spider, brown fiddler, or violin spider, because of its markings is one of the most dangerous animals fine, arachnids in Florida. The Southern Black Widow Southern black widows are more common and can also be quite dangerous. How to Avoid Being Bitten by These Spiders You can try to avoid both these spiders by wearing gloves when working in places where they might be living, such as sheds. The brown recluse only has six eyes, whereas most spiders have eight. Sharks There are many different sorts of shark in the waters around Florida, including: American Alligators These large, water-dwelling reptiles pack a powerful bite and should be treated with extreme caution.

Snakes Out of the 50 species of snakes found in Florida, there are only six that are venomous and a danger to humans: Southern Copperheads Cottonmouths a. Pale to pinkish tan color overlaid with dark, hourglass-shaped crossbands. Damp, swampy areas; stream and riverbeds, and the surrounding hillsides; residential areas.

Dark brown, olive green, or even jet-black, with a dark line through the eye, bordered above and below by white. Always near, but not necessarily in, water. Bites are painful and can be fatal if left untreated. Eastern Coral Snake Size: These snakes are primarily subterranean and can often be found hiding in people's homes. Even still, they are rarely encountered. These snakes seldom bite unless stepped on, sat on, or grabbed. When they do bite, however, all it takes is a single drop of venom to cause serious complications. Even if a bite victim does not immediately display adverse symptoms, they should be taken to the hospital for observation.

Bites are extremely painful and can be fatal to humans. Antivenin is readily available throughout the snake's range, however, and bites are rarely lethal when treated. Brown and black chevron-like crossbands on a grayish background with a black tail.

Beware of these poisonous plants and insects in north Alabama this summer

Lowland areas like marshes and swamps. These snakes only live in the northernmost part of Florida. With their large size, long fangs, and the capacity to deliver massive doses, a timber rattlesnake bite should be considered life-threatening. They can be treated with minimal damage, however, as long as treatment is administered very shortly after the bite occurs.

Dusky Pygmy Rattlesnake Size: Grey with black blotches over its whole body and almost circular black markings on the middle of the back, with a dotted reddish orange line right down the center between each circular marking. Flatwoods and the areas surrounding lakes, ponds, freshwater marshes, and swamps. Bites are very painful, but are not normally fatal if treated immediately.

Wild Boars Wild boars are the descendants of escaped domestic pigs that were brought over by the Spanish, possibly as early as Florida Panthers This beautiful big cat is a subspecies of cougar and was chosen in as the Florida state animal. Fire Ants These insects are venomous and have a painful and irritating sting. Jellyfish Though there are many species of jellyfish, only some of them have stings that cause a bad reaction in humans. Fish Barracuda and marlin can both cause potential harm to swimmers. Barracudas can swim up to 35 miles per hour.

Symptoms of a Mild Brown Recluse Bite: These are generally localized, a. Reddened skin sometimes followed by a blister in the affected area. Minimal to sharp pain and itching for hours following the bite. Pimple-like swelling at the bite site. These affect the whole body.

Full-body rash with tiny, flat red and purple dots. Appearance of an open sore and signs of necrosis black, dead tissue in the week s following the bite. Call or your local emergy number immediately. Stay calm to avoid increasing the flow of venom in your blood. Apply a cool, wet cloth to the bite site, or cover the site completely with a cloth and an ice bag. Whereas hot water generally breaks down venom, it only seems to make that of the brown recluse more potent.

Do not apply a tourniquet. Try to identify the spider or safely catch it to confirm its type. Mild to intense pain. Swelling and redness at the bite site. Small fang marks one or two tiny red spots. Muscle cramps and spasms that originate at or near the bite site and radiate outwards and increase in severity for 6 to 12 hours.

Costa Rica’s most dangerous creatures

Severe stomach, back, or chest pain. Extremely high blood pressure. Call or your local emergency number immediately. Symptoms of a Venomous Snake Bite: Intense pain around the bite site this may take time to develop. The image of the allegedly virus-infected fingertips seen in the upper right-hand corner above is actually one that has long circulated online as an example of the effects of excessive computer use and was created by merging a photograph of fingers with images of lamprey mouths:.

Although many people claim to experience this disorder , it is not covered in scientific literature or listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders:. On Web sites and blogs, self-diagnosed trypophobes share tales of vomiting, sleep loss and anxiety attacks at the sight of such objects as honeycombs and rotting wood.

They say the fears are haunting and disruptive of their daily lives. The afflicted hand seen in the upper left-hand corner of the above example is similar to an effect helpfully documented in a video showing how to produce a scary-looking hand that will vex trypophobes:. They live in large colonies underground, or inside tree trunks, so are rarely seen. Their name derives from their unusual feeding habits, which involves a form of non-destructive cannibalism.

The adult ants are unable to process solid food; instead, they feed prey to their larvae and then chew holes in the larvae and drink their blood. In future the team plan to make more detailed observations of the ants in action in their natural environment. Skip to main content. Beware the Dracula ant: Insect uses lethal speed of its spring-loaded mandibles to stun or kill prey Dracula ants are mostly found in the tropics in Africa and Asia. Wednesday, 12 December, , Wednesday, 12 December, , 8: Letters Are gene-edited babies safe from HIV mutations? This Week in Asia.